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Release date

May 18, 2016

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

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16w20a is the first snapshot released for 1.10.[1]



Structure void
  • Used for the structure block to keep the blocks in that location.
    • Intended to be a replacement for the function barrier blocks used to convey, so they can form part of the structure itself.
  • They are invisible and have a small hitbox.
    • They are only visible when using the feature in (save) structure void.
  • Allows for empty spaces in a structure.
    • Unlike air, it will not overwrite blocks where it is loaded.
    • Example: If the player loads a 2 block high structure with air at the top and a structure void at the bottom into a 2 block high area of stone, the top block will become air but the bottom will stay stone.
Magma block
  • Found in the Nether, generating 4 veins per chunk between Y=27 and Y=36.
  • Crafted using four magma cream.
  • Mobs and players take 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage every second while touching it, similar to a cactus.
    • Unlike cactus or fire, this block doesn't destroy items that touch it.
  • If the player is sneaking, wearing Frost Walker-enchanted armor, or under the
    Fire Resistance
    effect, it does not take damage.
  • If the player dies by standing on it, a new death message will appear: "[Player] discovered that floor was lava."
    • If the player dies by the block, but after being damaged by a mob or player, the death message will be: "[Player] walked into danger zone due to [Mob or Player]."
  • Removes water blocks on top when randomly ticked.
  • It produces smoke particles under the rain.
  • It emits as much light as it receives from other sources.
    • e.g. A magma block next to a torch will emit light at level 13, as that was the light level it received from the torch.
      • If the torch were to be removed then it will search for the next brightest source of light; if no source is found then it will not produce light.
Nether wart block
  • Crafted by filling a 3x3 square in the crafting table with nether wart.
    • It cannot be crafted back into nether wart.
  • It is broken by flowing water or lava, like most plants are.
Red nether brick
Bone block
  • Crafted by filling a 3x3 square in the crafting table with Bone Meal.
    • Can be crafted back into 9 bone meal.
  • Found underground in desert and swamps as part of the fossil structure.


Spawn eggs
  • Now exist for:
    • Wither Skeleton.
    • Mule.
    • Skeleton Horse.
    • Zombie Horse.
    • Donkey.
    • Cat.
    • Elder Guardian.
    • Stray (new skeleton variant): Dark gray with light gray dots.
    • Husk (new zombie variant): Brown with cream colored dots.
    • Polar bear (new mob): White with gray dots.


Polar bear
  • Adults and cubs spawn randomly as passive mobs in Ice Plains, Ice Mountains, and Ice Plains Spikes.
  • When hit, the adults will attack the player, the cubs will run away (very fast, similar to baby zombies).
    • Additionally, adults will always attack the player when their cubs are around.
  • Can swim faster in water than the player.
  • Cubs will follow their parents.
  • Drops 0–2 raw fish (75% chance) or 0–2 salmon (25% chance), each increased by 1 per level of Looting.
  • 80% of skeletons spawned above ground in ice plains biomes, and their variants, will be strays.
    • All spawns where the skeleton does not have a view of the sky will be normal skeletons.
    • Spiders spawned in cold biomes have a chance of having a stray riding it.
  • Acts mostly like a regular skeleton.
  • Its SkeletonType tag is 2.
  • Drops are the same as skeletons, but also have a 50% chance to drop 0-1 tipped arrow of
    when killed by the player. With looting, chance increases to 2×level+12×level+2.
  • Shoots Tipped Arrows of Slowness (0:30) at the target.
  • 80% of zombies spawned above ground in desert biomes, and their variants, will be husks.
    • All spawns where the zombie does not have a view of the sky will be normal zombies or zombie villagers.
  • Behaves mostly like a regular zombie.
  • Its ZombieType tag is 6.
  • Does not burn in sunlight.
  • Can spawn as a baby or as a chicken jockey.
  • Applies 7 seconds of hunger when attacking in Easy, 14 in Normal and 21 in Hard difficulty.
  • Visually 2 pixels taller than zombies, but has the same hitbox.

World generation[edit]

  • Generates 15–24 blocks underground in deserts, swamplands, and their variants. Each chunk has a 164 chance of generating a fossil.
  • Composed of bone blocks and some coal ore, arranged as to resemble the skulls and spines of giant extinct creatures.
    • There are 4 variants of the skull, and 4 variants of the spine sections.


Sound events
  • block.enchantment_table.use
  • entity.polar_bear.ambient
  • entity.polar_bear.baby_ambient
  • entity.polar_bear.death
  • entity.polar_bear.hurt
  • entity.polar_bear.step
  • entity.polar_bear.warning
  • A new 'Auto-jump' toggle has been added, which automatically makes the player jump when running towards a one block tall obstacle.
    • Enabled by default, can be disabled in Options.
Loot tables
  • A new tag limit for the looting_enchant function.
    • It determines the maximum amount of mob drops the player can expect to receive when using the looting enchantment of any level.
  • A new fallingdust particle has been added.
    • Appears underneath gravity-affected blocks that are generated or placed suspended in midair.
    • Does not apply to dragon eggs.
NBT tags
  • ZombieType: Determines the kind of zombie a specific zombie is.
    • 0: default, 1-5: villager, 6: husk.
    • This tag, in effect, unifies the characteristics of being a zombie, a specific zombie villager and a husk into a single variable.
    • Intended to replace the IsVillager and VillagerProfession tags.
      • These tags are kept for backwards compatibility, but no newly generated entities have them.
Debug screen
  • F3 + G toggles the visibility of chunk borders around the player.
    • Shows a blue outline for the chunk the player is currently in and a yellow outline for individual air blocks in the vicinity of the chunk.
      • The blue outline in particular, will outline the chunk horizontally on top of the solid blocks on the ground.
      • The outlines extends arbitrarily up, but ends at bedrock level.



Structure block
  • Are now available in item form; can be given or summoned.
    • Similarly to command blocks, its placement, destruction and modification are restricted to opped players in creative.
  • Now comes with an integrated GUI and new textures.
  • Has four modes:

    • Save - build structure in world, tell the block where it is and it saves it to file.

    • Load - loads saved structure files, replacing blocks with saved blocks except for structure void blocks.

    • Corner - for automatic size calculation.

    • Data - for chest markers and other blocks that require data (default).
  • Structures are limited to a size of 32 blocks in each direction.
  • The coordinates used by the blocks are relative to themselves.
  • When in use, it shows the outline of the structure it relates to in white.
  • Can rotate and mirror structures before they are placed.
  • Small red and blue cubes can be displayed in the selection area.
  • Save and Load structure blocks can be activated by redstone.
  • The game protects against maps saving arbitrarily massive amounts of data to disk.
  • Display a name tag above them indicating their mode and structure name.
  • New NBT tags
    • powered: Whether or not the structure block is currently being powered with redstone.
    • showboundingbox: Whether or not the bounding box of the structure is being outlined.
    • showair: Whether or not air blocks are indicated within the structure.
End stone bricks
  • Are no longer craftable.


Firework rocket
  • Recipe now produces three rockets rather than only one.


  • Can now rarely spawn in the Nether with a 1153 rate.
    • Compared to 100153 for zombie pigmen.
  • Can now naturally pick up netherrack.
Magma cubes
  • Spawn about twice as often in the Nether.
    • The rate is now 2153, compared to 1151 before.
  • The Zombie Generic Villager is removed, due to the new zombietype tag.

World generation[edit]

Plains and sunflower plains
  • Now have some trees in 5% of its chunks (13 large oaks, 23 normal oaks).
Ice plains and variants
  • Don't spawn any other passive mobs than rabbits and the new polar bears anymore.
  • Also have a lower chance of spawning passive mobs during world generation than other biomes (7% versus 10%).
Mesas, including all variants
  • Hardened clay and stained clay no longer generate more than 15 blocks deep, if the mesa is more than 15 blocks above sea level.
  • In addition to the normal 2 veins of gold ore below Y=32, attempts to generate 20 veins between Y=32 and Y=79.
  • Generate the new type of abandoned mineshafts, described below.
Abandoned mineshafts
  • New mineshaft type that generates in mesa biomes (including all variants).
    • Placed so that the midpoint of the structure is near sea level, rather than so that the top is 10 blocks or more below sea level.
    • Uses dark oak wood for wooden structures.
    • New NBT tag MST on mineshaft structure pieces to indicate the type. 0 is the traditional mineshaft, 1 is the new mesa mineshaft.
  • Features generate differently if above ground (i.e. the sky light where they generate is 8 or more). This is not dependent on mineshaft type.
    • Cave spider spawners no longer generate if sky light is 8 or more.
    • Various wooden pieces no longer generate if the block above is air and/or if sky light is 8 or more.
    • Rails in corridors are more complete if sky light is below 8.
      • 90%, versus 70% in 1.9 and in above-ground corridors.
  • Village structures are no longer restricted by biome boundaries.
    • Meaning that a village that starts in a valid biome can now spread into an adjacent invalid biome.
  • Now generate in taigas (but not variants).
    • They are made with spruce wood.
  • Savanna villages are now made with acacia wood instead of oak.
    • In savannas, acacia logs replace cobblestone in all structures except churches.
  • Paths no longer generate below sea level, and in non-desert villages they are made with different material depending on the existing terrain.
    • If replacing grass blocks, the path is made from grass path blocks.
    • If replacing water or lava, the path is made from planks.
    • Otherwise, the path is gravel on top of cobblestone (including bridges across ravines).
    • Sandstone paths still always generate in desert villages.
  • They have a 2% chance of being a zombie village, determined by Zombie NBT tag in Village.dat.
  • No longer turn adjacent sand blocks in the ceiling into sandstone when generating.


NBT tags
  • NoGravity now works for all entities, not only armor stands.
    • A mob in midair affected by it, will still respond to knockback by moving horizontally.
      • Although the AI will not permit any mob to move on their own, horses and pigs ridden by the player, will move normally.
        • Very similarly, boats in the air ridden by the player, will move as if they were in water.
Huge mushrooms
  • Huge mushrooms have a 1⁄12 chance of generating twice as tall as normal.
    • These new mushrooms, which can be up to 13 blocks tall, can appear during world generation or by being planted by the player.


3 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.10
  • MC-44579 – Cannot summon green robed villager, even though its Zombie counterpart works
  • MC-87739/setblock with signs missing Text tags kicks all players loading the sign
  • MC-89848 – playsound/sound engine pitch algorithm isn’t working properly
More fixes
  • Fixed some broken uses of relative coordinates[1]


Video made by slicedlime: