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Java Edition 14w05a

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14w05a Banner.png

Java Edition



Release date

January 30, 2014[1]

Snapshot for



Client (.json)
Server (.exe)

Protocol version


14w05a is the eighth snapshot released for Java Edition 1.8.



  • Act like a solid block but are completely transparent.
    • Can transfer redstone signals and allow blocks to be placed on it.
  • Invincible like bedrock.
  • Can be obtained using /give @s minecraft:barrier.
  • Use the lava texture as their breaking particles.


  • New game mode.
  • Usage: /gamemode spectator, /gamemode sp or /gamemode 3.
  • No interaction with the world.
    • Player can move through any entity or block without interfering with it (commonly referred to as 'noclip' or as if in the far lands because they have fake chunks).
    • Collecting or using items is impossible, as is placing, destroying or interacting with blocks in any way.
      • A bug in this version allows the selected item from the hotbar to be dropped.
    • Viewing inventories and GUIs is possible, but it is not possible to interact with them.
      • The heads-up display is disabled, except for the cross hair when looking at a mob.
    • Player selectors (in commands) can target spectators.
      • Using /give on a spectator will cause the item(s) to drop at their location.
    • Spectators are not noticed by mobs, and do not trigger spawners or spawning.
      • A spectator's presence keeps a mob from despawning.
    • Only the void and /kill can damage a spectator.
  • Flying mode.
    • Landing is not possible—the player can fly through the ground.
    • The mouse scroll wheel, the sprint key, and the slowness and swiftness effects all affect the flying speed.
  • First-person view through another player or mob's eyes.
    • Left-clicking an entity locks the player's position and camera to the entity's.
    • The spectator cannot control where the entity moves or looks.
  • Certain mobs have a different vision.
    • Creeper applies the new creeper.json shader.
    • Endermen applies the invert.json shader.
    • Spider and Cave Spider apply the new spider.json shader.
  • Viewing oneself using F5 shows the entity.
  • Pressing the dismount key (⇧ Shift by default) returns the player to flying mode.
  • Viewing privileges.
    • Spectators can see other spectators.
      • Appear as a translucent disembodied head.
      • The selected item from the hotbar is also visible.
    • Invisible players and mobs appear visible, but translucent.


  • creeper.json.
    • Shows the world in pixelated shades of green, similar to green.json.
    • Is applied when the player uses spectator mode on a creeper.
  • spider.json.
    • A segmented-eyes effect.
    • Is applied when the player uses spectator mode on a spider.
  • Added pls rt
  • Added Do you want to join my server?
  • Added Put a little fence around it!
  • Added Throw a blanket over it!
  • Added One day, somewhere in the future, my work will be quoted!
  • Added Now with additional stuff!
  • Added Extra things!



Activator rail
  • Powered activator rails will now shake minecarts, causing riders to dismount.
End portal (block)
  • Inventory image is now the Missing Texture block instead of the Nether Portal.


  • Armor no longer gets colored when mobs/players are hurt.
Written books
  • Copying written books will now mark them as copies/copies of copies.
  • The copying status of a book (i.e. original, copy of original or copy of a copy) is denoted in a separate line in the tooltip, beneath the author's name.
  • Copies of copies cannot be copied.


Debug screen
  • Text now has a background.
  • Replaced x, y, z, b, bl and other labels with more understandable labels.
  • "Light" is now the light levels at feet, not eyes.
  • Currently missing LC value.
GUI code
  • Improvements to allow "cooler things".[2]


15 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.8
  • MC-9752 – The command block will detect players who are dead, but have not yet hit respawn.
  • MC-38944 – Joining Realms world "cancel" button misplaced.
From the 1.8 development versions
  • MC-44521@a, @e, and any UUID references work incorrectly after a player dies.
  • MC-45041/setblock on a tile entity with "replace" doesn't seem to work.
  • MC-45050/fill … skull | Hitbox bug.
  • MC-45159 – Blocks with tile entities don't get removed when you clone / fill an airblock to their position.
  • MC-45239/clear @a does not work in Minecraft 14w03b.
  • MC-45453 – Items & Blocks placed in item frames are rendered incorrectly.
  • MC-45470 – Items don't render on the ground properly.
  • MC-45478 – Pre-snapshot14w04a villagers break crops but don't replant them.
  • MC-45492 – Transparent blocks are much darker.
  • MC-45554 – Two tall flowers variants are not generating.
From the previous development version
  • MC-45764 – Map will not show in item frame.
  • MC-45795 – Villagers can not place or pick up any crops.
  • MC-45847/summon Villager farmer NBT tag canPickUpLoot will default to 0.


  • 14w05a was previously removed from the launcher for some time, but was added back in September 2018.