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Hello, and welcome to my userpage!

Last update: October 4, 2013
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Health points

20 (Heart.svg × 10)

Attack strength

Fist: 73 (Heart.svg × 36.5)


The Overworld

First appearance


Network ID


Savegame ID



Whatever I am holding at the time

Rare drops

Loads of experience
A Diamond Axe


[edit] Userboxes

Numbermaniac prefers Google Chrome.
Minecraft Creative.png
Numbermaniac likes to play on Creative Mode.
Grass.png This user is also on the Minecraft Forums.
This user likes to play on Peaceful.
This user prefers Diamond Armor over all other types of Armor.
Apple iOS.svg
Numbermaniac prefers iOS.
XP Level75 Orb Animation.gif
This player has at most reached 75 experience levels or more.
Mac OS X.svg
Numbermaniac prefers Mac OS X.
This user is a Minecrafter.
8-bit user icon.png
This user's account in Minecraft is NumberManiac.
This user is also on Wikipedia.
This user is too lazy to change his skin from the default.
3203 This user has made over 3203 edits to this wiki.
Numbermaniac prefers Minecraft Computer Edition
This user tested 43% positive for Minecraft addiction.

[edit] About me

Hello, I'm Numbermaniac! But you can just call me Number. But not Maniac :(.

I really enjoy building structures and "roads" in Minecraft, and it is the only game I actually play on the computer. I've only been on this wiki for three months, literally.

If I do something wrong, feel free to contact me on my talk page.

My editing experience came from Wikipedia (To go to my user page there, click "Wikipedia" in the user box above.)

I have never created an article, primarily because most of the articles have already been created. I mainly fix grammar and punctuation mistakes, and sometimes add bits of information to a page.

I usually watch the Recent Changes log actively, to make sure there is no vandalism.

[edit] Wikipedia

On Wikipedia, I am an active fighter of vandalism, using Huggle and STiki to undo vandals and report them to the WP:AIV. I used to be a lot less active there, but with the aforementioned tools, I am now actively undoing vandalism! :D!

[edit] Servers I play on

Both of these servers have the same or similar server addresses to their web addresses. The link given is for their site address.

  • Overcast Network - Recently split into two servers. The main and original server is, and there is now for people living in Europe or Australia. But anyone can join either server, the different servers are supposed to have less lag for their specified regions.
    • Compatible with both 1.6.2 and 1.6.4.
    • My profile is here!

[edit] Images I uploaded to this wiki

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[edit] Current tasks

Task Progress
Archive Wolf talk
 Talk:Wolf/Archive 1
Archive Piston talk
 Prerequisite done, now I just have to be bothered to do it.
Archive Talk:Enderman
 Talk:Enderman/Archive 2

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