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Last update: March 7, 2016
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Userboxes[edit | edit source]

Numbermaniac prefers Google Chrome.
Minecraft Creative.png
Numbermaniac likes to play on Creative Mode.
Grass.png This user is also on the Minecraft Forums.
This user likes to play on Peaceful.
This user prefers Diamond Armor over all other types of Armor.
8-bit user icon.png
This user's account in Minecraft is _NumberCandy_.
This user is also on Wikipedia.
3399 This user has made over 3399 edits to this wiki.
Numbermaniac prefers Minecraft Computer Edition
This user tested 43% positive for Minecraft addiction.

About me[edit | edit source]

I...really don't edit much here anymore...

Images I uploaded to this wiki[edit | edit source]

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User Pages

Numbermaniac Numbermaniac/Template:CollapseBox Numbermaniac/Template:CollapseBox/doc
Numbermaniac/common.css Numbermaniac/common.js Numbermaniac/edit count
Numbermaniac/edit count/date Numbermaniac/edit count/total Numbermaniac/editcounter.js
Numbermaniac/goToTop.js Numbermaniac/morebits.css Numbermaniac/morebits.js
Numbermaniac/newsection Numbermaniac/pagelist Numbermaniac/pagesizestuff
Numbermaniac/sandbox Numbermaniac/sandbox/1 Numbermaniac/sig
Numbermaniac/sig/current Numbermaniac/talkbox Numbermaniac/talkbox/doc
Numbermaniac/twinkle.js Numbermaniac/twinklespeedy.js Numbermaniac/twinklewarn.js
Numbermaniac/userboxes Numbermaniac/userboxes/2.0 Numbermaniac/userboxes/anti2.0
Numbermaniac/userboxes/mcf Numbermaniac/warnings Numbermaniac/warnings/unreferenced

Talk Pages

Numbermaniac Numbermaniac/Archive 1 Numbermaniac/Archive 1/Hello!
Numbermaniac/Archive 2 Numbermaniac/Archive 3 Numbermaniac/Archive 4
Numbermaniac/notices Numbermaniac/pagesizestuff Numbermaniac/talkbox

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