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A woodland mansion.

Woodland mansions are dangerous for unprepared players, as they are inhabited by Evokers and Vindicators.

Finding a mansion[edit | edit source]

Locating the mansion can be difficult, as they are very rare and generate thousands of blocks away from the spawn point.

One way is to use a woodland explorer map, which will lead you to the mansion. Explorer maps can be bought from cartographer villagers for 16-28 emeralds and one compass.

Another way is to use the /locate command if cheats are enabled.

After getting the woodland explorer map, check for a small white dot on the edges of the map. If the dot is on an edge, travel the opposite direction. For example, if the dot is showing on top, travel South instead of North. It is the same with the dot on the corner; if it is in the north-east direction, move south west. The smaller the dot, the further away the mansion is located from the player.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • A few golden apples
  • A full set of diamond armor; preferably enchanted
    • Alternatively, iron armor (if very good at combat)
  • A diamond sword, preferably Sharpness III or higher
    • Alternatively, an iron sword (if very good in combat)
  • An axe (any kind)
  • A shield
  • Some blocks (to build barriers); preferably easy to break
  • Lots of Food, preferably food restoring a lot of saturation. This includes:
  • Torches
  • A door or two
  • Wood (half a stack should do)
  • Potions (optional)
    • Strength
    • Invisibility
      • Remove armor when drinking and put it back on when potion wears off
    • Healing
    • Regeneration
  • A bow and arrows (optional, if not using iron tools, arrows can be tipped))
  • A shulker box or two to hold loot in (optional)

Defeating the mansion[edit | edit source]

Getting in[edit | edit source]

Method 1 - Entrance

Self-Explanatory. Go through the front door.

Method 2 - Breaking in

Use an axe to get in through a wall (or if you are feeling sneaky, go in through the floor!)

Getting around[edit | edit source]

The first thing to do when you get in the mansion is build a base.

Good spots to build are:

  • Behind the stairs in the entrance
  • In a small room

Once your base is built, scout around the first floor; killing any vindicators (and other mobs) you see.

Repeat on second floor.

Once you reach the third floor, you may see some evokers (They can also be on the second floor). They are especially dangerous, because they can summon vexes. They also attack by summoning fangs up out of the ground. Once killed they drop 1 totem of undying.

After all mobs are killed, loot the chests.

(Note: some rooms may not have entrances. You will have to break down the walls to get in.)

Killing the mobs[edit | edit source]

Vindicators[edit | edit source]

  • It is advised to attack them with a sword/axe and a shield. However, it is impossible to defend damage from an axe after 1.11.1.
  • Quickly attack them until they die.
  • They drop emeralds and have a chance of dropping the axe. In such a case, the dropped axe can also be used as a weapon.
    • However, if renamed to "Johnny", they will attack any mob in sight, making them useful for mob farms.

Evokers[edit | edit source]

  • It is best to start attacking them with a bow, and only if considerably weakened the sword should be used.
  • Try to keep a fair distance between the player and the evoker. The evoker has a fang attack that acts in a small radius.
  • The evoker has a second fang attack, where it summons a line of fangs out of the ground.
  • It can also summon vexes, which makes killing him quickly important.

Vex[edit | edit source]

  • The vexes are summoned by evokers. To stop that, quickly kill the evoker, preferably from a distance.
  • Vexes should be killed first if dealing with evokers from a distance as they can pass through walls.
  • If in close contact with an evoker, kill the evoker first and then the vexes.
  • It is best to attack when they are charging, as their movements are very predictable.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the mansion is looted, you may turn it into a home, burn it down, or use it for resources.

If you are turning it into a home, it is recommended to use a light source to light it up.

NOTE: If you are burning it down, remove all loot so none is lost.