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The Void is pure black.

The Void is the term given to the empty space below layer 0.


Falling into the Void past Y=-64 causes the player's health to be depleted by about 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) every half second, leading to the player's death in around 3 seconds. Armor does not protect you from dying in the Void, and death always occurs at Y=-199.10. However, if status effects are used the death level alters only slightly. After this, if the player does not press any buttons, they will usually fall until somewhere below Y=-256, with this number varying on each death. If commands are used to make the player invincible or give them infinite health, they will fall until Minecraft crashes. When you fall into the void on a server with anti-flying measures, you are kicked out regardless of having a flying mod. Riding a vehicle into the Void will result in the player being stuck in the vehicle until he/she dies.

Other entities may also fall through the Void and receive the same damage as the player, with the exception of the wither which appears to take tremendous damage. All entities will disappear at Y=-64. Any entity above layer Y=319 or below layer Y=-64 will be black.

Surviving the Void is not possible in the Pocket Edition. When you fly through the bedrock you die, even in creative, since the ability to fly under the world's void was reported as a bug. All blocks with their bottom face touching the Void appear invisible from under, giving an effective X-ray machine, and the void itself is blue. Any entities in the Void are invisible, except for smoke particles from dead things, which are black.

Entering the bottom Void is not possible in the Console Editions. The player is unable to break the bottom or top layer of bedrock, even in creative. If somehow you do manage, attempting to fall into the Void will result in you standing on it. This also happens at the y-coordinate of 511, where an invisible barrier is erected to stop you going any higher. The invisible barrier for the bottom is not present in the End. By affecting yourself with resistance 5+, regeneration 8+ or instant health you can fall infinitely into the void without dying.



The Void acts and provides damage as an invisible lava sea, and making the lava only visible when entering the Void.
1.6 Prior to this update, things that fall into the Void would become black because there is no lighting there.
1.8 Void fog was added. If you are in within 16 blocks of the Void, the particle effect will be visible, along with limited visibility, as if you were on render distance tiny.
If using an X-Ray mod, you can see the color of the Void change from blue to black while descending. This can also be seen by a player in an ocean biome. Just before the player's head goes under the water, the horizon is seen to turn black, and as the player rises it changes back to blue.
Entities are now lit in the Void.
The Player can now reach the Void through Creative mode.
Previously, it was possible to find holes in the bedrock that lead into the Void. This was fixed.
Previously, if one was to pass the 32 million block limit (called the Far Lands), the player would no longer clip (the blocks become non-solid) and fall through to the Void, resulting in the player's eventual death. As of 1.8, at the 32 million block limit world generation becomes simpler and block physics fail.Also proceding the 32 million block limit will cause the game to crash.
Official release
1.1 11w48a Before this update, the Void fog was in all game modes. Now, mobs and items that fall through the Void will receive the same damage as the player (2 hearts per second) and disappear, respectively, when they reach Y-64.
1.2.1 In maps generated prior to 1.2, it was still possible to find holes in the bedrock leading to the Void under very low-level lava pools. This was fixed, and holes in bedrock no longer exist.
1.8 14w34c Removed void fog and particles. Bottom of bedrock is also not black anymore.
Upcoming Pocket Edition
0.11.0 build 11 Players no longer take void damage when above Y-64.
Console Edition
TU1 The void is present in the first release of the Console Edition.
TU5 Removed the void by making it impossible to break the bottom/top layer of bedrock.
TU6 Void fog can be toggled on and off. Fog is disabled by default. Void fog is dependent on the game host's settings.


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  • If you open a hole to the Void and block off all light sources, you can see that the Void does in fact give off light (actually, it is the blocks themselves having a light level higher than 0, not the Void emitting light, as it appears to be). However, the bottom of the bedrock on the last layer is completely black.
  • When the player is at a Y coordinate above 62, the Void appears like the sky, and the sun/moon can be seen. When the player is at a Y coordinate below 62, the Void will change color to pure black.
  • Flaming arrows will disappear once they enter the Void while normal arrows fired by the player do not immediately disappear.
  • If you destroy bedrock in creative mode and replace it with another block, particles, such as rain, will still fall through that block.
  • If the player enters the Void with the night vision effect, everything turns black.
  • When falling into the Void, the sky above only renders for the current chunk.
  • When viewed on a map, the Void is seen as the pattern used for an unexplored area. This is because there are no blocks recorded in the Void's area, just the same as if you haven't explored or recorded normal areas.
  • When falling below Y=0, the second last line of the debug screen disappears entirely.
  • The void actually isn't a huge open space. When falling into the void, you are actually falling into a sky-like place with a black box constantly around you, making it seem like the entire area is black and open. If you press F5 when falling into the void, you can see the sun/moon (depending on if its night/day) and the black box around your character. The black box goes wherever you go. This is why other players and mobs turn black when they fall into the void (because you are seeing them through the black box). The black box starts at Y=-61, and the void above that is actually a huge open space. This is why when you look up when falling into the void, it looks like a huge black tunnel is above you.