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Release date

October 25, 2017

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

17w43a[1] is the first snapshot released for 1.13.


  • FS (Fullscreen) Resolution
    • Is used to change the resolution.
Data packs
  • Like resource packs, but for loot tables, advancements, functions, and structures.
    • Used by placing them into the datapacks folder of a world
  • Data packs are .zip files or folders with a pack.mcmeta in the root. See: Tutorials/Creating a resource pack#pack.mcmeta.
  • Structures will load from (world)/generated/structures/(namespace)/(file).nbt before checking data packs.
    • However, this directory should not be used to distribute structures. Instead, move these files into data packs.
  • Reloadable using /reload
  • Structure: pack.mcmeta, data folder containing a namespace folder determining the namespace of its contents
    • A namespace should only contain the following symbols: 01​​234​5​6​78​9abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-_
    • Inside the namespace folder, there can be folders for functions, loot_tables, advancements and structures.


  • Game library updates
    • Upgraded to LWJGL 3
  • Loading or creating a world shows the percentages of the loading stages.
    • Preparing spawn area now shows as a loading stage.
  • Removed 3D Anaglyph completely
  • The name of keybindings now describes the actual key (e.g. 'LBUTTON' -> 'Left Button', 'BACKSLASH' -> '\')
Resource Packs
  • The default resource pack can now be moved up and down, just like other resource packs.


29 issues fixed
LWJGL 2-related issues
  • MC-1519 – Key gets stuck when toggling fullscreen
  • MC-3643 – CTRL / CMD key get stuck on OS X / Text Box Backspace deletes whole word or whole line on Mac and Linux
  • MC-5520 – Crash when toggling fullscreen mode: Keyboard must be created before you can read events
  • MC-6436 – Incomplete support of dead keys on non U.S. QWERTY Keyboard on OS X
  • MC-9974 – Initialization of OpenAL fails sometimes
  • MC-29501 – Unable to rebind to F# Keys on devices that require pressing FN
  • MC-32327 – Half-resolution on MBP Retina
  • MC-40227 – Mouse Button 4 in combination with a modifier key is detected as Mouse Button 5
  • MC-49755 – OS X: Pressing arrow or Fn keys in sign/command block/book and quill inserts invisible characters
  • MC-53549 – Minecraft can't be put in fullscreen mode in Linux
  • MC-55506 – Minecraft unloads monitor calibrations when closed
  • MC-68754 – Exiting fullscreen disables window resize
  • MC-71279 – Accentued character act like sticky keys for moving
  • MC-72856 – Control settings uses partwise US keyboard layout (on German keyboard layout)
  • MC-77279 – Game sets monitor to half resolution on exit on Linux
  • MC-78394 – "Use Item" not working while sneaking and "Use Item" bound to NUMPAD0
  • MC-80282 – On Linux in fullscreen, character sometimes cannot fully turn around
  • MC-81818 – When resizing the window, you may end up spinning around
  • MC-89288 – Can't sneak and jump if the jump key is on the numpad
  • MC-100556 – "Alt Gr" on keyboard becomes "LCONTROL" in controls menu (interfering with "Ctrl")
  • MC-106650 – Minecraft does not release mouse focus
  • MC-109376 – Unsupported keys in inventory with foreign keyboard on Linux
  • MC-120989 – Screen goes blank on exit
From released versions before 1.13
  • MC-31222 – Crash on pressing the inventory close key and an item manipulation key at the same time in large chests
  • MC-55751 – Gamemode descriptions are off center
  • MC-90265 – UI Accounts For Significant FPS Reduction
  • MC-111288 – Opening a singleplayer world shows 0% for a short moment
  • MC-112992 – Right clicking a command block minecart opens GUI and uses held item
  • MC-117705 – Cannot click in Creative search bar to change cursor position


Video made by slicedlime:


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