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Minecraft introduces many threats to a player's creations in multiplayer and survival mode, being able to defend your belongings is almost as important as making them in the first place. Many methods have been invented to deal with these threats although there is no absolute solution other than sealing yourself in a bedrock box. Rather than focusing on one particular method use a variety of defenses to protect your creations.


[edit] Ladders

The use of Ladders is highly recommended because skeletons and creepers aren't able to use them. This way you can make sure a certain area is creeper and skeleton proof by making the only way to get there by climbing up a ladder.

[edit] Tower defense

Building high towers at your base is a good way to check for hostile mobs in the area and if you spot any hostile mobs you'll be capable of shooting them with a bow from the tower without getting into any risk.

[edit] Lava Defense System

Lava defense is a good way to keep your house safe and light up your area. You simply have lava pouring from a perimeter wall. To prevent the lava from flowing in make sure that there is a ditch before you place the lava. The area will be too bright for any threats to spawn. The only problem is that this doesn't defend your house against lava.

[edit] Perimeter Wall Defense System

Perimeter wall defense system is simply just a wall made of Cobblestone, Wooden Planks, Stone, etc. If you want to make it explosion resistant build it out of Obsidian. For very experienced redstone engineers you can set up pistons to make a wall appear out of the ground when a lever is pulled. (you may use sand if you don't have a sticky piston)

[edit] Golem Defense System

A weak and resource-consuming defense is composed of creating an army of Iron and Snow Golems. If you make a perimeter defense system you can trap the golems in the courtyard. You can also make the ground out of a tough material, such as cobblestone, or perhaps a more expensive block such as obsidian to prevent the exploding creepers that are hit by snow golems to cause serious damage.

[edit] Trench Defense System

A deep trench is a very good defense system because nothing can get across (with the exception of Endermen, who can take blocks from the trench and flood the place). To make it even better you should make it flowing downward with Water or Lava so the mobs will die from drowning or burning.

Here is a side view of a Lava or Water trench:

0 = Air H = Solid Non-Flammable Block & = Water or Lava

H 0 0 0 H (top level) H 0 0 0 H (2nd level) H 0 0 0 H (3rd level) H & & & H (4th level) H & & & H (5th level)

[edit] Fire and Cactus Defense

Fire and Cactus defense consists of Cactus, Netherrack, and Fire. It is made like so:

F C . . .
F = Fire C = Cactus . = Continued Pattern

[edit] Blender Defense System

Make a 10 by 10 hole in the ground 5 feet deep,then in the center put 4 blocks in a square.Then put blocks inside the hole by the edges on block high.Plant cacti on the blocks that were builts up,then fill in the rest of the hole with water. The current will push mobs in a circle and then mobs will touch the cactus,making it look like a blender.Keep doing the process until it surrounds your house.

[edit] Anti Monster Spawning

This simple defense is easy,requiring only torches.Just put a lot of torches around your house and basically everywhere on your island so no monsters will spawn,If your house isn't on an island then build a trench 5 feet deep to separate your house and the rest of your piece from the rest of the land so no monsters can get to your part of the land.

[edit] Alarm System

A good defense for people who have a lot of redstone. All it requires is a few note blocks, some redstone and some wooden pressure plates. Set up the pressure plates around your house, then link some redstone back to a note block in your house. You may want to put some note blocks in different parts of your house.

This also works well with the wall defense, you can set up pressure plates just in front of your wall, and then link redstone on the other side.

You may also want to put up a more complicated system with redstone torches on a board with numbered signs, corresponding to certain parts of your house and the surrounding area. This is better suited for experienced players.

[edit] TNT Landmines

TNT landmines work like this: Whenever a player or mob walks onto the pressure plate, they get blown up by the TNT. This is not like other landmines though. They also fall when they step on the pressure plate, and then get blown up. To make it: Make a deep hole, place TNT three blocks down, place sand on the TNT, and then place a pressure plate on top of the sand. Now you have a landmine.

[edit] Spider Defense Fence

The Spider Defense Fence works by placing a block or slab on a fence, which in turn is on a fence.

Spider Defense Fence consists of Fence, and Blocks. It is made like so:

S .
F .
F .
S = Slab or Block F = Fence . = Continued Pattern

Continue this pattern until it surrounds your house.

The reason that this works is because a spider cannot climb up and backwards, making this an effective way to protect yourself if used in conjunction with the "Anti Monster Spawning" technique.

[edit] Player Defense

Players on multiplayer servers or on LAN worlds can sometimes be a threat, and if so, either look to steal your resources or to just kill you for the fun of it. Other players are especially dangerous because they have the ability to, unlike mobs, destroy and build blocks, enchant weapons, and can build traps just like you. However, there are some ways to help stop attackers, but it is very resource costly and include very advanced techniques.

[edit] Reinforced Walls

Reinforced walls, primarily with Obsidian and lava, are a great way to keep undetermined attacked out of your house or base. These types of walls require patience and advanced tools to make, so be prepared to use a lot of resources: Build a standard wall out of Obsidian, 3 blocks thick. Then, in the middle or second layer of the wall, place lava from the top so it flows down into the rest of the inner wall. Last, you need to cover the top with more Obsidian, to stop another player putting out the lava with water. This wall will, first of all, be TNT resistant, and if broken, will provide another obstacle for an attacker: the lava. The lava inside the wall will stop the attacker from walking straight through, as it poses a threat to his/her hearts, unless they are aided by a Fire Resistance Potion.

[edit] Fire Charge Cannons

To defend against players when rushing into your base or house, place dispensers inside of your walls and a lever on the back of them, as well as a window above or to the side so you can see. Next you place Fire Charges in the dispensers, so now if you were to spam the lever, it would shoot out Fire Charges at a fast rate, with a good chance of hitting an attacking player (if aimed in a good position). You can also have multiple Fire Charge Cannons, just place more, distribute your Fire Charges evenly, and hook up Redstone to a single lever, and then spam the lever for a wide area of effect. Also, when Fire Charges hit the ground, they will create fire, posing an even bigger threat to an attacker. However, be warned that this will spread fire at an alarming rate, and may burn down a forest if the Fire Charges hit trees.

[edit] Redstone smart wall

The redstone smart wall will tell you if a player has broken through your defenses.

It consists of three parts:

[edit] The wall

The wall is make up of redstone and a building block of your choice:


Make it as long as you want, but add repeaters to keep the redstone signal going.

[edit] The NOT gate

The NOT gate just inverts the incoming signal, so if the signal coming in is off the signal coming out will be on.

NOT 2.pngNOT 1.png

[edit] The notification system

The notification system is just a way to let you know the wall was broken. It could be anything from a note block to a redstone lamp.

[edit] Hook it all up

Hook up two NOT gates to the top and bottem layers of the wall and hook those up to the notification system (I used a redstone lamp).

Connect 3.png

[edit] Test it

If you built every thing right it should work like this:

Test 1.png Test 2.png