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Release date

October 21, 2013[1]

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

Protocol version


13w43a is the fourteenth snapshot for 1.7.2.


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  • /setworldspawn or /setworldspawn <x> <y> <z>
    • Sets a new point as the spawn for all players (even if they have never joined the server or are offline, but will not override beds)
  • Cauldrons with water in them will now put out burning entities, but deplete some of the water
  • Added two new saplings, both found from their respective tree types
    • Acacia sapling, found in savannas
    • Roofed oak sapling, found in roofed forests
      • Must have 4 saplings placed in a 2×2 square to be grown, much like big jungle trees
  • Added two new logs
  • Added two new barks
    • Acacia bark, which has a texture resembling jungle wood, but with less green
    • Oak Roof bark, which shares its texture with spruce bark
    • It can only be placed through external tools or commands.
  • Added two new leaves that are visually identical to oak leaves
    • Acacia leaves
    • Oak roof leaves


  • Improved Minecraft realms support
  • Music played by jukeboxes now loops
  • Changed pufferfish texture
  • Maps in item frames now display the item frame again, but still on a full block scale
  • Boats have been reverted to the previous WASD controls
    • Note that the A and D keys can be used only while the W key is pressed


24 bugs fixed
From released versions before 1.7.2
  • MC-3871 – Cauldron water does not put out fire / damage blaze
  • MC-11027 – Axes accelarate the speed at which Slabs are broken
  • MC-12769 – when typing /help with a number higher than 4, it produces the wrong message
  • MC-15688 – Axe breaks all slabs in adventure mode. No drops for stone.
  • MC-26151 – Minecraft has advice on an error report that should be deleted.
  • MC-29424 – Players appear offset for other clients after going through nether portals
  • MC-31031 – Spawn eggs can be used on top of water, but not lava
  • MC-32250 – Typo on "Unable to Load Worlds" screen
From the 1.7.2 snapshots
  • MC-14521 – Boats cannot be steered by using the "left" and "right" keys
  • MC-29483 – 2x2 Spruce use Oak Leaves
  • MC-29510 – New trees that spawn in Savanna drop wrong sapling and are unable to be reproduced
  • MC-35722 – Master sound level resets on reboot and RP Change
  • MC-35735 – Splash potions making throw sound but not breaking sound.
  • MC-35805 – OS X: Pressing Del / Backspace on signs shows "DEL" character instead of deleting characters
  • MC-35848 – Maps rendered too bright
From the previous snapshot
  • MC-35728 – Numbers render behind enchanted stacked enchanted items
  • MC-35879 – German Umlauts and ß are not correctly centered at sign
  • MC-35883 – Partially transparent Maps
  • MC-35910 – Typing ƒ, ∞ œ, π, Ω, ≈, √, ≤, ≥ and many more symbols on a sign or in the chat crashes the game.
  • MC-35918 – "Format Error" in the Book and Quill
  • MC-36096 – Cake FallingSand Entity not landing correctly regenerates chunk
  • MC-36133 – "Force Unicode Font" is displayed in currently active language, whereas "Done" is displayed in highlighted language
  • MC-36141 – "Format error" in language selection menu
  • MC-36327 – RCON Messages: TranslatableComponent


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