Java Edition Classic 0.0.9a

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Classic 0.0.9a.png

Java Edition

Release date

May 16, 2009


Client not archived
No corresponding server

Missing Texture Block.png
This version is currently missing.
While this version is known to exist it is missing from the launcher and has not been archived elsewhere, meaning that it is currently lost.
If you believe you have a copy of this version, please post on this page's talk page.
It is worth noting that numerous fake copies of this version exist, so please consider checking the dates of the files inside.

0.0.9a[1][2] was a version of Classic released on May 16, 2009.[citation needed]

No information is known about prior versions 0.0.5a through 0.0.8a.


  • Counters for frame rate and chunk updates.


  • Game resolution changed from 1024×768 to 640×480.
  • Changed wood planks texture from Oak Planks JE1.png to Oak Planks JE2.png.