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Game terms are not officially into the game. They are used by the community and they are usually used as shortenings for chatting faster:

Terms Definition
AFK Away From Keyboard; When a player is away from keyboard
Beef Shortening of
raw beef
. Cooked Beef is a miscalling for
Block verb To obstruct something; To block with the
Cave Noises/Sounds Ambience
Defend Sometimes a miscalling for blocking rather than defending something
Flint and Steel
Full Diamond/Iron/Gold/Chain/Leather Full set of armor made with one material
Golden Apple
; May refer to the enchanted one too, however, a term for those is also Notch Apple or God Apple
Gear Armor; May refer to the removed feature:
(originally Gear), however chances to see a player talk about it is close to none
Hacker/Haxor The toxic part of the community; Someone using modified clients to gain unfair advantages
Pumpkin Vision The effect of wearing a
on your head
Slime Block
based flying technologies
Splash Potion
; Rarely Splash Text (also known as Splash Screen)
Raiding Similar to Griefing. Usually refers to attacking a base from an external source such as TNT Cannons. This term is used on Factions servers