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Any tool






No, but catches fire from lava

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Data values
dec: 26 hex: 1A bin: 11010
dec: 355 hex: 163 bin: 101100011


A bed is a block that allows a player to sleep and to reset their spawn point to within a few blocks of the bed.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Beds can be mined with any tool, or without a tool.

Hardness 0.2
Breaking time[note 1]
Hand 0.35
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools in seconds.

A bed will also drop itself as an item when pushed by a piston.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Ingredients Crafting recipe Description

Any Wool +
Any Wood Planks

Neither the wool color nor the wood type affect the bed's appearance.

Natural Generation[edit | edit source]

A bed can be found in an igloo.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Beds are 9/16th of a block high, one more pixel than half a block, so it allows you to walk up onto other blocks while on top of the bed, but not to walk onto the bed from a level below.

Placement[edit | edit source]

Beds take up two blocks of space. Placement requires at least 2 blocks from the player's facing direction. When placed, the foot will be placed on the block selected and will face toward the user. Like certain other blocks, beds cannot be placed on non-solid blocks. If you remove the blocks underneath the bed, the bed will not be removed, but will remain floating.

Sleeping[edit | edit source]

Beds are used by pressing the use item button looking at the bed during the night. At daytime, they can also be used during thunderstorms. Attempting to use a bed at any other time will result in a "You can only sleep at night" message displaying. The exact tick time span during which a bed may be used at night is between 12541 and 23458, inclusive.

In order for the bed to work the player must be able to stand next to the bed at the same level as it, on a type of block that a bed could be placed on. In other words: Obstruction will not occur if there's a solid block (the same restrictions apply as the bed itself) at the 'floor level' with 2 air, or transparent blocks above it, in one of the ten blocks that surround the bed. It doesn't matter if the bed itself has blocks above it.

If all sleeping requirements are met and the player enters a bed, the player will be positioned in the bed, in multiplayer you will be seen above the sheets, and the screen will slowly fade to black. During this time, the player can leave the bed by clicking the Leave Bed button. Once the player has entered the bed, the spawn point is set near the bed.

The animation when falling asleep.

Sleeping only changes the time of day to sunrise; it does not speed up processes which take place over time such as smelting. However, if it were raining or snowing, the weather will end when the player wakes up.

The bed is in no way tied to a player's spawn point - the game only checks for the presence of a bed at a player's spawn point when the respawn button is clicked from the death screen. The bed may be destroyed, replaced, reoriented, etc. and will still serve as a spawn point for players so long as it exists when the player tries to respawn. If a player's bed is destroyed or the bed is surrounded by solid blocks and the player dies when the player had set his spawnpoint there, a message is displayed saying Your home bed was missing or obstructed, and the player will respawn at the original spawn point.

Beds placed in the Nether or the End will explode when the player tries to sleep, and set fire to surrounding blocks.

The player cannot sleep if a hostile mob is within 8 blocks of the bed horizontally (along each axis) and 5 blocks vertically. If a monster is nearby, even through a wall, the message You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby will be displayed and the player will not be able to sleep until the monsters leave or are killed.

The player also cannot sleep while on fire.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

To skip the night, all players in the Overworld must be in bed at the same time.

Players can also chat while in bed, and can leave the bed before the timeskip (thus blocking it for everyone).

Destroying a bed while another player is sleeping would cause the player to wake up, even when it was not caused by a player (for example: an explosion).

If you try to sleep in a bed occupied by another player, you will get the message This bed is occupied.

Data values[edit | edit source]

ID[edit | edit source]

Bed ID Name Numerical ID
Block bed 26
Item bed 355

Block data[edit | edit source]

See also: Data values
Bits Values
0x0 Head facing South
0x1 Head facing West
0x2 Head facing North
0x3 Head facing East
0x4 (bit flag) When 0, the bed is empty
When 1, the bed is occupied
0x8 (bit flag) When 0, the foot of the bed
When 1, the head of the bed

Block state[edit | edit source]

See also: Block states
Name Value Description

The direction the head of the bed is pointing.
The same direction the player faces when placing the bed.

True when a player is using the bed.

The half of the bed in the current block.

Video[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

1.3 Added beds. Sleeping in an area potentially exposed to monsters could cause players to wake up early, with a skeleton or zombie spawned next to them.
1.4 Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position, though does not work for most users. Apparently, at the moment the spawn point unintentionally only changes if Leave Bed is clicked and the function is limited to multiplayer.
1.4_01 Beds now act as a respawn point as intended.
1.6 Trying to sleep in a bed in the nether causes it to explode.
1.7 The bed side texture has been moved in the texture pack file.
Official release
1.0.0 Beds no longer spawn monsters, instead, trying to sleep when monsters are around will display a message saying You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby.
1.2.4 Cats in standing position will now purposely go and sit on beds, preventing players from using them.
1.5 Beds check their biome for detonation rather than just their dimension.
1.7.2 13w37a Block ID 26 (bed) was removed from the /give command.
1.8 14w29a Now displays the cracking animation on top and bottom.
1.9 15w43a A bed generates inside igloos.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.4.0 Added beds.
0.9.0 build 1 Beds no longer restore health in normal difficulty, making food a more reliable survival-needed resource.
Added smooth lighting to beds.
0.11.0 build 8 Improved lighting on beds.
Console Edition
TU1 CU1 1.00 Added beds.
TU12 Cats in standing position will now purposely go and sit on beds, preventing players from using them.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Issues relating to “Bed” are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player falls from high enough to take damage, but uses a bed before they hit the ground, they won't take fall damage.
  • If there is a solid block above a bed, the surface of the bed will become black, much like with slabs.
  • If the world is quit while sleeping, upon return the player will be awake beside the bed.
  • The player's avatar clips just slightly into the bed if they have something in their hand and their feet protrude off the edge.
  • Using the /tp command while another player is sleeping will still teleport the sleeping player.
  • If you place a bed on ice, running over the bed acts like running over ice, similar to slabs.
  • If a player sleeps when a jukebox is playing, the sound's direction will not adjust to the player's change in orientation until they wake up.
  • In Pocket Edition, sleeping in a floating bed will cause you to clip through when you wake.
  • If you sleep when the /gamerule doDaylightCycle is turned off, you will fall asleep, but wake up at night.
  • Originally, crying obsidian was intended to act as a respawn block until Beta 1.3 when Beds were introduced. The texture for it was removed in Beta 1.5.
  • Using all the different wood and wool combinations, there are 884,736 different ways to craft a bed.
  • When placed using the /setblock command, only one half of a bed will be placed, since beds are two blocks wide. A single half can be slept in like a whole bed.

Gallery[edit | edit source]