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Game terms are not officially into the game. They are used by the community and they are usually used as shortenings for chatting faster:

  • AFK
    • When a player is Away From Keyboard
  • beef
    • Shortening for raw beef. Cooked beef is a miscalling for Steak.
  • block(verb)
    • It normally means to obstruct something but its also blocking with the sword
  • defend
    • It may be sometimes a miscalling for blocking rather than defending something
  • full diamond/iron/gold/chain/leather
    • Full set of armor made with one material.
  • gapple
    • golden apple(it may refer to the enchanted one too, however, a term for those is also notch apple)
  • gear
    • Usually it means armor but it may refer to the removed feature: cog(originally named gear), however chances to see a player talking about the removed feature is close to none
  • hacker
    • The toxic part of the community. Someone using modified clients to gain unfair advantages
  • pumpkin vision
    • The effect of wearing a pumpkin on your head.
  • raiding
    • similar to griefing. This term is used on factions servers