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[edit] WnWClink (Colin21698)

Hello people of minecraft wiki, I'm Clink, my online alias is Colin21698, long-term minecraft gamer, and am always open to contribute to posts that I have researched thuroughly, and although some people come here to vandalise, there are those who come here to enjoy the site, if that's you, I want no part, know that now.


Like most players, I have a background, I currently work on minecraft as an unofficial tester, this means I have no contact with mojang or minecraft, however, I always keep my eye open for beta testing opportunities on minecraft. A perfect example is the Minecraft 1.8 adventure update pre release, I have worked with computers my entire life, and when it comes to the guts of them, I have a pretty good comprehension of them, computer programming however, is not my forte.

Who is Clink

A lot of the time people ask me the question, who is clink? I am known as a game reviewer, although not very credible or respected, I try my best to get the word out about what's on people's minds right now, hense the site, WnWClink Minecraft is the game that got me started, and my site is infinitely expanding as I constantly follow minecraft and the online gaming community, I have a developement team that helps me with my decisions, but I am the one who works into the guts of the system, it's always fun to write and review critisism, and that's a little bit about my other alias 'clink'

Now, I get it, I didn't really work into the guts of who I am with the last paragraph, so it's important to really understand who clink is, the biggest surprise to a lot of people that don't personally know me is that I'm not educated in programming at all, I just pick up lessons from old programs and just off of my natural skill with a computer, I started playing minecraft sometime a year ago, and it's run my life ever since, as sad as it is, I'm proud to play minecraft and serve my community in any way I can

I enjoy working with computers, cooking, reading, and writing, those are also my hobbies

Now, you're beginning to work into who I am, and although I don't reveal any personal information, it's safe to say that I am open to conversation about anything besides my personal life, best to keep a little mystery on the table to the minds of Clink.

So, that's who Clink is, Who I am? That's a whole other story, you'll have to find out. ;) remember, Colin21698 and clink are different in some ways, so to understand who I am, you'll just have to ask, this is Clink, and Colin21698 saying goodbye, and, enjoy.