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Possible water/lava features

1. fountain 2. waterfall 3. wall/incinerator

fountain: to build a fountain, construct a 5X5 frame of any material you wish. then, build a 3 block high column in the middle of the bowl. just put water on top to finish it off!

waterfall: build a 1 deep, 3 wide wall (you can have more, but there must be at least 3 blocks), however high you like,to start. then, build the wall out forwards on the sides. build a barrier on top, to prevent the water from flowing out the wrong way! And finally, add water. finished!

wall: build a frame for your wall, however big you like. build two more frames, all touching, the middle one should be 1 block bigger on the top and bottom. then, add water in the top gaps! the water should flow straight down into the trench at the bottom! if it does, you did it correctly!

to build an incinerator, make a wall, but use lava! you can throw all of your rubbish into it!