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[edit]Trapped Chest
Trapped Chest.png
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Trapped Chest

Tile Entity







Blast resistance





This block can be broken with any tool, but a axe is the quickest




Yes (64)



First appearance

1.5 (13w01a)

Tile Entity ID


Data value

dec: 146 hex: 92 bin: 10010010



Trapped Chests are blocks which emit a redstone signal from all sides when opened,[1] at a strength of one block per player using it up to 15 players. The Trapped Chest is characterized by a slight red tint around the latch and a Ruby Red line on the rim of the opened chest. Trapped Chests can be made into double Trapped Chests, and are able to be placed adjacent to normal chests without interfering, allowing double chests, or two chests, to be placed adjacent to each other. When you open one, a red shading will be visible around the chest inventory.


[edit] Crafting

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Chest +
Tripwire Hook

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Trapped Chest
Tripwire Hook Chest

[edit] Usage

A trapped chest emits a redstone signal based on the number of players opening it (up to 15 players). You can also use them as traps or decoys, so they are useful if you don't want your items to be stolen. One way to hide the red stain around the latch is to put an Item Frame or a sign on the front of the chest. They are able to be placed adjacent to normal chests and store more stuff (not turning into a quad chest), so they are useful if you don't want to give up one block of spacing between chests and double chests.

They can also be useful to secret exits and doors (without using a door because they act like a lever). Basically, the trapped chest can be used as a second type of lever and third type of storage to the game. Since trapped chests emit redstone signals, you can place a dropper behind it and opening the chest can cause an item to be dropped in (see trivia). Like chests, no more than two can be placed adjacent to each other. You need one block spacing in order to place more trapped chests next to each other, or use a regular chest.

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[edit] History

Official release
1.5 13w01a Added Trapped Chest.
13w02a Trapped Chest moved from Redstone to Decoration Blocks section in Creative mode inventory.
Trapped chests now give off the redstone signal through walls.
Fixed bottom of the trapped chest's texture being invisible.
13w02b Trapped Chests can emit a redstone signal one block downward.

[edit] Issues

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[edit] Trivia

  • Trapped chest is categorized under the Decoration Blocks tab in the Creative Inventory although it emits a redstone signal.
  • When active, the trapped chest powers any redstone wiring/machine around it, as well as the block directly beneath it.
  • Trapped chests may be placed directly next to a normal chest to save space, if you are willing to use your resources to make them.
  • Using a resource pack, it is possible to make trapped chests more obvious. This may be considered cheating, however.

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