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The Sound Directory for Minecraft is located as follows:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8: %AppData%\.minecraft\assets or %AppData%\.minecraft\assets\virtual\legacy
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft/assets
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/assets

1.7 and Above Sound Structure

The file structure of the sound folder as of the 1.7 Update scattered all the files into different folders.

For Experienced Users this is a guide to access the files within

The sound files are indexed and logged in the .json text files existing in .minecraft or minecraft folders under asset and then indexes. You can view the file with notepad in Windows, and Wordpad generally also works good to keep the structure readable. You can open it in about anything that supports .json or text files but it may look a bit messy. In whatever version.json file you open you will find something that resembles this:

   "sounds/music/menu/menu1.ogg": {
     "hash": "c157c56846f0e50620f808fecd9d069423dd6c41",
     "size": 1744657

From this we can determine that the file menu1 with file type .ogg is hashed (labeled) c157c56846f0e50620f808fecd9d069423dd6c41 and if you performed a search in the directory objects under assets by that title you would find the file. The first two letters of the filename will match the directory the file is in, as well; this can be faster than searching. Once located, the file won't have an extension but will be playable if you have a media player that will play files without an extension (Linux, Unix, Mac, & some Windows software). If you are on any other system you can open it in anything that plays .ogg files. If the media player you have cannot play the file without the proper extension, you can copy the file to another folder and giving it the proper name with the .ogg extension at the end of the name. Warning: If you accidentally edit or remove the file from the original directory, you will have to delete the assets folder in the Minecraft root folder and the launcher will automatically download it again the next time you launch the game.

Also Note If you change the music and connect to the internet the Launcher will automatically download the files and change them all back to the original music files.

So if you want to keep all your hard efforts of changing them then Disconnect from the internet before playing. Alternatively, you can create a custom Resource Pack containing your sounds.

Legacy Sub-Folders

In .minecraft\assets\virtual\legacy\sounds there are 13 sub folders.

  • Ambient: Cave Ambience and rain/thunder.
  • Damage: Sounds of the player taking damage.
  • Dig: Breaking blocks.
  • Fire: Fires.
  • Firework: Fireworks sound effects.
  • Liquids: Sounds made by water/lava.
  • Minecart: Sounds created by moving minecarts.
  • Mob: Sounds of the mobs in Minecraft.
  • Music: Background music by C418.
  • Random: Various sound effects from eating to explosions.
  • Records: Music on the record discs found in Minecraft.
  • Step: Footsteps.
  • Tile: Pistons.

Video Accessing the Sound Directory[edit | edit source]