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Fish farming is an easy method of catching large quantities of fish and other items by fishing. Most AFK designs involve right-clicking an iron door with tripwire above it, causing fish caught to flow into a hopper and then into a collection chest.

Designs[edit | edit source]

AFK automatic fish farming[edit | edit source]

Automatic fish farming involves right-clicking a door with tripwire above it and hoppers for collection, with an automatic fishing rod dropper to supply new fishing rods when the previous one breaks.

Most compact fish farm yet:

Automatic fish farm:

More compact variant:

This next one uses an iron trapdoor instead of an iron door.

This one is compatible with minecraft 1.11:

Semi-automatic fish farming (not designed for AFK)[edit | edit source]

Semi-automatic fish farms involve detecting the fishing rod using tripwire to close a door while fishing, improving fishing rates.

Fish collector[edit | edit source]

This is a basic design using hoppers to automatically collect fish while being very quick and simple to build.