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Java Edition

Release date

November 14, 2012

Development versions

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Client (.json)
Server (.exe)

Protocol version


1.4.4 introduced a couple of new features, but primarily served to fix bugs from 1.4.2.



Music disc
  • Added the music disc "wait".

Command format[edit]




  • When in creative mode, flying through cobwebs does not slow the player down, but walking through them will.


Baby mobs
  • Spawnable by right-clicking a mob with a corresponding mob egg
  • Now die when they are not underwater


29 bugs fixed


  • Random falling damage due to lag fixed.
  • Falling damage when riding minecarts fixed.
  • Enchanted book exploit fixed.
  • Slimes have correct collision box.
  • Signs no longer lose their text client-side on servers.

From released versions before 1.4.4

  • MC-334 – Tab key not working for any function on Mac.
  • MC-450 – Chicken head movement is inverted.
  • MC-527 – "seed" command doesn't work in Minecraft server command line.
  • MC-984Internal exception: java.io.IOException: Bad packet id 249.
  • MC-1079 – Killing animals with fire aspect on the first hit does not cook the drops.
  • MC-1153 – Torch texture is rendered incorrectly.
  • MC-1478 – Walking from ground level onto anvil.
  • MC-1622 – Enderchest doesn't have the right hitbox.
  • MC-1793 – Nether Brick Fence has an incorrect texture.
  • MC-1860 – Block and item duplication.
  • MC-2229 – Fences are not rendered correctly from underneath.
  • MC-2362 – Item frames disappear without drop when a block is placed in their position.
  • MC-2422 – Pistons are invisible and make blocks invisible while pushing.

From the 1.4.4 prereleases

  • MC-1608 – Iron Golems crash the player when they walk.
  • MC-1611 – Torches don't place properly, get adjacent to wall.
  • MC-1612 – Water current too strong / Can't swim up in deep water.
  • MC-1647 – Cannot fall into void.
  • MC-1661 – Crash when placing minecart on powered rail.
  • MC-1741 – Loading a world that has been moved or deleted causes a crash.
  • MC-1745 – player can jump over cobblestone walls.
  • MC-1789 – Squids do not suffocate on land.
  • MC-1845 – Crash when rendering entities.
  • MC-1871 – Running on leaves produces gray particles.
  • MC-2304 – Redstone repeaters above 1 tick do not receive a pulse at all when sent a 1-tick pulse from redstone wire or repeaters.
  • MC-2400 – disappearing mobs and items after dying.
  • MC-2447 – Cannot break block behind gravel, sand, dirt with Efficiency V Diamond-Pickaxe.