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Java Edition 17w49b

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Minecraft 17w49b

Java Edition



Release date

December 7, 2017

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

Protocol version


Data version


17w49b[1] is the tenth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.13, which added function tags.



  • Added tags for functions.
    • Functions tagged in minecraft:tick will run every tick at the beginning of the tick.
  • Added block and item tags for buttons, carpets, doors, logs, saplings, and stone_bricks to the vanilla data pack.
  • Added a block tag for flower_pots to the vanilla data pack.
  • When overriding a tag, players now append instead of replacing.
  • Advancement item predicates now support item tags.


Command format[edit]

  • Removed the gameLoopFunction gamerule in favor of functions tagged in minecraft:tick.


20 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-3794 – When placing a chest it will glitch to another direction for a second.
  • MC-32539 – Players can write on both the server name and the server address input field at the same time.
  • MC-65983 – Mouse cursor moves off-window when accessing inventory (or item contents).
  • MC-109799 – Observer don't power when update and push by piston at the same time.
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-122711 – Piston leaves their head behind.
  • MC-122725 – Unable to duplicate banners in crafting table.
  • MC-122889 – The name of the chiseled sandstone recipe is cut_sandstone, not chiseled_sandstone.
  • MC-122931 – Frost walker freezes all water, even if there are mobs in the water.
From the previous development version
  • MC-122910 – New block/item tags don't work in commands.
  • MC-122914 – The texture of the lava and water is invisible when there is a block above.
  • MC-122916 – Team color commands don't work properly.
  • MC-122918 – Log crafting recipes produce one plank.
  • MC-122924 – Wrong crafting recipe output for granite and andesite.
  • MC-122925 – Opening spectator menu crashes the client.
  • MC-122935 – Hang on 'waiting for chunk' and/or fatal background exceptions when teleporting to new chunks in a busy gameloop.
  • MC-122964 – Game crashes when pistons push concrete powder next to water.
  • MC-123044 – The recipe for cobblestone stairs is named "stone_stairs.json" instead of "cobblestone_stairs.json".
Private issues
  • MC-21073 – Private issue.
  • MC-59509 – Private issue.
  • MC-100579 – Pistons do not account for block updates triggered by blocks broken by the extending piston when placing moved blocks, resulting in duplication issues.[1]


Video made by slicedlime:


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