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Minecraft 16w21a

Java Edition



Release date

May 25, 2016

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

Protocol version


Data version


16w21a is the second snapshot released for Java Edition 1.10.[1]


Command format[edit]

NBT Tags
  • FallFlying
    • Allows mobs to use elytra when they fall.
      • Mobs lose ability to fly after touching the ground.



Bone blocks
  • No longer transparent.
  • Can now equip shields onto entities.
Rails (all types)
  • Bounding box for ascending rails is a full block (formerly only 532 of a block tall).
Structure block
  • No longer emit light.
  • Added "Structure Integrity and Seed" to load mode (NBT tags integrity and seed respectively).


Chorus fruit
  • Can now teleport riders from their mounts.
Ender pearls
  • Can now teleport riders from their mounts.
Fishing rod
  • Can now pull items to the player.


  • No longer despawn.

World generation[edit]

End portals
  • Now replace any blocks inside the portal frame ring when activating.
  • Blacksmiths now generate with cobblestone in all biomes (rather than acacia logs in savannas and sandstone in deserts).

Command format[edit]

NBT tags
  • IsVillager and VillagerProfession tags now removed fully, replaced by the ZombieType first added in 16w20a.


  • fallingdust now can be summoned, making use of the params argument like blockcrack and several other particles do.
    • Example: /particle fallingdust ~ ~ ~ 0 0 0 0 1 0 @p 10 will summon a particle matching the color of lava (block 10).


25 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.10
  • MC-10046 – Random destination routine has a small statistical tendency to move more northwest (fix included).
  • MC-28424 – Untamed wolves and ocelots disappear.
  • MC-82425 – Insertion tag (tell raw) won't work on servers.
  • MC-84422 – No teleportation from any vehicle.
  • MC-93642 – XPOrb texture turns gray right before reaching player.
  • MC-93830 – Wolf tail height is not based on ratio of health to maxHealth.
  • MC-95910 – Unable to activate end portal with non-air blocks in the middle.
  • MC-95973 – Adult Horse/Donkey Pathfinding Issue: 1 block elevations treated as 'non-traversable' terrain in certain configurations.
  • MC-96131/execute detect command causing entities within a chunk to be scoreboard reset.
  • MC-96269 – Skeletons, stray, witches, blazes, guardians and snowmen can't shoot while in boats.
  • MC-97201 – Elytra stops working on relog.
  • MC-97526 – Signs, banners, skulls and chests are flashing when item spawner is nearby.
  • MC-97602 – Shift+clicking shield from inventory to shield slot.
  • MC-99945 – Cooked fish with numeric IDs not imported properly.
  • MC-101001 – Fishing rod cannot pull items.
  • MC-101680 – Batching chunks.
From the previous development version
  • MC-102052 – Structure blocks don't save properly.
  • MC-102068fallingdust Particle doesn't seem to work.
  • MC-102069 – Bone block is handled as a transparent block.
  • MC-102085 – Polar bears get stuck in standing position.
  • MC-102091 – blocks hitbox/f3 crosshair issues.
  • MC-102103 – Savanna village blacksmith buildings burn themselves down.
  • MC-102125AreaEffectCloud with fallingdust particle crashes client "Exception while adding particle".
  • MC-102209 – Structure blocks melt snow.
  • MC-102238 – Surface-level abandoned mineshafts generate outside mesa and its variants.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • 16w21a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.