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WARNING: If you are playing for a long period of time, your device WILL heat up (varies by device). Take this into consideration

Creating a New World[edit | edit source]

  • Presuming Minecraft: Pocket Edition has already been downloaded from the device's app store, open the app. On devices with less RAM, one may have to close any other apps running for better performance.
  • Tap "Play" at the middle of the screen.
  • Tap "Create New" at the top of the screen.
  • Tap "Generate Random" at the top of the screen.

The screen will now show a world options menu which has multiple sections on the bottom left of the screen and settings on the right of the screen. The first tab, "Game," is opened by default and will show the option to change the name of the world, the default game mode of the world, the difficulty of the world, and the option to enable cheats or make the world always daytime, all of which can be changed later. The two settings which cannot be changed later are the seed and world type. Once one is satisfied with all the options, they may tap "Play" at the left of the screen.

However, the menu is home to many other options which some players may want to change. The second tab, "Multiplayer," allows one to choose whether the game is in multiplayer, broadcasted to Xbox Live, or broadcasted to LAN. Turning off multiplayer may help with lag for some farms that require precise timing. Broadcasting to Xbox Live or LAN allow one to let others join their game via Xbox Live or the local Wi-Fi network, respectively. In addition, the "Resource Packs" and "Behavior Packs" allow one to customize the textures and behaviors of entities in the game, respectively.

Your first night (Minecraft PE survival)[edit | edit source]

  • Before you start playing, pause your game and press the "Save & Quit" button (Pause button on iOS; back button of Android to pause) because in Pocket Edition, time always passes, even when the game is paused. The days in Minecraft PE lasts 20 minutes of real time and for a beginner survivalist there is no time to waste on your first day.
  • This guide will explain how to survive your first night in Minecraft PE. Although there are already several tutorials on how to do so, none are for the Pocket Edition.
  • The key difference between Minecraft PC and PE is the crafting. The PC editions crafting system is based on shaped crafting, while this edition is based solely on the users knowledge of the tools, materials and crafting recipes. This tutorial will assume that you know nothing about Minecraft in general, but will not give background information on each item. For that one must consult the materials individual pages which will be linked. The format will be in minutes into the day.

Minute One[edit | edit source]

0:00-0:15[edit | edit source]

Your first task, once you spawn, is to take your bearings. Look around you for these things:

0:15-1:00[edit | edit source]

Find a tree. It may take you seconds to do this or you may have to wander around, but wood is essential to the beginner survivalist. Begin to chop it down. You may use your fist to do this. Repeat this step until you have 6 blocks of wood. (It can take more than one tree to do this)

Minute Two[edit | edit source]

1:00-1:15[edit | edit source]

Now, go into your inventory by tapping the inventory button that looks like three dots (...) and tap on the
crafting table
at the bottom-left. Find
wood planks
and craft it 5 times. You should now have 1
and 20 wood planks by now.

1:15-1:30[edit | edit source]

While you're still in your inventory, make a crafting table.

1:30-2:00[edit | edit source]

Place down the crafting table somewhere near you. Tap it to pull up its interface. Make a
wooden pickaxe

Minute Three[edit | edit source]

2:00-2:45[edit | edit source]

Dig down beneath you a couple blocks to find
. Dig down for three with your pickaxe in a staircase manner, so you can get out. Return to your crafting table. Craft a
stone pickaxe

2:45-3:00[edit | edit source]

Go back to the mine you started. Dig out 16 more stone.

Minute Four[edit | edit source]

3:00-3:15[edit | edit source]

Craft several things now -- a
, stone
, and

3:15-4:00[edit | edit source]

Collect resources to build your shelter. At this point in the game, it can be wood,
, or

Minute Five[edit | edit source]

4:00-4:15[edit | edit source]

Place down your furnace and tap on it on it to open up its interface. The furnace will allow you to smelt items. The bottom slot is the fuel, the top is what you will smelt. Put your wood planks in the bottom slot and put 2 logs in the top one. That will now cook. Exit out of your furnace.

4:15-4:45[edit | edit source]

Build your shelter. It can be a small hole in the ground or a tiny house with four walls and a roof. You can use your starter mine as a beginning house also. If you have collected enough wood, you can create a
(which uses up 6 wood planks) if you have created an aboveground house, or a
(which uses up 4 wooden planks) if your house is underground. To keep the monsters out of your underground house, make sure you have placed some
, and then close the gap with dirt or cobblestone.

4:45-5:00[edit | edit source]

As the sun sets, take out the
from the furnace, in the slot to the right. Tap on your crafting table and make some torches. Tap on blocks to place them and give yourself light. Place some in your house to keep you safe from monsters. Don't forget to create a
so that you can sleep through the night. You will need three wool and three wood planks.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Those are the basics of Pocket Edition's first night survival. Check the links to other wiki pages, if you have any questions.

Survival Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The main priority for your first day is to find shelter from the monsters of the night, not getting iron or diamonds.

The Cave[edit | edit source]

  • Get out your wooden pickaxe. Try not to make more than one or two wooden pickaxes. Once you have a stone pickaxe, chances are you're going to want to throw out your wooden pickaxes, and that's a waste of wood.
  • Find a good place to make a cave. Start with a one block wide, two block high opening. Make a small hallway, maybe about 7-9 blocks in. If you find gravel, put away the pick, and get out what you started with: your fists.
  • Carve out all the gravel. Now, if you carve out the gravel, you should have a good sized room. Now, get out that chest and crafting table (if your crafting table isn't with you, I would get that) and put them in a good spot.
  • If your cave is by your spawn, then your job just got easier. If not, get that gravel you found, and make a trail of two high pillars from your cave to the spawn. Now, when night comes, make a door, and seal the cave. You can also mine in your cave till day. If you do mine, try to find coal. If you do, make torches (those sticks are going to come in handy) and light up your home.

Non-Fireproof House[edit | edit source]

  • This is a fairly good style house. Unless you're around lava, which is not very likely, your house won't start on fire, unless you get a little idiotic and light your house on fire with flint and steel. If you followed the instructions correctly, then you should have around a stack of planks left. First, make a line where you want the house borders to be. Now, stack on top of that border. By now, you should not have many planks left. Cut down some more trees, for maybe a half a stack or more. Now, put down your chest and crafting table wherever you want. Now, for the third layer, stand on top of the chest or crafting table. Start in a corner. Now you can get down and finish the third border. Now, the easy part. Make a roof. When you're done, you should have little to no planks left. Make a door. If you need to, cut down a few more trees for the six planks. Put on the door, and walk inside. put your items that you don't need in the chest. You can either take a sword and try to kill some mobs, or just stay in your house. Don't forget to light up your house!

A Great Guide to starting a civilization(s) in Survival (PE)[edit | edit source]

  • Ok, so you're in Survival Mode, and you're thinking about starting a civilization or many. Well, then take this advice word-to-word. This is from my own experience and will help you get through the first week or two. We all know the basic guidelines for easily starting off. Get some wood from trees, make planks with it, and with the planks make a crafting table, supplies, sticks, etc. Well, starting off, I had it on Peaceful Mode (the difficulty bar being on the left end ) because no one wants to just be chopping down wood and having to worry about being attacked by hostile mobs without proper defense. Therefore, I was able to cut down countless trees in my area for a few days & nights in a row. With enough wood, I built myself a nice, large, cozy house on the side of a mountain. That is always a great start, and by the time you're finished with your house, that's a good time to turn on difficulty to any level (if you want). Next, I was ready to mine. Near my house, I set up a mining area and started. Just some helpful hints about finding each ore:
  • Coal is the most common ore
  • Iron is found mostly in the bedrock - layer 40 or 50 area
  • Redstone is almost too common and is always found near bedrock
  • Lapis is actually the only ore that can't be found right at bedrock & is mostly found a little above it
  • Gold is found mostly in the bedrock - layer 40 area
  • Diamond is very rare and is always found near bedrock
  • Emeralds is very,very rare, only found in Extreme Hills

I was lucky and found tons (even diamond & gold) of each ore after many long mining shifts. So I had a house, tons of supplies, tons of valuables and stuff from ores, and more. At that point, it's good to start your town (civilization) at least a little. I say to build anything you want in your town next. After all, Minecraft is made for you to do anything you want. But if you want to know the next building I made for my town, I made a Water shed after collecting some water from a nearby ocean and making a 4 block (infinite) water supply inside the shed. If you want some tips about building buildings in your town/civilization, here's some:

  • Use contrast with your blocks (if you have enough different types). Don't use the same type of building block for every building
  • Make lots of buildings to expand your civilization
  • If you play with friends a lot make sure they have some houses or buildings of their own in your civilization.
  • If you have other civilizations on other parts of the world, or even just one building, landmark, or somewhere you go a bunch, make a railway station in your town (and remember only follow this stuff if you can do it and have the supplies and blocks to) and make a railine(s) to that area(s)
  • Decorate some. For example, I made a cool, fancy structure in the center of my town out of iron blocks

Well that's about all, and I've got several buildings in my town currently. Remember to follow this advice if you have Minecraft Pocket Edition and you want to build a town or civilization on Survival Mode. Good luck, and may the pickaxe be with you!

Performance[edit | edit source]

  • Pocket Edition drains battery power quickly so for maximum performance, charge your device.
  • To ensure that your game is virus free, download the app from Google Play or the App Store because apps from 3rd parties may contain viruses.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you stand in the middle of a block, look to a side of the block where you can't select anything else, and place a block in front of the one you stand on, it gets placed.
  • Water is still infinite, as long as you use the 2 by 2 method.
  • You can put torches on glass and other blocks by putting fences two blocks away from the glass and trying to put torches on the fence, which will cause the torch to attach to the glass.
  • If your inventory is full, you can still craft items, but it will be dropped on the ground.
  • If you're using a device with a bigger screen, it is recommended to turn on split touch controls.