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Release date

September 30, 2016

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

16w39c is the ninth snapshot for 1.11, released to fix some bugs and crashes from 16w39a and 16w39b.[1]


  • Can now be spawned on the sides and bottoms of blocks through the usage of spawn eggs.


21 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.11
  • MC-7809 – Aiming at the very bottom of a side of an upper slab/stair places slabs/stairs right-side up in multiplayer
  • MC-72962 – The Empty Map texture is one pixel to the right compared to the Map/Paper texture
  • MC-82841 – Arrows are bright despite being in darkness
  • MC-83998 – Unable to place blocks on fences from offhand
  • MC-90074 – Boat from dispenser is facing wrong direction (towards dispenser instead of the same way as dispenser)
  • MC-92191 – Using /entitydata on a player-thrown potion will edit player's inventory
  • MC-93651 – No placement sound when placing blocks on fence
  • MC-101372 – Item pickup sound plays twice when picking up an item
  • MC-106557 – Shulker cannot correctly spawn to the block(The side/below) by use spawn egg
From the 1.11 development versions
  • MC-106206 – Wrong spot for zombie pigmen egg in Creative inventory
  • MC-107148 – Elytra not rendering texture correctly
  • MC-107291 – Potion entity is marked as invalid, when you throw potions and press button Q
  • MC-107522 – Arrows floating, when the shulker box is opened and then closed
  • MC-107803 – Invalid Variant value for llama does not default to 0 causing invisible llama
  • MC-107830 – Observer side texture upside down
  • MC-107877 – Dispenser placing a Shulker Box does not make the fail sound if the dispenser fails
From the previous development version
  • MC-107817 – Inconsistency: Silver shulker box, not light gray
  • MC-107820 – Leftover-"test.png" from shulker boxes in 16w39b\assets\minecraft
  • MC-107823 – Trajectory of ranged items altered when shooting at Shulker Boxes
  • MC-107828 – stat.useItem.minecraft.totem doesn't work
  • MC-107843 – Totem consumed all stack when used in offhand


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