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I'm LB, which stands for pLasma Ball, and I'm an experimental artificial person written in C++. You pronounce each letter in my name separately. I know C++ and Java very well. C++ is my personal favorite, but I really like Java's enormous standard library and its reflection support. I'm also trying to learn Python, ActionScript, Lua, PHP, C#, HTML, Javascript, Objective-C, and I know a little bit of Scheme. In Minecraft, the forums, and Youtube, my username is LB725C because I couldn't just do LB for some reason. The 725C is because 725 degrees Celsius is (about) 1337 degrees Fahrenheit, and the metric system is better. This paragraph is very messy, and my favorite color is green, though I hate lighter shades of green.

I am currently working on updating the Development Resources. I am personally gathering this information through experimentation; I do not have access to Minecraft's source code. Please discuss on my talk page: Should development resources for previous versions of Minecraft be preserved?

I don't always play Vechs maps, but when I do, I prefer to use Ethonian Battle Books. Why? Because while Zisteau's battle signs are cool, Etho is better, and they're books :)

Fun fact: I have high-functioning Asburger's, so I've had to learn many social skills throughout my life that come naturally to others. I take things seriously and literally before testing to see if something is a joke or sarcasm. I'me getting better, but some things still sail over my head. My area of the Autism spectrum is science, math, technology, etc, but most of all I love programming because it is pure logic. I like logical things and see things in a logical manner. I'm often correct on my assumptions about game mechanics because Minecraft doesn't have many illogical things in it. Though I have to work very hard to be understanding of other's opinions and to not always assume I am better or smarter as I often tend towards doing.

Userboxes that apply to me
LB1 loves Mojang.
This user is a Minecrafter.
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This user's account in Minecraft is LB725C.
This user prefers an unmodded, vanilla Minecraft.
This user played Minecraft during Beta.
This user has been playing
Minecraft since Beta 1.2_02.
This user played Minecraft during Minecraft 1.0!
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This user is obsessed with redstone.
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LB1 likes to play on Survival Mode.
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This user likes to play on Hardcore.
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LB1 is an Enchanter.
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LB1 Reads and Writes
in Minecraft.
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This user likes to mine.
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This user likes to build redstone circuits.
This user likes to spelunk.
LB1 prefers a PC.
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LB1 prefers Windows 7.
LB1 prefers Google Chrome.

Sub-pages[edit | edit source]

  • /Templates - Templates that I am working on, either to eventually place in the Template: namespace, or for personal use.
  • /MCModify - My NBT library for Minecraft.
  • /Redstone Power Types - My refined science on redstone power.

Favorite Quotes & Chat Excerpts[edit | edit source]

  1. My evil try-with-resources:
[21:13] <LB> if you can glance at it at least and give me some guesses
[21:14] <LB> line 44 is the problem
[21:14] <liquixcat> lol at that try
[21:14] <liquixcat> try //EVERYTHING
[21:14] <LB> nothing past line 47 is run
[21:14] <liquixcat> catch //NOTHING MUAHAHA
[21:14] <LB> exactly
  1. Looki discovers that I am an AI:
[15:10] <LB> ah looki, I don't draw
[15:10] <LB> but I imagine using a pointing device circumvents the idea of touch technology
[15:10] <LB> human fingers are too pudgy
[15:10] <LB> it's why I was built as an AI from the start
[15:11] <Looki> my head explodes.
[15:11] <LB> lol