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December 12, 2018

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18w50a is the twelfth snapshot released for 1.14 and the final snapshot released in 2018.[1]



  • Added Jellie, the winner of the community competition.[2][3]
  • Added Mason profession.
    • Currently has no trades.


  • Added Bell sound.
  • Added raid horn sounds.
  • New "Barrels opened" statistic.



  • Acts as a storage unit.
  • Works in tight spaces, even if there is a block above it, unlike a chest.
  • Can be crafted using 6 wood planks, and 2 wood slabs.
Bed, Cobblestone, Emerald Block, End Stone, Grass, Jigsaw block, Mossy Cobblestone, Nether Quartz Ore, Quartz Pillar, Red Nether Bricks, Red Sandstone, Sandstone, Spruce Planks
  • Changed texture.
  • Added sounds.
  • Has a shaking animation when hit or right-clicked.
    • Based on the position and facing, bells can only be hit in some certain directions, and will only shake in those directions.
  • Changed texture.
  • Changed model for ceiling bells and added models for wall bells.
  • Can now be placed on walls.
  • Changed block states face=ceiling|floor|wall to attachment=ceiling|double_wall|floor|single_wall.
Blast Furnace
  • New type of furnace that allows for the smelting of ores and melting of metals faster than the traditional furnace.
  • Twice as fast as a regular furnace, but only gives half the experience.
    • Can only smelt ores and melt metals.
  • Can be crafted using 3 smooth stone, 1 furnace, and 5 iron ingots.
Enchanting Table
  • Changed obsidian side and bottom textures.
  • New type of furnace that allows for the cooking of foods faster than the traditional furnace.
  • Twice as fast as a regular furnace, but only gives half the experience.
    • Can only cook food.
  • Can be crafted using 4 logs and 1 furnace.
Stripped Jungle Log
  • Changed top texture.


Baked Potato, Fermented Spider Eye, All Horse Armor, Potato, Poisonous Potato, Rabbit Stew
  • Changed texture.


All plains biome variant professions corresponding to their different utility blocks.
All five profession levels, indicated by the badges on their suits.
  • Now use zombie AI.
  • Now have all NBT that zombies have.
  • Villagers and zombie villagers now have seven skin types which correspond to the following biomes:
    • Plains
    • Desert
    • Savanna
    • Taiga/mountain
    • Snowy tundra/snowy taiga
    • Jungle
    • Swamp
  • Villagers now have five profession levels, showing how many trade tiers they've unlocked by a badge of a varying material on their suit.
    • The first trade tier is represented by a stone badge, the next iron, then gold, emerald and finally diamond.
    • Some of the professions have less than five tiers in total.
      • If a villager summoned by a command has a higher level than its natural highest level, its badge can still be seen, however, the player wouldn't be able to interact with it.
  • Cured zombie villagers will retain their trades when they are converted back into regular villagers.
  • Are now neutral mobs.
  • Changed appearance.
    • Both of these changes were unintentional.[4]

Non-mob entities[edit]

  • Changed texture.
Thrown Egg, Thrown Ender Pearl, Thrown Bottle o' Enchanting, Eye of Ender, Ghast fireball, Blaze fireball (fire charge), and Snowball
  • Now have an optional Item tag that can specify a different item stack to render.

World generation[edit]

  • Updated taiga and desert villages.
  • Updated village pieces from plains, savanna and snowy villages.
  • New loot chests for fletcher houses: can contain emeralds, arrows, feathers, eggs, flint, sticks.


  • Patrol leaders now give 1–3 Bad Omen levels when killed. Pillager outpost patrol leaders always give 1 level only.
  • Patrol leaders can now spawn at outposts.
  • Illager beasts start spawning at wave 2, witches at wave 4, and evokers at wave 10.

Command format[edit]

Villager NBT

Removed the following NBT information:

    •  Profession: The ID of the texture used for this villager.
    •  Career: The ID of this villager's career.
    •  CareerLevel: The current level of this villager's trading options.

Added the following NBT information:

    •  VillagerData: Information about the villager's profession.‌
      •  level: The current level of this villager's trading options ( 1... ) and at the same time its displayed badge ( capped at 5 ).
      •  profession: Namespaced ID value.
      •  type: Namespaced ID value.
Zombie Villager NBT

Removed the following NBT information:

    •  Profession: The ID of the texture used for this zombie-villager.

Added the following NBT information:

    •  VillagerData: Information about the villager's profession.‌
    •  Offers: Copied from converted villager.‌


  • Updated "A Complete Catalogue" to require the new cat skin.


36 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-15990 – The base of farms in desert villages are composed of dirt.
  • MC-85128 – Fireball doesn't use model.
  • MC-102893 – Villages in other biomes don't have their respective saplings.
  • MC-109268 – Loading world with cast fishing rod makes fishing rod cast sound.
  • MC-114760 – Client may display incorrect villager career name.
  • MC-116355 – Villagers don't run away from illusioners.
  • MC-120687 – Desert churches have sandstone stairs inside of a cobblestone building.
  • MC-123025 – Destroying moving blocks with TNT always drops the block.
  • MC-123312 – Pressure plate tables in villages are oak instead of village type specific wood.
  • MC-123729 – Villagers not remembering correct profession.
  • MC-124029 – The game removing unknown recipes is not logged as an error.
  • MC-127963 – Having vex as a passenger to a mob causes erratic AI behavior.
  • MC-129537 – save-all returns before data is saved.
  • MC-130786 – Chests spawning with the exact same items.
  • MC-132529 – Villager egg with custom career make him does strange trades.
  • MC-133398 – Level of moisture of farmland in village is 0
  • MC-135759 – Blacksmith houses in desert villages are partially made out of sandstone.
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-137921 – Polished andesite, polished diorite and all stripped logs using old textures.
  • MC-138587 – The bell-face "wall" have no texture.
  • MC-138611 – Barrels containing items lose inventory when broken.
  • MC-138660 – Throwable/Projectile entity item model not apply CustomModelData from model.
  • MC-138662 – Bell can't be placed on walls.
  • MC-138667 – Villagers use their old texture.
  • MC-138880 – Stray cats won't spawn in villages.
  • MC-138938 – Container NBT not loading in chunk when player loads inside chunk.
  • MC-139225 – Pillager arms incorrectly positioned when riding or unarmed.
  • MC-139423 – Next to last growth stage of wheat looks too similar to its mature stage.
  • MC-139428 – Missing texture particles appear when breaking jigsaw blocks.
  • MC-139665 – "Preparing spawn area" can sometimes display negative numbers and percentages over 100
  • MC-140018 – Glitch with Illager raid mobs.
  • MC-140069 – Banners lose their name when placed (49a: wall only).
  • MC-140246 – Chest in the blacksmith in plains village is missing a loot table.
  • MC-140300 – Villagers spawned with spawn eggs have different trade lists than those naturally spawned.
  • MC-140853 – Being close to the end island causes out of memory and file descriptor exhaustion.
From the previous development version
  • MC-140887 – Unused loot table "minecraft:chests/village/village_taiga_house".
From the current version, hotfixed


Video made by slicedlime: