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This is a list of 1.12.1 development versions.


17w31a[1] is the first and only snapshot released for 1.12.1.


Game credits
  • Updated game credits to include more Mojang staff
  • Credits scroll 50% faster when viewed directly from the title screen than through the End Poem
  • Removed "Better than Prey!"


1 issue fixed
Private issues
  • MC-119011 – Security issue with recipe book


1.12.1-pre1[2] is the pre-release for 1.12.1, which includes minor optimizations.


3 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.12.1
  • MC-86016 – Some Mojang staff are not mentioned in credits.txt
  • MC-117087 – Class.getSimpleName performance issue with large number of block entities
From the 1.12.1 development versions
  • MC-119840 – Diamonds get moved into crafting slots on any chat message


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