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1.9.3 blog post image.png
Release date

May 10, 2016


Client (.json)

1.9.4 is an update to Minecraft that was released on May 10, 2016.[1] It is compatible with 1.9.3 servers.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Remove incorrect snapshot version warning.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

6 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9.4
  • MC-92057 – Particles are dark Y>=256
  • MC-94670 – Bat subtitle is misspelled ("squeeks")
  • MC-95469 – Middle click / pick block on farmland gives dirt
  • MC-95574 – Minecraft freezes when windows loses focus
  • MC-100116 – [r=x] selector is not selecting mobs/players in the full radius when run in command blocks
  • MC-100313 – Sweep attack sometimes doesn't work after switching slot while standing still

References[edit | edit source]