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Jungle Temples are generated structures.


They generate naturally in jungles.


Jungle Temples mostly consist of cobblestone and moss stone. There are a small number of chiseled stone bricks. There are three floors; on the bottom floor, there is a room with a puzzle (three levers connected to some sticky pistons). Solving the puzzle will open a secret door with a chest behind it filled with loot. Down the hall from the levers, there is tripwire connected to a dispenser filled with arrows. Farther down the hall there is a chest with the same list of possible contents as the hidden chest. In front of the chest is another tripwire connected to another arrow-shooting dispenser. Both Dispensers are covered in vines, making them hard to see. The dispensers each contain between 4 and 14 arrows.


The bottom floor contains a puzzle, consisting of 3 levers on chiseled stone bricks connected to a hidden piston trapdoor mechanism. Inside the room the trapdoor leads to is a chest.


Down the hall from the above puzzle, there is a way to trapped chest. The trap consists of 2 tripwire lines connected to dispensers with 4-14 arrows, hidden behind vines. The first tripwire is in the beginning of way; the second tripwire is in front of the chest.


Each chest contains 2-6 stacks of items, chosen from the following list (the same as desert temples). Chance listed is per stack, not for the chest as a whole.

Item Quantity
per stack

1 - 3 4.11% (3/73)

Iron Ingot
1 - 5 13.7% (10/73)

Gold Ingot
2 - 7 20.5% (15/73)

1 - 3 2.74% (2/73)

4 - 6 27.4% (20/73)

Rotten Flesh
3 - 7 21.9% (16/73)

1 4.11% (3/73)

Iron Horse Armor
1 1.37% (1/73)

Golden Horse Armor
1 1.37% (1/73)

Diamond Horse Armor
1 1.37% (1/73)

Enchanted Book
[note 1]
1 1.37% (1/73)
  1. Enchanted books in the same chest will have the same enchantments. Enchantment probabilities are the same as a level-30 enchantment on an enchantment table, but the chance of multiple enchantments is not reduced.



Official release
1.3.1 12w22a Added Jungle temples.
Console Edition
TU14 Added Jungle temples.


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