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Release date

November 22, 2017

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

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17w47a[1] is the sixth snapshot released for 1.13.



  • Trapdoors, buttons and pressure plates made from all six types of wood.
  • A pumpkin block, without the face. The previous pumpkin block has been renamed "Carved Pumpkin".
    • Right-clicking a pumpkin block with shears will turn it into a carved pumpkin and make it spit out 4 pumpkin seeds.
  • Multiple vines facing different directions, including on the bottom of blocks, can now be placed in the same block space.


  • An item form for bark blocks for all six types of wood.
  • An item form for petrified oak slab - the old wood slab that acts like a stone slab.
  • An item form for smooth quartz, smooth red sandstone, smooth sandstone, and smooth stone.
  • An item form for red and brown mushroom blocks and mushroom stems.
  • A debug stick to cycle between different block states.
    • Left clicking cycles through states; right-clicking cycles through values. Shift-clicking will cycle through the states or values in reverse order.


  • Options when editing a world to make a backup and open the backups folder.
  • An option in chat settings to toggle automatic command suggestions (defaults on, otherwise hit tab to bring them up).



  • The upper limit of the block ID has disappeared.
  • Blocks which used to have no bottom texture (like repeaters, comparators, torches, etc.) now have a bottom texture, not including redstone wire.
  • Flicking a lever on now displays redstone particles.
  • Blocks with a collision box now have matching bounding boxes.
    • Affected: anvils, cauldrons, hoppers, fences, iron bars, glass panes, filled ender portal frames, vines, lily pads, stairs, brewing stands, and pistons
    • Updated the collision box of anvils and hoppers.
    • Does not affect blocks with a collision box smaller than their model, such as soul sand and snow layers.
  • Beds now require a block below it as a support. Previously this was only required when placing the bed and the block could be destroyed afterward without the bed being destroyed.
  • Chests and trapped chests can be put directly next to their double variants instead of requiring one block between them.
    • Shift right-clicking a chest or trapped chest next to a chest or trapped chest respectively will not make the two chests or 2 trapped chests combine into a double chest or double trapped chest.
  • Placing pumpkins and fence gates no longer requires a block below them.
  • Silverfish-infested blocks will now break instantly, regardless of a tool that the player is using.
    • When broken with Silk Touch, the non-infested counterpart of the block will drop.
  • Blocks now emit the block breaking particles according to their size.
  • Buttons and levers can no longer be placed on top of pistons.
  • Crafting a Dispenser no longer requires a fully repaired bow.[2]
  • Removed the TNT explode block state (explode on punch).[3]


Carrot on a stick
  • It's now possible to craft a carrot on a stick with a damaged fishing rod.[2]

World generation[edit]

Witch Huts
  • Now generates with a mushroom in the flower pot.
    • Previously, it was completely empty.

Command format[edit]

  • Removed in favor of /data.
  • Will Tab ↹ auto-complete custom sound events.


The "flattening"
  • Numeric block metadata completely phased out in favor of block states.
  • Split, merged, created, deleted, and renamed a lot of blocks, block states, block entities and items.
    • Blocks and items previously differing because of damage value have gotten their own id, for example white_wool instead of wool:0
    • Damage has been moved to the tagtag and is only used by tools, armor and maps.
    • Files and commands no longer use data or set_data.
  • Statistics are being updated.
    • stat.(stat) is now minecraft.custom:minecraft.(stat).
    • stat.(stat).minecraft.(block/item/entity ID) is now minecraft.(stat):minecraft.(block/item/entity ID).
Creative inventory
Superflat customization
  • Preset strings no longer use a version number.


77 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-1511 – Anvil can be placed in certain blocks
  • MC-1947 – Pumpkins and Jack 'o' Lanterns can only be placed on solid blocks
  • MC-2208 – Blocks with special placement can be placed inside player / entity
  • MC-2666 – Corner Cobblestone Wall Has Incorrect Collision Box
  • MC-4504 – the hitbox of brewing stands is missing the blaze rod
  • MC-9194 – A Comparator can lock a Repeater, but the Repeater doesn't look like it is locked
  • MC-12000 – The hit-box of corner fences isn't the same as the collision-box!
  • MC-26739 – Doors won't update with redstone
  • MC-34365 – Triple Chest - Triple Bug
  • MC-39948 – Blocks / Items only different by data value are not listed separately in statistics
  • MC-53439 – The top block of a two-block plant temporarily becomes a peony/sunflower upon placing a block in the bottom
  • MC-59517 – TNT explode=true blockstate drops TNT item when fused by hit in survival mode
  • MC-59610 – Cactus has full block hitbox
  • MC-61821 – Digging Snow Layer yields one snow ball too much
  • MC-63820 – Empty Flower Pot in Witch Hut
  • MC-64455 – Translation missing for some blocks
  • MC-70188 – Some blocks cannot be placed facing a wall with /setblock or /fill + datavalues or block states
  • MC-73495 – Commands saying item names use incorrect / wrong item names
  • MC-74231 – Flower pot's blockdata won't visually update
  • MC-75430 – Enderman held block not fully updated from old block id system
  • MC-75940 – block log2 and leaves2 crash the game when set to certain data values
  • MC-79255 – Using /trigger first time on player gives score of 0 but not displayed on scoreboard
  • MC-81746 – Falling block entities don't check for data values: converting sand to red sand
  • MC-84173 – Trapdoors get a redstone update when being pushed/pulled next to a power source, but not when being pushed/pulled away from it
  • MC-92901 – End Crystals and placed at high coordinates are placed with offset
  • MC-93129 – Falling sand behaves incorrectly in lazy chunks
  • MC-94027 – "carried" tag of Enderman reads value as string and short
  • MC-94186 – BlockDragonEgg does not extend BlockFalling
  • MC-101332 – Can use the FallingSand to go through the cobblestone wall(mossy)
  • MC-102545 – There are 352 different flowerpots in the debug world.
  • MC-103035 – Dragon Egg doesn't create fallingdust particles
  • MC-105820 – Relative decimal coordinates with block related commands are inconsistent
  • MC-106024 – Fence Gate Does Not Update in_wall Block state When Placed By Command
  • MC-106127 – Some blocks cannot be given certain block states
  • MC-108756 – Dungeons generating triple chests
  • MC-109591 – Detecting the block states not saved in meta data does not work
  • MC-109659 – The observer only detected upgrade top of the door if opened/closed with energy (button, lever, etc.), but not with your hand.
  • MC-111472 – Game doesn't save anywhere that a chest is a double chest
  • MC-112394 – Numeral ids can still be used in some commands
  • MC-112891 – Falling block entity drops block with metadata of item dropped when block would be mined causing malformed drops
  • MC-113347 – Rails rotate when moved
  • MC-114965 – Placed tripwire hook updates blocks around opposite facing tripwire hook on same axis
  • MC-115799 – Colored bed flickers red when placing/destroying
  • MC-116580 – Iron trapdoors stay on after breaking power source, until updated
  • MC-117032 – "Done" button in statistics screen is offset
  • MC-117166 – Corner stairs with torch/lever/button etc. doesn't cause block update when near destroyed support stair
  • MC-117837 – Player placed leaves update when log block breaks
  • MC-117932 – Bed particles cause Z-fighting
  • MC-118153 – Lava can only turn concrete powder into concrete when it falls into source block
  • MC-118202 – iron bars,glass pane etc have incorrect selection hit box on corners
  • MC-118221 – Vines cannot be placed below non-solid blocks
  • MC-120790 – Redstone lamps and wire update whether they are lit or not when setblocked, but no other blocks do
  • MC-121271 – Activator rails not updating
  • MC-121742 – block states can't be used in /give, /clear and /replaceitem, but can be used in /setblock, /fill, /execute detect and /testforblock
From the 1.13 development versions
  • MC-121693 – Crash when typing empty selector "[x_rotation=]" or "[y_rotation=]"
  • MC-121699 – "Unknown score holder" when using the placeholder * in some commands
  • MC-121700 – Invalid syntax when using decimal values on block position arguments
  • MC-121739 – Normal players can use player selectors in /msg command
  • MC-121752 – Scoreboard, "no score" and "0" desyncs
  • MC-121783/gamerule doesn't work at all
  • MC-121786/tellraw does not work
  • MC-121787 – Teleporting things to Infinity / NaN is possible
  • MC-121790 – Tab completion doesn't change the case of characters typed before pressing tab
  • MC-121795 – Unable to use decimals for the speed parameter in the /particle command
  • MC-121827 – Selectors and scoreboards not working for signs, /tellraw, and /title (works correctly for books)
  • MC-121858 – "scoreboard players get" not working for read-only objectives
From the previous development version
  • MC-121970/blockdata command is still present
  • MC-121975 – Datapack order does not persist after a world is closed
  • MC-121976/datapack disable doesn't refresh advancements for player
  • MC-121982 – Inconsistent tab completion spacing
  • MC-121985 – Using the scroll wheel to select between arguments of various commands like /experience and /gamemode cause a crash
  • MC-121996 – distance filter seems to not work in gameLoopFunction
  • MC-122004 – Using space to complete the command will add 2 spaces
  • MC-122020 – Cannot add 0 to a player’s score
  • MC-122074 – Tab completion not working on items in commands
  • MC-122108 – Shapeless recipes cannot be crafted using named or enchanted ingredients
Private issues


Video made by slicedlime:


Frame showing untextured trapdoors.
  • The banner image of this update is an animated GIF. On some frames, trapdoors with the purple/black missing texture are displayed.


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