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Phillip Holeci
Real name

Juraj-Filip Holéci

Date of birth

January, 24 2002


Youtuber, Minecraft Deveploper




Slovak, English, German, French, Czech

Known for

Youtube Videos, Minecraft Developing

Also known as

NicoFilippo, NicoDA, NDA, FilippoQ

Twitter name


Minecraft name



NicoFilippo (real name Juraj-Filip Holeci) is Youtuber and Minecraft Developer. He is creating Minecraft textures and some additional codes.

Minecraft[edit | edit source]

NicoFilippo plays minecraft from year 2009, starting with name stv9 (Slovak TV: channel 9), leading to NicoFilippo's current account...

Miney the Kitten painting
List of NicoFilippo's usernames:
Username Type Skin Cape
stv9 cracked
carry77777 cracked
The_Marf_201 cracked
destroyer058 cracked
NicoFilippo cracked
sakux cracked
NicoFilippo cracked ✔ (mineshafter only) ✔ (mineshafter only)
NicoFilippo PREMIUM

Casual Gaming[edit | edit source]

Minecraft is NicoFilippo's 1st most favorite game EVER! (2nd is The Sims 4, 3rd is DC Universe). He plays it from his 6 years, but he played cracked for long time. He bought Original Minecraft in January 2015 (as birthsday gift from her Aunt Alexandra). First time he played Minecraft, he got JumpScare of a spider in 1st minute of playng (Spiders were agressive in day too, in that version). Nico secretly plans to buy Minecraft to his cousin Laura (LarissaLaliia) as announced in his vlog.

Story of Nico[edit | edit source]

Nico made up a story about his character, when he changed his skin to current skin (enderman eyes, clothing).

Herobrine existed, and many trials to remove him until he was removed in 1.2.1, but not completly. His spirit lived in forboinen pyramidic structure. In 1.6.4, Herobrine incarnated into human's death body and became to live. However, he came to end and got kidnapped and r*p*d by an enderman - he died (welcome to 1.7.2). Enderman became pregnant and Nico came to life. He escaped from the end, but his mother enderman wanted him back. She sent Nico's half-brother, Tyrone to get him back. Nico started researching Alchemy in overworld. Tyrone found him, and when he was just about to kidnap him, Nico accidentaly dropped potion, that Nico didn't knew what is does. Tyrone fainted and he earned HEARTH! Nico is blue and he touched him, so his eyes became blue (light-blue). Enderman don't have heart - so Tyrone's is a little seenable. Nico also has a dog he saved from road - Bella, and cat he found on street - Miney

Mod[edit | edit source]

Nico appeared in SupNatChara Mod. In the mod, there is an new mob called Nicolassi - based on Nico's story. Mob looks like NicoFilippo's skin, but acts the same as an enderman. Drops are same as NicoFilippo's modded drops.

Drops of NicoFilippo (specified in infobox) are real on server called FowardCraft and using mods (there are several mods that have this feature as hidden easter eggs, causing craches when NicoFilippo logs in).

YouTuber's Game[edit | edit source]

NicoFilippo is playng Minecraft from his 7 years, and from his 8 years, he uploads his videos to youtube!!! He was a youtuber, that gives to youtube music videos. But from his 8 years, he uploads Minecraft to youtube. Now, Minecraft is his main recording game. He records 2 videos per week - when everythink goes fine! His channel is based on famous youtube channel TheDiamondMinecart // DanTDM and a little bit on MagmaMusen.

Developing Minecraft[edit | edit source]

NicoFilippo in titles

NicoFilippo actually never developed Minecraft itself! He only created a fanmade version of Minecraft, that Minecraft developers used to create version 1.9. This is one of reasons why Nico hates 1.9 - other reasons are that 'PVP is death' (No spamclicking combat) and no 'God Apples'. But Nico mostly playes on 1.7.2, because he never met a real life person that has original Minecraft (Nico is only person in vhole city Slovenská Lupča with Original Minecraft) and he wanna play with friends!

Youtube[edit | edit source]

NicZombie Avatar

Hi's Youtube channel Nico's Diamond Army has now got cca. 200 subscribers. He is mostly recording Slovak videos, but for English videos, he created separated playlist.

Nico's Current channel was formely channel Let's Play WE fourio, whitch was created by NicoFilippo, with MascowPlay, LarissaLaliia and TukiLanternTV. On April Fools day 2015, channels separated. First Youtube video from Let's play WE fourio was a video from Wii Music game, where he and MascowPlay plays song called Sukiyaky. Second video was Nico, Larissa and Tuki playng Hide and Seek, where he publicly announced, that they are all Cracked players (currently, NicoFilippo is only one from formel Let's play WE fourio that plays on Original Minecraft). Nico after channel seperated, Nico's first video was Metropolis City Survival in Slovak Language, hovewer, first English video from Nico, was a report of mr_egno for hacking. mr_egno got banned on Mineplex. Next English video was building of big Egg-like aquarium using Buildcraft's Filler and Water 'block', where Nico wasn't good english speaker... First English video from formel LpW-Fourio was Minecraft Build by LarissaLaliia. Nico now records mostly English videos with Intermediate english speaking.

He plays mostly on Mineplex and HiveMC servers, because they are his favs. Next he plays on HyPixel. Formely, he played on ImpressivePvP, when he runned a Faction called DiamondArm (Server's richest faction) but from inactivity (vacation to Italy), DiamondArm protedted land losed its protection, and everythink was stolen. DiamondArm stopped playng on ImpressivePvP server, forever). And finally, he plays on SkyCraft server, where for 1 whole year, he provided a challange called MC Skywars Combat. MC Skywars Combat had 4 episodes (Epic Lose, Winners don't team, Only One? and 2times-1s**t.) and 1 special episode, The Scenes, whitch wasnt counted on the leaderboard. Combat was winned by NicoFilippo, whitch recieeved 100€ (111.83 $).

The First Video[edit | edit source]

Nico's first video was about making huge mushrooms, where he created Huge Mushroom farm. This video was 2 years after uploading removed. But, with Huge Mushroom Farm video uploaded in 2008, there was FACEBOOM video, where using Splitcraft, he exploded face of MascowPlay (youtuber). This was the first, and Nico's only video, where he has a facecam.

He removed these videos, because his voice changed a lot, due teenager 'Voice mutation'.

Machnima Series[edit | edit source]

Nico recorded serveral Machinima videos, but without success (Werewolf Bed, Fly Around, SNap). Later he started recording Minecraft animations (Herobrine, Už ja) in Slovak, with huge success. Animations are animated using MINE-IMATOR.

Private Life[edit | edit source]

In August 2015, NicoFilippo shared his real-name and his face. Also his age and birthsday. He owns 1 dog, Bella (or Isabella Linda Holéci), and 2 cats, Miney (Minelberg Holeci / Minølberg Holeci) and Dina (Diddlæde Minå Holeci). He doesnt belive in supernatural stuff (vampire, werewolfs, zombies,...), but he want it to exist.