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Release date

June 20, 2013[1]

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

Protocol version


13w25c is the seventeenth snapshot for 1.6.1, and was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in the 13w25a and 13w25b snapshots.


13 bugs fixed

From released versions before 1.6.1

  • MC-188 – 'doFiretick' makes fire to not extinguish. Lighting makes fire all over the place!
  • MC-607 – Running at a high resolution causes large portions of the screen to be UNCLICKABLE
  • MC-4266 – Death counter does not update
  • MC-13559 – Pick block from inventory in creative doesn't preserve size of stacks
  • MC-16075 – Entities other than the player can't leave the end

From the 1.6.1 snapshots

  • MC-13745 – Tamed Wolves/Cats Teleporting when Leashed to a Fence
  • MC-16861 – enchantments on a mob's weapon does not affect other mobs
  • MC-17537 – Other player's cats can be tied to a lead and dragged away
  • MC-17849 – resource packs not converting correctly
  • MC-17856 – Unable to load ResourcePack with missing directory-ZipEntries.
  • MC-17864 – Credits end too fast
  • MC-18158 – Messed up textures of some items

From the previous snapshot

  • MC-18468 – First my sound was off and I was going to turn it up, but when I did it crashed.


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