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If a player is planning on taking on the YogBox mod pack, he or she should know a brief description of each of the mods before attempting to survive in a world. There are many useful and dangerous items, mobs, and blocks in the YogBox compilation, so clearly a brief understanding of each of them is needed. This article will provide you, the player, with what you need to know in order to gain the advantage and may keep you from learning these things the hard way. There are 34 mods currently in YogBox, so let's get started!

StatusEffectHUD Mod by bspkrs[edit | edit source]

This mod supplies the player with useful onscreen information about what potions or poisons are acting on the player at any given time. The mod is mainly useful because the player does not have to enter his or her inventory in order to view this information. If this section was not clear enough, you can visit the mod's Minecraft forum page here[1].

A player using the StatusEffectHUD mod and the Ingame Info mod.

Airship Mod by pchan3[edit | edit source]

This mod allows the player to build an airship and soar through the skies without being in creative mode. The airship needs fuel to fly and can be loaded up with arrows to shoot at unsuspecting mobs or villagers (if you're that cruel!). Information on crafting or anything else is available at the mod's Minecraft forum page:(click here[2]).

ExtraBiomesXL Mod by MisterFiber and ScottKillen[edit | edit source]

This mod adds more biomes to Minecraft than simply the generic ones like 'Desert' or 'Tundra'. The additional biomes are currently 'Alps', 'Autumn Woods', 'Birch Forest', 'Extreme Jungle', 'Forested Hills', 'Forested Island', 'Glacier', 'Green Hills', 'Green Swamp', 'Ice Wasteland', 'Marsh', 'Meadow', 'Mini Jungle', 'Mountain Desert', 'Mountain Ridge', 'Mountain Taiga', 'Pine Forest', 'Rainforest, 'Redwood Forest', 'Redwood Lush', 'Savanna', 'Shrubland', 'Snow Forest', 'Temperate Rainforest', 'Temperate Rainforest Snow', 'Tundra', 'Wasteland', and 'Woodlands'. A picture gallery showing each biome is located below this paragraph. Additional information on each biome's appearance is located on the mod's Minecraft forum page (which is here[3]).

A screenshot of an Extreme Jungle biome.

MoreXP Mod by alek345*[edit | edit source]

This mod allows the player to gain a maximum of 1000x the actual amount of XP. This is especially useful for enchanting tools and armor and for those mods that require a certain amount of XP to activate. For more information, visit the mod's Minecraft forum page by clicking here[4].

Keep Inventory on Death Mod by glider521al[edit | edit source]

This mod allows the player to keep his or her inventory even if he or she dies. It eliminates the need for the player to, after death, collect his or her inventory. This is especially useful for players who like dungeon trekking but don't enjoy having to fight through armies of hostile mobs just to get their inventory back after they are killed. If you don't like this mod, you can simply disable it in the ModLoader configuration file. More information about this mod is located on its Minecraft forum page here[5].

Minecraft Minions Mod by AtomicStryker[edit | edit source]

This mod allows the player to, upon reaching level 8 (depending on the MoreXP mod settings, this level may be different), the player can do 'evil deeds' and gain a scepter that can spawn minions to do his or her bidding. The minions are capable of doing several different tasks, including chopping wood, digging a mineshaft, strip mining (yes, there is a difference), and storing all mined/chopped material in a chest or giving it to the player. This mod is especially useful to find and mine ores and get them in large quantities relatively quickly. The minions are also capable of lifting up and carrying mobs. Additional information on this mod can be found here[6].

Better Enchanting Mod by xkyouchoux[edit | edit source]

This mod allows the player to know what the selected enchantment is and to enchant an item without having to look up the enchantment in 'the galactic language'. It also allows the player to repair an enchanted item and enchant the item again with any other enchantment. As long as the player has the required amount of XP, he or she can enchant an item as many times as possible with as many enchantments as possible. More information on this mod is available here[7].

MineColony Mod by tomasso lacozzini[edit | edit source]

This mod allows the player to start a small settlement and help it grow and develop. The first step needed to start the settlement is to place a Town Hall chest, which can be crafted with a piece of paper surrounded by wooden planks. It helps to place the Town Hall chest one block above the floor. Once placed, the chest slowly spawns one settler at a time until eight settlers have been spawned, each looking for a citizen's chest to 'live in'. Citizen's chests can be crafted the same way as the Town Hall chest but with a torch in the center instead of paper. Once the player has placed a citizen's chest (within 100 blocks of the town hall), a settler will claim the chest as his or her own and will begin to walk around, finding food or whatever is on the ground and taking it back to the chest. Once there is at least one citizen, he or she can be given a profession, such as builder, farmer, miner, lumberjack, deliveryman, and hunter. In order to give them these professions, the appropriate chest must be created, each swapping the middle of the recipe for whatever item they use or is their icon (farmer is a hoe in the middle, builder is a door, hunter is a piece of leather, lumberjack is an axe, miner is a pickaxe and deliveryman is a chest), and the chest must be placed on the ground. A citizen should walk over to it and become the indicated tradesman. It is preferred that the first tradesman be a builder so that he or she can build the Town Hall, citizen's house, or any other building used by the townspeople (including his or her own house). This mod is one of the more complex mods, so this article will not cover the entire mod, but for a more detailed and complete description, click here:[8].

More Fuel Mod by Grom PE[edit | edit source]

This mod allows the player to smelt with more fuel than just the usual planks, sticks, coal, etc. With this mod, the player can smelt with items such as feathers, ladders, wooden tools, torches, maps, boats, beds, and many more. This is useful if the player has a wooden tool that he or she no longer uses or is about to break. A link to the mod's Minecraft forum page is here[9].

Balkon's Weapon Mod (by BalkondeurAlpha)[edit | edit source]

This mod allows the player to not only build swords and axes to defend him- or herself, but to build weapons such as halberds, warhammers, blowguns (with darts), cannons, muskets, blunderbusses, battleaxes, spears, knives, and many more. The majority of these weapons can do more damage than a generic sword of the same material, so this mod is especially useful if the player is planning on dungeon looting or simply collecting XP. A link to the mod's Minecraft forum page is located here[10].

Ropes Plus Mod by AtomicStryker[edit | edit source]

This mod allows you to use ropes to easily climb your way up high mountains instead of simply build a ladder. Useful for getting out of ravines and getting up to high places. For example, if you are trying to climb up or get down a cliff with a jagged top that slants back as you go up it, it would be a lot harder or impossible to accomplish this with the generic MineCraft ladders. You can take advantage of the rope by throwing a grappling hook to the top of a cliff or by firing a rope arrow(crafted with the generic arrow recipe but by replacing the flint with string). On impact, the grappling hook or rope arrow will spawn rope blocks down until it has spawned 30 blocks or touches the ground. Note: The grappling hook must land on top of a block that is at the edge of the precipice in order to spawn the rope.The rope arrow can only spawn rope when it does not hit the side of a block(it must hit the bottom). The Ropes+ mod also comes with many different arrow recipes that involve replacing flint with the arrow's 'element'(egg arrow must have egg in middle-top crafting tile, confusion arrow must have sand in the tile, etc.). This aspect of the mod is Elemental Arrows, another mod by 303 that was added into the Ropes+ mod. For more information, go to the following link: [11].