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World Type is an option for World Generation first introduced in Snapshot 12w01a. It allows the player to create worlds of specific type as provided. It currently offers the types Default, Superflat, Large Biomes, and AMPLIFIED.


[edit] World Types

Type Description Image
Default This is the default type of generation. Various landscapes generate utilizing Biomes. Minecraft 2.jpg
Superflat This type of generation creates a world that is completely flat. It has an altitude of 4, but has no Void Fog. The first layer is composed of Bedrock, with two layers of Dirt on top of it, and topped off with a layer of Grass. Mobs spawn normally, with a large amount of them being Slimes. This world type is primarily used for Creative Mode, but can be played on Survival as trees have been added. Generate Structures allows Villages to generate, which can provide resources for Survival Mode. It is based on the flat map type of the Indev version. As of 12w37a, custom Superflat worlds can be created, and as of 12w40a, Superflat customization allows you to spawn trees, strongholds, etc. Also, blocks like pumpkins and ores can spawn in Superflat worlds. Sometimes in 1.5.2, a glitch adds in pits to the bedrock in tunneler's dream. Flatland.png
Large Biomes Generates a default world type, but with each geographic feature taking up 4 times as many blocks per axis, which results in larger biomes (16 times as much area). Villages, Desert Temples and Jungle Temples are all more likely to spawn in large biome generations, as the space available in flat biomes is greater. Large Biome.png
AMPLIFIED An 'amplified' version of the default level type. This level type generates tall mountain-like terrain (sometimes producing skyland-like terrain) which should only be used on 'beefy' computers. Amplified Biome.png

[edit] Pocket Edition Exclusive

Type Description Image
Legacy The current Pocket Edition World Generation. Legacy.jpg
Medium (upcoming) A new world size to be added in Pocket Edition 0.9.0. no image available
Large (upcoming) Another world size to be added in Pocket Edition 0.9.0. no image available.
Infinite (upcoming) Another world size to be added in Pocket Edition 0.9.0. When selected, a warning will show. no image available.

[edit] History

Official release
1.1 12w01a Added World Type options, currently Default and Superflat.
1.3.1 12w19a New world type 'Large biomes' is added.
1.4.2 12w37a Added ability to customize super flat world.
1.7 13w36a New world type 'AMPLIFIED' is added.
Console Edition
TU5 Added Superflat world type. The Nether is also flat in this world type.
Upcoming Pocket Edition
0.9.0 Added superflat world type.
Added Medium, Large, and Infinite world types.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Default

  • This was the only available world type until the release of Minecraft 1.1, adding Superflat worlds.
  • The first World Type.

[edit] Superflat

  • In Superflat World type, the Void appears sky color from above Y coordinate 0. However, when viewed from below this coordinate, the Void appears its normal black color.
  • Slimes are very common on Superflat worlds, as the ground level is only 4 blocks above the bottom and slimes spawn from layers 40 to the bottom.
  • Villages spawn rates are somewhat increased when using this world type.
  • In Superflat the Nether and the End generate normally.

[edit] Large Biomes

  • The world is generated like normal, only biomes are 4 times bigger linearly (16 times by area).
  • When comparing a normal and Large Biomes worlds with the same seeds using a map, the Large Biomes world looks like a zoomed in version of the Normal world.
  • Rivers are not larger than they are in Default.

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