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Third person view as seen from the back of the player.
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Some of the information no longer applies to the latest version.

Third person view is a viewpoint from outside of the player in which the camera does not film/capture/pan from the player's eye level, but instead films/captures/pans from behind the player at an angle of 0 degrees (0 radians) and from the front of the player at 180 degrees (3.14 radians) (Y axis) when the mouse is leveled with the ground. Third person view can be activated by pressing F5. Pressing F5 once, twice, and three times gives you the vantage point from behind the player, in front of the player, and at normal eye level, respectively. Note that for some laptops and notebooks, the fn key may need to be held whilst pressing the F5 key for this to work. The feature was introduced in Indev versions (without face view). It can be used for viewing the player, making videos, and other uses.

The keys Y, H, U, O, I, K, J, L, N, and M are used as a debugging feature called the "deadmau5 camera" (in the code) to manipulate the view and are normally disabled. Pressing F9 freezes the view while pressing two functionally connected keys at the same time (example: Y + H) reverts the view back to normal (but U + O doesn't work). Also, if the Player were to go in a 1*2*1 hole and press F5 and F9, then the player can see underground structures. As of 1.2.1, the sides of the player's head may be shown when rotating the view. This debugging feature doesn't actually help much, and was only added for deadmau5.[1]

Because mobs look at the camera and not the player's head, in third person view, they do not look at the player's head, but rather at the camera itself. In the Pocket Edition, however, mobs look directly at the player whether in first person or third person view.



When Indev 0.31 was introduced, Notch made the new inventory, and when it was open, you could not see the player, just a black square. this was changed in Indev February 18, so that the player can be seen there.

In Alpha 1.0.14, pressing F5 gave an over-the-shoulder view for third-person, where the camera would be off-center by one block to the left; this was later changed to the current centered third-person view in Alpha 1.0.17.

In the Halloween Update (Alpha 1.2.0) a new feature was added, where holding F1 down hides the HUD, as well as meaning that pressing F5 and then holding F1 would move the view to the front of the player and hide the HUD. This feature was removed in Beta 1.3, but was reimplemented in Minecraft 1.0.

As of Minecraft 1.0, pressing F5 twice switches the camera to a face view, pressing F5 three times switches it back into first person view.

The debugging view manipulation feature was accidentally enabled in Beta 1.9pre5 snapshot and 12w08a, and was disabled in subsequent updates, 1.9pre6 and 1.2 Preview.[2]


  • A third person face view can be seen while the player's inventory is open, it can also be seen facing towards your cursor.
  • Suffocating will switch your camera to first person view. This does not apply to Pocket Edition.
  • In Pocket Edition, third person view allows the Player reach further than in first person.


Screenshots in third person view:

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