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Since this is a wiki and anyone may modify any page at any time, it is suggested that you do not actually use this script but instead simply use it as a guideline for writing your own.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Install screen
$ sudo pkg_add screen
  • Install openJDK
$ sudo pkg_add jdk
  • Add a user to your system for starting/running Minecraft (nologin user is probably best)
  • Download the Minecraft server jar and place it somewhere on your system (e.g. /var/games/minecraft)
  • Set the 'minecraft' user, created above, as the owner of your destination directory
$ sudo chown -R minecraft:minecraft /var/games/minecraft

Startup Script[edit | edit source]

  • create a new startup script, in `/etc/rc.d` named `minecraft`
  • place the following within the script, set it as executable, and ensure the permissions match the other scripts.

minecraft_args="/usr/local/jdk-1.7.0/bin/java -Xms1536M -Xmx1536M -jar /var/games/minecraft/minecraft_server.jar nogui"

daemon_flags="-d -m -S ${minecraft_session} ${minecraft_args}"

. /etc/rc.d/rc.subr


rc_check() {
    pkill -0 -f "/usr/local/bin/SCREEN ${daemon_flags}"

rc_stop() {
    ${rcexec} "${daemon} -p 0 -S ${minecraft_session} -X eval 'stuff stop\015'"

rc_cmd $1
  • edit

/etc/rc.conf.local and append ' minecraft' to the "pkg_scripts" line

# rc.d(8) packages scripts
# started in the specified order and stopped in reverse order
pkg_scripts=$(some package scripts) minecraft

At this point it should be able to it start/stop and have it auto-load on boot.