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Java Edition 17w17a

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Minecraft 17w17a

Java Edition



Release date

April 26, 2017

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

Protocol version


Data version


17w17a[1] is the eighth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.12.



  • Added new advancements
  • New levitation trigger, with the following conditions:
    • duration - number of ticks the player is levitating for
    • distance - distance the player levitated so far
    • Both can be either a range (min and / or max) or a value (value)
  • New feature condition added to the location trigger
    • The value is a feature name as used in the /locate command
NBT tags
  • UpdateLastExecution (byte):
    • Defaults to 1b. If set to 0b, loops can be created, where the same command block can run multiple times in one tick.
  • LastExecution (long):
    • Stores the tick a chain command block was last executed in.
  • toBeDisplayed (list):
    • Added into the recipeBook compound of the player.
    • Within are recipe names that the player has unlocked but not viewed in the crafting helper yet
    • Used for remembering to play the animation for new recipes



  • It has now unique colors on the map
  • Each leg can now be textured individually



Command format[edit]

  • /advancement:
    • Added five modifiers to the /advancement grant and /advancement revoke commands:
      • "everything" - all advancements, no specification required (same as "*")
      • "from" - this advancement, its children, and their children, etc.
      • "until" - this advancement, its parent, and its parent, etc.
      • "through" - both of the above
      • "only" - this advancement, and nothing else
    • Examples:


  • Moved some existing advancements around
  • Advancements can now execute commands when achieved
    • The command written in the rewards section of the advancement will be executed as the player (for example writing /say @s would be equivalent to /execute <the_player_who_obtained_this_advancement> ~ ~ ~ say @s)
  • Advancement icons now allow data values
    • Specifically, icon has switched from being a string to an object
      • Within it are a required item string (specifying the item ID) and an optional data integer, specifying the metadata of the item
  • The "damage flags object" now contains two new entity objects:
    • source_entity - specifies the "owner" of the damage that was dealt
    • direct_entity - specifies the direct cause of the damage


20 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.12
  • MC-116623 – Stained hardened clay / terracotta blocks do not have correct color on map
From the 1.12 development versions
  • MC-114979 – advancement command doesn't allow bulk grant/revoking
  • MC-115056 – "Remote Getaway" advancement cannot be obtained by using ender pearls
  • MC-115170 – Advancements Test Command Success Uses the Wrong Translation
  • MC-115173 – Unsuccessful advancement test command has player and advancement name interchanged
  • MC-115442 – Advancement alerts aren't aligned to the top-right corner
  • MC-115574 – "Sniper Duel" advancement triggered when killing non-skeleton mob at distance
  • MC-115740 – Inconsistent error message for /advancement grant @p *
  • MC-115805 – Fences/panes/walls/bars/torches connect to a number of non-solid blocks
  • MC-115821 – Tooltips with long titles in the advancements menu are cut off
  • MC-115880 – 'Take Aim' advancement granted by projectiles other than arrows
  • MC-115936 – Narrator does not properly read output from /say, /tell and /tellraw command
  • MC-115940 – Division by zero crash with alternating /recipe commands
  • MC-116016 – Advancement "adventure/trade" uses criteria named "shot_arrow"
  • MC-116245 – "Zombie Doctor" advancement description has a period, while others don't
From the previous development version
  • MC-116471 – Conditional command blocks SuccessCount doesn't update
  • MC-116514 – "durability" option for item-based triggers succeeds for items without durability
  • MC-116516 – "item_durability_changed" triggers when base change is 0, but not when Unbreaking reduces the change to 0
  • MC-116536 – Recipe red/white outline is inconsistent while searching
  • MC-116650 – Wooden fences connect to nether brick fence


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 17w17a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.


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