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Ender Crystals - a nuisance in The End, refilling the Ender Dragon's health after you wound him, but what about in your house, cave, or other place in your world/server? Sure, the brightness, the hieroglyphics on the pink cube, and even the fact it floats makes it a great decoration in Minecraft.

Spawning in creative[edit | edit source]

type: /summon EnderCrystal [X] [Y] [Z], or use end crystal item on bedrock or obsidian.

in 1.9 You can pick in the creative inventory

Before 1.7.2[edit | edit source]

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • MCEdit/CraftBukkit
  • A Minecraft World
  • Chunks for The End must have been created.

Steps using MCEdit[edit | edit source]

An Ender Crystal can be added to any world with these steps:

1. Open desired Minecraft world in Minecraft.

2. Go to The End via an End Portal. Close Minecraft.

3. Open MCedit. Click "Load World". Choose the world that was opened in Step 1.

4. When world is loaded, click "Other Dimensions", then select "The End".

5. When loaded, look for an obsidian tower with an Ender Crystal. (It will be in the same space a red block with the text "FIRE", which is the fire block.)

6. make a selection around the fire block. Click "Copy" on the left menu.

7. (OPTIONAL) When the block appears on the top right click "Save", and choose where to save the .schematic file. This will help if you want to place multiple Ender Crystals.

8. Click the "Other Dimensions" button, and choose Earth or Nether. When the dimension fully loads, click "Paste" and double-click its desired location.

9. Ctrl-S to save. When saved, close MCEdit.

10. Open Minecraft, log in and open the world.

11. Look for the Ender Crystal. If you find it, you successfully imported the crystal.

  • This is obsolete as of 13w36a due to the /summon command being implemented.

Spawning Ender Crystals using CraftBukkit[edit | edit source]

On a CraftBukkit Server with the SpawnMob plugin, you can also use /spawnmob endercrystal to spawn an ender crystal where you are looking. You can also use a wide range of plugins for this, an example is Pacocraft