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This page contains content on features that will be included in a future update.
These features are confirmed, but not yet added to the game.
Version history and upcoming features

This page is about upcoming features that have been announced by Mojang employees.


1.9 is an upcoming update to Minecraft with no set release date, currently only listed in the bug tracker as "Far Future Version - 1.9+".[1]


Animation / entity models[2]
  • Could possibly include model changes via NBT


Command Blocks
  • New GUI[3]
    • Will contain tab to complete
  • New Cloud Rendering System[4]


18 bugs fixed

  • MC-349 - Villagers ignore data tags in trading
  • MC-669 - Failing to place blocks in creative mode causes an animation
  • MC-1720 - Dropped items bounce on stairs, cauldrons, carpets and full / locked hoppers
  • MC-2310 - Villager / Player getting killed by zombie through a closed door
  • MC-3059 - Bow and arrow can fire through doors and fences.
  • MC-4272 - Zombie Pigmen don't attack in groups when fighting other mobs
  • MC-4504 - the hitbox of brewing stands is missing the blaze rod
  • MC-10447 - Pick up framed enchanted items with "Pick Block (MOUSE 3)" doesn't give you the enchanted item
  • MC-12456 - Fences won't attach to layered snow blocks
  • MC-12549 - 1.5 Odd Mob 'magnetised attraction' behaviour
  • MC-14525 - name tag doesn't work on entities with right click ability
  • MC-16204 - New creative gui showing detailed effects does not show on some potions. Neither to bows.
  • MC-28479 - Chest interface not closed when chest is blocked from opening
  • MC-42841 - Incorrect Creative Instant Health Damage value
  • MC-52802 - Mob head takes a fraction of a second to change to selected head
  • MC-54486 - Glass panes and iron bars don't connect to graphically opaque blocks that are registered as transparent. e.g. slime blocks, ender portal frame blocks and monster spawner blocks.
  • MC-55942 - Nether Wart hitbox is incorrect on multiplayer (untested on singleplayer)
  • MC-67163 - Damage Value for objective stat.mineBlock is missing

Other planned features, items, and blocks

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Feature Description
Account System Update[5] This will include the ability to change your Minecraft username and have multiple copies of Minecraft per account. This will come sometime after 1.8 is released.
Audio loops Audio loops have not yet been added to the game, but may be implemented to play when the player is in a specific location (In caves, forests, oceans, and beside a waterfall). This has been partially added in 1.4 with the addition of lava and water ambient sounds.
Cauldron Enhancement Dinnerbone plans to make buckets fillable from cauldrons.[6]
Construction analysis Jeb mentioned that they hoped to add better systems for analyzing constructions, such as village houses — currently a lone door will be considered a village house.[7]
Easier way to implement terrain changes Dinnerbone said in a Reddit AMA that he planned on making an easier way to implement terrain changes[8]
Friends List Notch mentioned on his blog, The World of Notch, that friends lists would be added after Beta 1.8[9]. The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, containing these lines.[10][11] Kristoffer mentioned on Twitter that he is currently working on friends lists for Scrolls, then for other Mojang games. These will be available for players with Mojang accounts. At MineCon 2012 Jeb stated that it would be a large implementation on the server side and will be used for all Mojang games, and that is a big project.[12][13]
Mesa Temple[14] Jeb responded to CyrusdoestheRS stating they may be added one day.
More Animals Jon Kagstrom commented on Reddit that he would like to add more animals, such as fish, birds, and tree animals, to make the game seem more alive.[15] Dinnerbone said he would like to add pandas[16], but had no plans at the time to add more mobs[17].
More Ores Dinnerbone said in a Reddit AMA that they planned on adding more ores[18]
More structures in biomes Dinnerbone said in a Reddit AMA that he will look into more structures in biomes[8]
More types of caves Dinnerbone said in a Reddit AMA that they planned on adding more types of caves[18]
Rare tools/weapons normally unobtainable Dinnerbone said on Twitter he would like to add weapons/tools that cannot be crafted, and only obtained by treasure chests/trading, etc. For example, bows with faster drawback, boots that increase health, or night vision helmets. However, the attribute system has to be finished first.[19][20][21][22]
Removing Enchantments Dinnerbone stated that there will be a way to remove enchantments from items.[23]
Rendering Engine Rewrite First confirmed for 1.5, but not added yet. The features will require a higher OpenGL feature-set and include some sort of fallback for older hardware. The rewritten engine will allow for much faster overall rendering, resulting in higher FPS. This has partially been added in 1.7[24][25] and in 1.8
Seasons Dinnerbone mentioned on Twitter that he was experimenting with adding seasons, and varying the length of day and night according to season. He also mentioned it during MineCon 2013.[26][27] Seasons may include changes in color of tree leaves and may also be tied to real time.[28][29]
Subtitles Dinnerbone stated in a Reddit AMA that he will look into adding subtitles, making the game more convenient for people who have the inability to hear.[30]
Treasure maps Dinnerbone said on Twitter that he will add treasure maps, which would presumably lead to hidden treasure chests[31]
Workbench (Mod/Plugin API)[32]


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