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April 19, 2018

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18w16a[1] is the thirty-second snapshot released for 1.13.



  • New world type: Buffet
    • Creates single-biome worlds.
    • Allows choosing between Overworld and End terrain generation.
    • Another way to generate chunks (Checkerboard) is available by using an NBT Editor to open a Buffet world's level.dat, and using the following code for the "generatorOptions":{"biome_source":{"type":"minecraft:checkerboard","biomes":[]},"chunk_generator":{"type":""}}.[2]





  • When water spreads and would later turn into a source block, it now immediately just places a source block.
  • Conduit Power particles are now blue instead of orange.
  • Water Breathing given from turtle shells no longer shows particles.


  • Optimized world spawn position–finding code.
  • New valid_spawn block tag for blocks that the player can spawn on.
  • There is now a distinction between scheduled "liquid ticks" and "block ticks".
  • New block and item tags for coral.
  • Changed how the temperature of ocean biomes is calculated; should result in nicer transitions between oceans.
  • Biome names are now translatable.
  • Updated some biome names:
Name ID Old name New name
minecraft:hell Hell Nether
minecraft:frozen_ocean FrozenOcean Frozen Ocean
minecraft:frozen_river FrozenRiver Frozen River
minecraft:mushroom_island MushroomIsland Mushroom Island
minecraft:mushroom_island_shore MushroomIslandShore Mushroom Island Shore
minecraft:desert_hills DesertHills Desert Hills
minecraft:forest_hills ForestHills Forest Hills
minecraft:taiga_hills TaigaHills Taiga Hills
minecraft:jungle_hills JungleHills Jungle Hills
minecraft:jungle_edge JungleEdge Jungle Edge
minecraft:mesa_rock Mesa Plateau F Mesa Forest Plateau
minecraft:mutated_desert Desert M Mutated Desert
minecraft:mutated_extreme_hills Extreme Hills M Mutated Extreme Hills
minecraft:mutated_taiga Taiga M Mutated Taiga
minecraft:mutated_swampland Swampland M Mutated Swampland
minecraft:mutated_jungle Jungle M Mutated Jungle
minecraft:mutated_jungle_edge JungleEdge M Mutated Jungle Edge
minecraft:mutated_birch_forest Birch Forest M Mutated Birch Forest
minecraft:mutated_birch_forest_hills Birch Forest Hills M Mutated Birch Forest Hills
minecraft:mutated_roofed_forest Roofed Forest M Mutated Roofed Forest
minecraft:mutated_taiga_cold Cold Taiga M Mutated Cold Taiga
minecraft:mutated_redwood_taiga_hills Redwood Taiga Hills M Mutated Redwood Taiga Hills
minecraft:mutated_extreme_hills_with_trees Extreme Hills+ M Mutated Extreme Hills+
minecraft:mutated_savanna Savanna M Mutated Savanna
minecraft:mutated_savanna_rock Savanna Plateau M Mutated Savanna Plateau
minecraft:mutated_mesa_clear_rock Mesa Plateau M Mutated Mesa Plateau
minecraft:mutated_mesa_rock Mesa Plateau F M Mutated Mesa Forest Plateau


33 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-7192 – The generation of "terrain" surface layer in Nether produces local straight artifacts/glitches.
  • MC-18903 – Villagers'/ Witchs' right arm doesn't have the texture flipped.
  • MC-83064 – Accumulated fall damage is not reset when levitation starts.
  • MC-90591 – Camera instantaneously changes position when elytra is deployed, rather than smoothly.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-125101 – Mesa (Bryce) generation cuts off at chunk borders.
  • MC-125251 – Strong Turtle Master potion makes players invincible.
  • MC-125280 – Bubble columns seem to be pushable by pistons.
  • MC-125297 – Force-waterlogged blocks don't spread water.
  • MC-125329 – Sprinting underwater while flying in creative makes player start swimming.
  • MC-125356 – Turtle Shell potion effect particles are very intrusive.
  • MC-125460 – Can only pick-block the top part of kelp and can't pick-block 2 block tall sea grass.
  • MC-125647 – Air time is not clamped at 300 ticks, causing 11th bubble to appear depending on overflow air time.
  • MC-125671 – Swimming animation can be triggered while on horse.
  • MC-125770 – Bubble columns are not created when pouring water over magma block.
  • MC-125895 – Being in bubble column regions makes user drown when touching underwater ceiling.
  • MC-126086 – Salmon and tropical fish hitbox on land is wrongly positioned.
  • MC-126104 – Dispenser will not place or use the cod / salmon / puffer fish / tropical fish bucket.
  • MC-126167 – Puffer fish, salmon, cod, and tropical fish spawn eggs are in incorrect positions in creative inventory.
  • MC-126304 – Water buckets can catch dying fish.
  • MC-126485 – Magma block/soulsand does not generate bubbles and currents with only one block of water above.
  • MC-126580 – Crash on Day 1.
  • MC-126923 – Water turning to ice deletes other block occupying same space as water.
  • MC-126930 – Sponges do not soak up flowing water.
  • MC-126978 – Sponge is working with lava.
  • MC-127045 – Duplicating fish is possible with a waterlogged block.
  • MC-127079 – Lava on top of water doesn't turn water into stone.
  • MC-127366 – Turtle Shell Water Breathing effect begins counting down as soon as feet touch the water.
  • MC-128058 – The Coral Fans are not generated in coral reefs.
  • MC-128205 – Drowned drop tridents from both loot table and held items.
From the previous development version
  • MC-128233 – Lava is tinted incorrectly.
  • MC-128248 – Bottom of the water is not tinted.
  • MC-128338 – Game can't handle ultimate blue ice speed.
  • MC-128372 – Items aren't faster on blue ice when being transported by a water current.


Video made by slicedlime: