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Wood.pngSpruce Wood.pngBirch Wood.pngJungle Wood.pngAcacia Wood.pngDark Oak Wood.png
Oak WoodSpruce WoodBirch WoodJungle WoodAcacia WoodDark Oak Wood

Solid Block









Blast resistance



This block can be broken with any tool, but a axe is the quickest




Yes (64), same type only





First appearances
Classic 0.0.14a
Spruce and Birch
Beta 1.2
Acacia and Dark Oak

Smelted: 0.15



Data values
Oak, Spruce, Birch and Jungle
dec: 17 hex: 11 bin: 10001
Acacia and Dark Oak
dec: 162 hex: A2 bin: 10100010
Oak, Spruce, Birch and Jungle
Acacia and Dark Oak

Wood is a naturally occurring block fundamental to the crafting of many blocks and tools in the game. They have a skin resembling bark on the four side faces, and a crosscut face on top and bottom. Wood is greatly abundant in naturally-generated maps, as it is used as the foundation for trees. Wood is also flammable.

There are currently six varieties of wood. The first is Oak, which is the "classic" texture of brown, the second is Birch, which is white and has dark spots over it; the third type, Spruce, resembles Oak but is darker in color; the fourth type, Jungle, resembles Oak wood with bark aligned horizontally and has a green tint. Type number five is Acacia, which has grey on the outside, orange on the inside, and finally, log number six: Dark Oak, which is a darker version of the oak log.

Wood from different types of trees will produce different colors of wood planks when crafted and will not stack in the inventory. Both types of Oak and acacia trees have the same texture, birch trees have slightly duller colored leaves than regular trees, pine trees have pine needles, and jungle leaves are leafy with fruit-like shapes.


[edit] Obtaining

Wood can be broken by hand, but using an axe will speed up the process, although axes don't last forever. An enchanted diamond axe is handy to carry around with you all the time, while the humble, clean and renewable stone axes are more useful for mass deforestation.

[edit] Naturally generated

Wood blocks of all six types generate naturally as part of trees, even above layer 128. The types of trees generated depend on the biome:

  • Oak trees generate in forests, swamps, jungles, and extreme hills. Large oaks can generate in any of those biomes. Oak wood also appears in Bonus Chest
  • Spruce trees generate in regular taigas, mega taigas, snowy taigas, ice plains, and extreme hills. Giant spruce trees with 2×2 thickness can occur in mega taigas.
  • Birch trees generate in forests and birch forests.
  • Jungle trees are exclusive to jungles. Much taller jungle trees with 2×2 thickness can occur in addition to the normal 1×1.
  • Acacia trees are exclusive to savannas, and their trunks are often diagonal, unlike others. These trees are also found in bonus chests.
  • Dark Oak trees are exclusive to roofed forests. Dark oak trees occur only in 2×2 dimensions, but are similar in height to 1×1 trees. They have vertical branches, exclusive to that tree. Using bonemeal on a lone dark oak sapling will just waste the bonemeal, making an effective bone meal "trash can".

Besides forming trees, oak wood blocks can also be found in plains villages where they form the edges of farms and are also used in the corners and roofs of a few small huts. Spruce wood can be found in swamp huts.

[edit] From saplings

If there is enough space and light, a sapling will grow into a tree after a certain time, or, if bonemealed, almost instantly. This, combined with the fact that saplings have a chance to drop from destroyed leaves, makes wood a renewable resource. Saplings will even grow in the Nether or the End.

Extra tall 2×2 spruce and jungle trees, as well as normal-sized dark oak trees, may be grown by arranging four saplings in a 2×2 square. Note that dark oak trees require growth from 2×2 saplings; single saplings will not grow into trees.

[edit] Usage

Wood blocks are often crafted into planks for building or further crafting. In addition, wood can be smelted in a furnace to make charcoal as a substitute for coal.

[edit] As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Any Wood Planks

Any Wood

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Oak Wood Planks4Spruce Wood Planks4Birch Wood Planks4Jungle Wood Planks4Acacia Wood Planks4Dark Oak Wood Planks4

Oak WoodSpruce WoodBirch WoodJungle WoodAcacia WoodDark Oak Wood

Grid layout Shapeless.png

[edit] Further crafting

The following table presents the amount of wood needed to produce an even multiple of a given item with no waste left over, and the quantity produced:

Product Number of wood
blocks needed

5 4 80%

3 16 533.33%

1 4 400%

0 crafted, 1 cooked[note 1] 1 100%

2 1 50%

Crafting Table
1 1 100%

3 2 (6 in 1.8) 66.67%

3 8 266.67%

Fence Gate
1 1 100%

7 24 342.86%

Wood Planks
1 4 400%

13 24 184.62%

1 8 800%

1 crafted, 8 cooked[note 1] 32 355.56%

Wooden Trapdoor
3 4 133.33%

Wooden Axe
2[note 2] 2 100%

Wooden Hoe
3 4 133.33%

Wooden Pickaxe
2[note 2] 2 100%

Wooden Pressure Plate
1 2 200%

Wooden Shovel
1 2 200%

Wooden Slab
3 24 800%

Wooden Stairs
3 8 266.67%

Wooden Sword
5 8 160%
  1. a b
    Requires the burning of wood into charcoal in a
    . Thus, you will need 8 cobblestone and burning material. The cobblestone and fuel are ignored for the purpose of this conversion.
  2. a b
    Because one plank cannot be crafted into two sticks, this crafting recipe requires two wood for two units.

[edit] As a smelting ingredient

Name Ingredients Smelting recipe


Any Wood +
Any fuel

Oak WoodSpruce WoodBirch WoodJungle WoodAcacia WoodDark Oak Wood Grid layout Furnace Progress.png Charcoal
Grid layout Fire.png
CoalCharcoalOak WoodOak Wood Planks

[edit] As a fuel

Wood "logs" can be used as a fuel in furnaces, smelting 1.5 items per block. However, it is far more efficient to craft one of the wood blocks into wood planks: Each of the 4 planks will burn as long as the log would have, for a total of 6 items. The planks can then be used to smelt up to 6 logs into charcoal. Charcoal is an even more efficient fuel (8 items per former log), and can be used to smelt as many more logs as desired.

[edit] Data values

The data value for wood blocks consists of two facing bits (high-order) and two wood type bits (low-order).

Data value Description
Dec Hex Bin

0 0 0 Oak wood facing up/down

1 1 1 Spruce wood facing up/down

2 2 10 Birch wood facing up/down

3 3 11 Jungle wood facing up/down

4 4 100 Oak wood facing East/West

5 5 101 Spruce wood facing East/West

6 6 110 Birch wood facing East/West

7 7 111 Jungle wood facing East/West

8 8 1000 Oak wood facing North/South

9 9 1001 Spruce wood facing North/South

10 A 1010 Birch wood facing North/South

11 B 1011 Jungle wood facing North/South

12 C 1100 Oak wood with only bark

13 D 1101 Spruce wood with only bark

14 E 1110 Birch wood with only bark

15 F 1111 Jungle wood with only bark
Data value Description
Dec Hex Bin

0 0 0 Acacia wood facing up/down

1 1 1 Dark Oak wood facing up/down

2 2 10 Acacia wood facing up/down (placeholder)

3 3 11 Dark Oak wood facing up/down (placeholder)

4 4 100 Acacia wood facing East/West

5 5 101 Dark Oak wood facing East/West

6 6 110 Acacia wood facing East/West (placeholder)

7 7 111 Dark Oak wood facing East/West (placeholder)

8 8 1000 Acacia wood facing North/South

9 9 1001 Dark Oak wood facing North/South

10 A 1010 Acacia wood facing North/South (placeholder)

11 B 1011 Dark Oak wood facing North/South (placeholder)

12 C 1100 Acacia wood with only bark

13 D 1101 Dark Oak wood with only bark

14 E 1110 Acacia wood with only bark (placeholder)

15 F 1111 Dark Oak wood with only bark (placeholder)

Note that when a wood block is placed, it changes its facing bits, placing in the direction relative to the block it is placed on.

[edit] In Playstation 3 Edition

In the PS3 edition, wood blocks with data values of sideways or only bark wood only appear this way on the hand or inventory, and when placed look completely different. Since they are solid blocks and some use transparent block data, they can effectively make an X-ray machine. Due to the addition of real sideways logs in TU14, these blocks no longer do this.

There is a block that is inner oak wood in all 6 sides. (Equivalent: East/west oak)

There are wood blocks that face north/south when placed, but have grey oak, birch or pine leaves as bark. (Equivalent: Pine: north/south birch, oak/birch: east/west jungle/birch)

There is a log that also faces sideways and has leaf bark, but applies an X-ray effect. (Equivalent: east/west pine)

There is a "grey jungle leaves" block that has the blank jungle leaf texture on all 6 sides. The gold colour stands out brilliantly. (Equivalent: Oak bark only block)

There is a stripy block that resembles a block of iron. (Equivalent: pine bark only)

There are two blocks that have wheat crops on all six sides. One is grown slightly more than the other. These add an x-ray effect. (Short crop: birch bark only, longer: jungle bark only)

[edit] Achievements

Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different) Version restriction Gamerscore Trophy type
Grid Oak Wood.png
Getting Wood Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out Taking Inventory Pick up Wood from the ground. None 10G Bronze

[edit] Video

[edit] History

0.0.14a Called log when first introduced, oak wood was one of the first blocks in Minecraft.
0.0.15a Very small texture change.
0.0.24 Breaking log now drops 3-5 wood blocks.
February 23, 2010 Breaking log gives the block instead of planks.
1.2.0 Wood would now only be destroyed by fire if it had several sides simultaneously burning. If only one side was burning, the fire and wood block would last forever. This was a bug but made for nice fireplaces. Netherrack can also be used this way, as it burns forever.
1.2 Added birch and spruce wood
1.4 Wood and wood planks will now burn and be destroyed if any one of the sides are lit on fire. This can happen in 1.6.6 again but may not happen to all wood.
1.5 With the addition of birch and spruce saplings, their respective wood types become renewable resources.
Added "Getting Wood" achievement for chopping then pick up wood.
Official release
1.2.1 12w03a Added jungle wood.
1.2.4 Different types of wood now produce different colors of planks when crafted.
1.3.1 12w30d All types of blocks of wood are now rotatable, with the wood placed with the inner side facing the player (similarly to pistons).
1.4.2 12w38a Wood blocks now have new sounds when being placed, walked on, and mined.
Orientation of placed wood blocks is now determined by which face of another block they are placed against, similarly to levers.
1.6.1 13w24a As a feature of resource packs, each log has its own top, meaning that log tops can now be colored separately.
1.7.1 13w43a Added two new types of wood: Acacia and Dark Oak.
1.7pre Gave the texture of wood tops its own unique texture for each type of wood.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.1.0 Wood was added.
0.3.0 Wood can now be collected.
0.8.0 Jungle wood was added to the creative menu.
Rotated wood added.
Console Edition
TU1 Added wood.

[edit] Issues

Issues relating to "Wood" are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

[edit] Trivia

  • In real life, the number of rings on the inside of a tree counts the age of the tree. If one counts the rings of a wood block, the sum is four years.
  • Some oak trees and birch trees have the same structure: 5 or 6 wood blocks and a pattern of leaves that stays the same for both regular oak and regular birch trees. However there exist exceptions: birch trees can be grown with 7 wood, and oaks with 4. (It is possible for naturally generated birches to have 4 or more than 7 wood, however saplings won't get you anywhere)
  • Birch is the only wood with a unique texture. All of the rest are variations of Oak, but recolored (and rotated in the case of Jungle)
  • Although wood is usually considered renewable, there is the chance for a tree grown from a sapling to drop 0 saplings, so if you begin with a set number of trees, it is potentially possible that all of them and their planted saplings will drop 0 saplings, depleting the resource; in practice, this is almost impossible because the probability of a tree dropping 0 saplings is astronomically low but still possible.
  • When a world that has a jungle biome in it is opened in 1.1 instead of 1.2.1 or further, the wood and leaf types will be changed into oak wood and leaves. This is merely a graphical effect, as the logs will still retain their data values and forward compatibility.
    • If one does the same with Dark Oak or Acacia logs, the wood and leaves will simply disappear, and will not be restored.
  • If by /give one gets a sideways log or bark block into their inventory, the bark on the sides will be rotated upright, the block will not be craftable into planks, they will be named Oak Wood (for oak, birch, pine and jungle) or acacia wood (for acacia and dark oak) and when placed will work like the normal block. This includes the acacia and dark oak logs with data values 2 and 3.
  • Dark Oak and Acacia logs share a new block ID separate from the old logs. This will allow for future tree types to continue to be implemented.

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