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Chorus fruit are plants that grow naturally in the End on most of the outer End islands. They are grown using chorus flowers and the stems each drop 0-1 chorus fruit. Chorus plants are especially difficult to farm while AFK because the chorus flowers must be broken and placed by hand. On top of that, chorus plants are very picky about the space requirements.

Information[edit | edit source]

Chorus flowers must be planted on end stone. It can then take several minutes to finish growing, which is when all of the chorus flowers turn completely purple and mature. If allowed room, they can branch off, creating more chorus flowers.

Manual Designs[edit | edit source]

Manual designs involve planting the chorus flower and then waiting, coming back, and then breaking the plant manually. Chorus plants can grow many blocks tall, so this method is quite inefficient.

Semi-Automatic Designs[edit | edit source]

Semi-automatic designs usually break the remaining plants at the flip of a switch. There are numerous designs using this, many of which involve a few of the trees being limited in height to allow for easily picking off enough flowers to replant the field.

Cubfan135's example of this concept can be found below.

AFK-able Designs[edit | edit source]

The closest a player can get to automatic chorus fruit farm is an AFK-able design. These are incredibly hard to find and build because they are so complicated. Below are a few designs.

Ray's Works's design[edit | edit source]

GTexperience's design[edit | edit source]

Ilmango's Design[edit | edit source]

Javamonk's designs[edit | edit source]

Fix for above tutorial:

A more compact design: