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The world creation using the Debug Mode

Debug Mode is a world type used to test block models, states and textures. It is thereby useful not only to Mojang but also to creators of resource packs.


To select the debug mode, hold the ⇧ Shift key while clicking "World Type". Debug Mode will then be directly after Customized, rather than Default being directly after Customized.


Debug mode contains all Minecraft blocks in all their different block states in a single world, in a grid across height y=70, with a barrier floor at y=60.

When choosing this world, the only game mode available is Spectator, and further options (such as generated structures, bonus chest, etc.) are unavailable; however, the game mode can be changed from inside the world with console commands. Breaking blocks is possible if the game mode is switched, however removing them is not; breaking blocks causes them to regenerate instantly. Some blocks allow right-click interactions (e.g. chests, and especially those blocks whose interactions do not change any block state), while others do not (e.g. levers, redstone repeaters).

If a Nether or End portal is used, the player will spawn in a Nether version of the debug world or the End credits will appear, depending on the portal used. If the End is reached through the Nether, an End version of the debug world generates, with the Ender Dragon flying around.

The block grid is approximately 180×180 in size, occupying the +X,+Z quadrant, although the barrier floor extends past the grid to the world border at X/Z ±29,999,984. Starting at 0,0, the blocks are arranged first in rows of 89 block states from north to south, then in 87 rows from east to west (with an additional partial row of 27 states), following the numerical data values of the blocks. There are a total of 7770 block states.



Official release
1.8 14w26a Added Debug Mode world type.
14w27a Different block states are used instead of metadata.
Options are disabled when creating the world, and the only game mode available is Spectator Mode.
Every block state only generates once.


Issues relating to "Debug mode" are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

Note that any bugs relating to using other game modes than spectator are resolved as invalid due to the fact that the world type can only be legitimately accessed in spectator.


  • Every block creates only once. The remainder of the map is empty.
  • Below the blocks the ground seems to be made of barriers, but as soon as one is broken another is placed, so you cannot pass through without using spectator mode.
  • The sun is displayed, but there is no day/night cycle. The daytime can be adjusted using console commands.
  • The biome is plains (except when in the Nether or the End).
  • Activating buttons, levers, and pressure plates in debug mode will drop a resource of itself. However, pressure plates are not recommended to play with, as they will spew out tons of dropped plates, make weird noises, and will likely crash the game.
  • By traveling through the end portal the sky will be dark, like the End, but it does not generate the 'normal' End, it generates a 'Debug-world-end' (see picture below in gallery)