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Bedrock is both an indestructible and unmineable block.


See also: Nether Reactor

Bedrock cannot be broken using any tools. It also cannot be moved by pistons, Bedrock can only be obtained by the creative inventory and commands.

Natural generation[edit]

Bedrock comprises the bottom-most 5 layers of the Overworld in a rough pattern, although to the 4th layer is predominately flat bedrock with no gaps, which makes the very bottom 5th layer inaccessible.

In the Nether, bedrock comprises both the top and bottom 4 layers in a rough pattern. At the top of the Nether, bedrock prevents you from going past layer 127. It can also be found at the sides of the Nether in the console edition.

Bedrock in the Overworld and the Nether always generates in the same pattern no matter what seed is used.

In the End, defeating the Ender Dragon spawns a portal with a Bedrock frame. A single piece of flaming bedrock also appears underneath ender crystals.


Note: This video is outdated, as the void fog was removed in 1.8.


0.0.12a Added bedrock
Bedrock does not spawn in the map, cannot be destroyed by explosions, but it is breakable and drops a normal resource. However, it takes more than 16 minutes to break a single block.
The walls of the map are lined with a bedrock textured barrier. It is completely unbreakable.
0.0.20 Bedrock now cannot be placed or destroyed, except by players on servers with operator permissions. Ops can destroy bedrock like any other block.
Ops can use /solid will toggle stone placing itself or turning into bedrock shortly.
If any player attempts to place bedrock using an item hacked into their inventory, the server will kick them, even if they are an operator.
Unbreakable, but bedrock on the bottom of the map will turn to lava after a while if it is exposed to sunlight. Bedrock during this development stage was smooth.
Bedrock was unbreakable with no exceptions.
1.2 The Nether was added, with bedrock at the top and bottom.
1.3 Bedrock could no longer be destroyed by planting a seed below it on tilled dirt.
1.6 A bug was fixed where you could fall into the void. Destroying a boat or rails with a minecart on the lowest bedrock block caused this to happen.
1.8 Creative mode is added, in which bedrock can be placed and destroyed instantly, as can any other block.
Notch tweeted he had accidentally done something to the bedrock layer, but didn't specify what.[1]
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre6 The particle effect can now be turned off or lowered.
When the Ender Dragon dies, it leaves behind a fountain-like bedrock structure with the dragon egg sitting on top. It has another end portal to return to the player's spawn point.
Ender crystal added, an entity which sits atop of a block of flaming bedrock.
1.2.1 12w07a As the max world height of the Nether was increased to 256, but Nether world generation is unchanged, mobs and mushrooms were spawning on top of the bedrock ceiling.
12w07b Mobs cannot spawn on bedrock.
1.2.1 With the addition of lakes (of lava and water) at any height, it was possible for a lake to cause an unusually large gap in the bedrock. This was fixed in release 1.2.
1.2.5 Bedrock in the End will burn forever if set on fire, similar to netherrack. It can still be put out by the same methods, as well.
1.8 14w27b Bedrock's texture now rotates randomly, giving a more natural look to the bedrock layer.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.1.0 Bedrock appears at the bottom of the world, but is unobtainable even in creative mode.
0.8.0 build 3 Added bedrock to creative mode.
0.9.0 build 1 Added bedrock fog.
Console Edition
TU1 Added bedrock.
TU14 The very bottom layer of bedrock can now be broken in a world. However, the player still cannot fall out of the world.


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  • In the console editions, only the lowest layer (and highest in the Nether) of naturally spawned bedrock is unbreakable.
  • In maps generated before the Halloween Update, there were occasional gaps in the bottom layer of Bedrock that the player could fall through.
  • It is possible, but rare, for ore to be found encased in Bedrock.
  • In Minecraft 4k, there is bedrock on the bottom of the map with no texture.[2]
  • Strongholds can cause a bedrock not to form within its bounds.
  • It is possible to blow up bedrock with an explosion edited to at least a power of 5000, but it will likely crash the game.