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This page contains content about features that were planned for the game, but are not being added right now.
These features do not exist in vanilla Minecraft.

Since the beginning of Minecraft's development, there have been a number of features that were proposed by Notch or other Mojang AB developers that were ultimately unimplemented.

Note that this page only documents features that were planned at one time but have since been cancelled or fallen into limbo; features that are currently definitively planned for inclusion instead should be listed on Upcoming features.

Partially implemented/Unused[edit]

Several planned features made it as far as being partially implemented (e.g. by having images created and added to the sprite sheets, or behavior code added to the game), or even fully functioning in-game, before being dropped.

Generated Structures[edit]

Brick pyramid[edit]

A brick pyramid spawned on a small island in the middle of the ocean.

For a brief time, brick pyramids were large structures that generated far away from the spawn point. These pyramids were completely solid; they had no interior rooms. A strange quality about these pyramids is that if one dug under it, a layer of dirt and stone extended under the pyramid. This suggests it spawned right on top of the terrain instead of being a complete pyramid with the bottom underground (such as desert temples). Pyramids were removed in later versions of Infdev.

Obsidian wall[edit]

The obsidian walls in Infdev

Obsidian walls were used in Infdev to mark the positions of the cardinal directions. This created two intersecting planes extending just above the surface of the solid material that surrounds them. This has long since been removed.



Lanterns were originally planned to be used as permanent light sources (and torches to be made temporary), but lanterns were officially denied by Notch at MineCon 2011. Instead, other types of lighting would be added; such as Redstone lamps and glowstone.[1] But this has partly been added with the additions of Sea Lanterns and Jack o Lanterns.

Crying Obsidian[edit]

Crying Obsidian was a planned feature for setting a new spawn point. This has been replaced with beds, as sleeping in one will set your spawn point beside it.

Crying Obsidian.png


Gears were supposed to be added in Indev but never were, though (when hacked into the inventory) they did nothing when placed on a block, however, there would be an "invisible" block that would be able to be stood upon. They were later renamed to "Cog". They were effectively removed from the game when Redstone took its data value and its sprite was removed from the game.


Studded armor[edit]

Studded armor existed as a series of sprites in the Indev 0.31 items.png file, between leather and chainmail armor, and in place of gold/diamond armor.



On May 21, 2012, Jeb released a screenshot of himself testing the trading system. At this time, what would become emerald ore in 1.3.1 was ruby ore. The previous ruby texture remains in the ruby.png file. It is unknown if the texture will ever be used. Dinnerbone stated in a forum post[2] that they went with emeralds instead of rubies at the last minute because he is color-blind and he had a hard time spotting the difference between ruby ore and redstone ore.


Unused potions[edit]

The unused potions can be seen in the inventory GUI files but some effects are not present. However, in 1.4.2 the custom potions feature was introduced. It is the only way to access the unused potion effects.

  • Health Boost (Gives you extra hearts that are red; Replaced with Absorption, with yellow extra hearts)~
  • Stinky (No Effect)-
  • Acrid (No Effect)-
  • Harsh (No Effect)-
  • Rank (No Effect)-
  • Odorless (No Effect)-
  • Foul (No Effect)-
  • Potent (No Effect)-
  • Sparkling (No Effect)-
  • Cordial (No Effect)-
  • Refined (No Effect)-
  • Dashing (No Effect)-
  • Charming (No Effect)-
  • Fancy (No Effect)-
  • Elegant (No Effect)-
  • Gross (No Effect)-
  • Debonair (No Effect)-
  • Suave (No Effect)-
  • Smooth (No Effect)-
  • Buttered (No Effect)-
  • Bungling (No Effect)-
  • Bulky (No Effect)-
  • Flat (No Effect)-
  • Thin (No Effect)-
  • Artless (No Effect)-
  • Diffuse (No Effect)-
  • Milky (No Effect)-
  • Clear (No Effect)-
  • Bland (No Effect)-
  • Uninteresting (No Effect)-

These potion effects with a ~ after them can be obtained through the custom potion feature along with the /effect command.

These potion effects with a - after them can only be obtained using the /give [player] potion 1 [16-thousand #] command

A more detailed list can be found at Potions.

Horse saddle[edit]

See also: Saddle#Horse Saddle
The horse saddle icon used in the inventory.

Horse saddles were items that were added along with horses that worked just like regular saddles, but for horses instead of pigs. The horse saddle was craftable during the time.

Crafting recipe:

LeatherIron IngotLeather
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot

Horse saddle items were later removed from the game, and normal saddles are now used for both pigs and horses.



Originally, fish were planned to be implemented in the Halloween Update, but, since Notch had limited time, he was only able to add fish as an item. Jon Kagstrom has stated he would like to add fish.[3] This has been partially added in 1.7.2 with the addition of salmon, pufferfish, and clownfish, and the fish particle effect when catching a fish.


Pigmen, not to be confused with the implemented mob Zombie Pigmen, are Mobs with the same shape as the player but the skin of a pig. Notch mentioned that he might add them as villagers (which didn't happen, in place of villagers). The skin was created by a Minecraft user named Miclee.[4]



Cameras were entities that were able to be found in Pocket Edition's files. It had bugs when placed or used, such as having an incorrect texture which was that of a music disc, obscuring pictures with smoke particles, taking the picture in back view mode and disappearing upon being placed. Johan announced at Minecon 2012 that the camera may be added in the future, possibly with an easier way to take pictures and share them with other players.[5] It was removed as of version 0.9.0. However, it has been hinted that it could return in the future.[6]


Handheld Camera[edit]

In the Pocket Edition texture file, next to the original camera texture, is a texture for what appears to be a handheld camera.

Camera old.png


Sky Dimension[edit]

A plain sky dimension.

The Sky Dimension or Skylands was a planned dimension, intended to be added in Beta 1.8 or Minecraft 1.0. It could be accessed using hacks or mods but portals to the Sky Dimension were never implemented. The idea was ultimately scrapped[citation needed] and its code was reused to make the End.

Audio loops[edit]

Loops were unused sounds, found in the game files, and were possibly meant for when the player is in a specific type of location (i.e., in caves, woods, the ocean and beside a waterfall).

They were found in .minecraft/resources/sound/loops/, and could be converted to reveal four loops, of birds chirping, cave chimes, ocean and waterfall noises.

Loop Track
Birds Screaming Loop
Cave Chimes


Calm4.ogg was a music file (alongside the other tracks) that was beta-tested and created by Notch himself.

It consists of an up-beat, battle-like tune. A part of the song has Notch saying "Mojang Specifications" in a slowed-down voice.

The track was released around Alpha 1.1.1 (Seecret Saturday 10), but it is unknown when and why it was omitted from the downloaded game files. As such, players who had the game while the song was still in it will continue to hear it being played, as the game will play any song in the .minecraft/resources/music folder.


Play Tutorial Level button[edit]

An unclickable Play Tutorial Level button was added during Indev. It could be found on the main screen. It was finally removed during the transition from Alpha to Beta stage, but no such tutorial level existed between Indev and Beta.

The tutorial level was finally added in the console versions of Minecraft.

Dropped/In limbo[edit]

These features were planned at one point but later abandoned or their current status is unknown.



Notch mentioned adding branches in a blog post during Indev. The addition of sideways logs seems to be an alternative for branches.[7]


Notch attempted to implement coral, but he stated: "But it's really hard to draw a single block that looks like corals, since it's really more about crazy amounts of variation and diversity. But I do know that the corals will have tiny fish particles around them."[8]


Chair from Indev's terrain.png file.

In Indev's terrain.png were two textures which might be interpreted as a chair (side and front). The actual purpose of those textures is unknown. The 2nd texture might be the side view of a table. On Word of Notch, furniture, and more specifically chairs, is mentioned a few times.[9][10][11][12]

Spike block[edit]

Spike Blocks were originally planned for Beta 1.7, working by extending and retracting spikes (and making them more "spike pistons" than anything), but were replaced by Sticky Pistons. On May 28, 2012, Dinnerbone stated that he'd like to add spike blocks, but is unsure of how to implement them.[13]

Purple arrow[edit]

Purple arrows were shot by Skeletons in Survival Test and acted the same as regular Arrows, but the texture is not currently in use.



Although the sprite for a Quiver has been in the game since Indev, almost nothing is known about it (although, presumably, it would be used to hold arrows). Jeb has stated that he is not going to add Quivers.[14] The quiver texture is from one of Notch's previous games, from which a few textures, such as swords, arrows, and armor were originally taken.

Quivers are obtainable in the Pocket Edition using hacks. However, these quivers do nothing but freeze the game when used as they are an "empty" item using the quiver texture.


Dirt slab[edit]

Notch did a test with dirt slabs, although they were never officially added. In the test they replaced dirt blocks, so that dirt surface without grass was half a block lower than grass. However it made a mess of the sides of cliffs and underground.

Dirt Slab.png

Dyed planks[edit]

Dinnerbone asked Twitter how they would feel about colored planks.[15] He announced the results as being, "30% 'please no', 80% 'yes please'. Yes, that's 110%. I don't even know."[16] Despite this, he cancelled the idea and instead added hardened clay, which can be dyed. The dyed planks were abandoned after Dinnerbone realized they would require slabs and stairs of each color too. However, each tree type has their own color plank. This includes stairs and slabs, (and doors and fence in 1.8) but not buttons or pressure plates. However, they are not dyed, just simply the color of the appropriate tree.

Minecart with dispenser[edit]

Mojang tweeted images of this during the development of the Redstone Update but did not subsequently release it in the update.[17]

Minecart with Dispenser.png



The Lectern was an old project of Dinnerbone's. It was meant to be a stand for books so you could easily read them. He was well on his way to creating it when he encountered problems and scrapped the idea, but mentioned that he might pick up work on the lectern in the near future.[18] Dinnerbone stated in his Reddit AMA on December 18 2013 that he had revisited lecterns but scrapped them again as "something about them just didn't feel right"[19].

BUD switch[edit]

BUD switch was a block that was possibly planned to be added in the Redstone Update that would act as a Block update detector, told at Minecon 2012 for use with redstone circuitry, but still was not added.



Whales were mobs mentioned by Notch in a version of Alpha as a water mob, until the addition of Squid.

Red Dragon[edit]

Notch revealed during the 8th Seecret Friday Update that he would add dragons, one being the Ender Dragon, the other being red tamable dragons.[20] Jeb informed participants of his AMA on Reddit that he would add red dragons, but was unsure exactly how.[21] The Red Dragon has not subsequently been added.

On October 22, 2013, Dinnerbone tweeted that the Red Dragon is "shelved" and not in development.

Dinnerbone-twitter.png It was never promised, we have no plans to add a red dragon at this time.
Dinnerbone [22]

Later, on December 15, 2013, Dinnerbone wrote on Reddit that there will be red dragons in Minecraft one day.

I'm sure one day there will be. Not right now though.


Dinnerbone once tweeted about pandas in response to the question "If you could code any mob into the game, what would it be?"

Dinnerbone-twitter.png Pandas. I already tried playing with them, but I still need to get used to skinning and animating things.
Dinnerbone [22]

On December 18, 2013, on Reddit, Dinnerbone answered the question "If you could add one feature to Minecraft without the hassle of coding or modeling, just anything, and you wouldn't need anyone's permission: What do?".



Capture the flag[edit]

Capture the flag has been mentioned a lot by Notch and is currently unimplemented, but it was also stated at MineCon that it will come on the console versions before the PC. Dinnerbone said on Reddit he might add flags so Capture the Flag might be in a near update. Plugins and mods have been created to simulate Capture the Flag[citation needed]. As of the 14w30a snapshot, banners or flags have been added.


These features were mentioned, but nothing was ever done with them.

  • Animated swinging doors [10]
  • Scarecrows[25]
  • Seasons[26]
  • Pandas[27]
  • In early Alpha, Notch mentioned two more gamemodes, Team Survival Mode and Fortress Mode[28] (This has been partly implemented with the team function of the /scoreboard command.)
  • Colliding Clouds[29][30]
  • More sea life (This has partly implemented in 14w25a with the addition of Guardians)[31]
  • Exploding arrows[32]
  • Cherry trees
  • Flags, for the unimplemented Capture the Flag gamemode (see above). In version 14w30a banners were released, although flags may still come at a later time.
  • Uncarved pumpkins.[33]

Joke features[edit]

Snapshot 12marc40awesome, a joke snapshot by Marc Watson.
skis texture

Notch and other Mojang AB employees have frequently joked about adding various features to the game.

  • Hot dogs[34][35]
  • Herobrine. In every new Minecraft update like Halloween Update, Adventure Update, Pretty Scary Update, Redstone Update, Horse Update, The Update That Changed The World, and The Bountiful Update, it will say "removed Herobrine", but Herobrine was never implemented. This has also appeared in the changelog for Scrolls version 0.103.0.[36]
  • The Locked Chest or "Steve Co. Supply Crate" was temporarily added as the 2011 April Fools' Day joke.
  • When Hardcore mode was announced, a joke screenshot of "Ultra Hardcore Mode" was shown, where death would revoke an account's premium status.
  • Jeb joked about adding chips if 100% of the community agreed on what type the chips would be.[37]
  • Marc joked about adding Top Hats for 1.4.[38]
  • A snapshot named 12marc40awesome containing various joke features such as volcanoes, more dragons, coral, fish, and fish blocks.[39]
  • Pine cones.[40]
  • Dinnerbone joked about adding dwarves when asked about it.[41]
  • A texture known in the game files as "skis.png", was added in the Christmas/New Year update. Its textures were added by Dinnerbone as a red herring.[42] The texture was removed in the Horse Update.
  • SethBling mentioned a downside of the command blocks on one of his livestreams, and Dinnerbone joked about removing command blocks to accommodate him.[43]
  • Many features for Minecraft 2.0 as the 2013 April Fools' Day joke, such as Pink Withers and Redstone Bugs.[44]
  • Dinnerbone joked that Minecraft pizza would be a good idea to add, and as a joke KrisJelbring states pizza is confirmed to be added.[45]
  • A villager skin and sound pack [created by Element Animation] was placed on all Minecrafters as the 2014 April Fools' Day joke.


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