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This page is part of the Thai translation project.

A texture pack is a collection of files that is used to change the in-game textures of blocks, items, mobs and the GUI. They are zip files that have various PNG images in them and a pack.txt. The default resolution for packs is 16×16 (measured pixels in block height and width). 32×32, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512 are refered to as ‘HD’ and requires a 3rd party patcher to run. Official support for 16×16 texture packs was added in Alpha 1.2.2. Official support for high resolution texture packs is planned for the future.[1]

All versions of Minecraft support custom textures, albeit old versions requiring you to modify the minecraft.jar file. High resolution texture packs are supported on all versions without a patch, however certain textures have errors or may not be changed.

Default vs JoliCraft (JoliCraft in the center)

Installation[edit | edit source]

1. Download a texture pack in a ZIP file format, do not unzip. If you create your own textures, you need to ZIP them. For in-depth instructions on obtaining the files to make a your own custom texture pack go to Tutorials/Custom Texture Packs.

2. Run Minecraft. If you already have Minecraft running, make sure you save and quit the world: you need to be in the main menu to continue.

3. Click Mods and Texture Packs button.

4. Click Open Texture Pack Folder button; this will open the folder where minecraft stores all texture packs. If nothing happens, you need to find the folder manually. Depending on your operating system it is:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7: %AppData%\.minecraft\texturepacks
  • Linux: ~/.minecraft/texturepacks
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/texturepacks

5. Do not close Minecraft. Place the texture pack (ZIP file) in the opened folder, do not unzip.

6. In a few seconds the texture pack will appear in Minecraft. Select it and click Done. The texture pack is now applied, you may load your world and see the difference.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Texture packs may redesign only some textures. So if the main manu looks the same after you select a pack, this doesn't mean the pack is not working.
  • HD texture packs (32x, 64x and more) are not officially supported and may freeze or crash Minecraft (unless it is patched).
  • You may install many texture packs. The texture pack list can be scrolled by dragging the scrollbars up or down.
  • Minecraft may lock the currently used texture pack (for example, if the pack contains custom textures for user interface), so the file can't be overwritten. If you need to update the pack, you may need to temporarily switch to the default pack and then overwrite the file.

Texture Pack Creation[edit | edit source]

To create a custom texture pack, the files you wish to modify must be extracted from minecraft.jar with an archiving or decompression program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. They can then be edited with any image editing program that can read/write the PNG file format and handle transparency (Adobe Fireworks is excellent for this). A program such as Paint.NET will suffice, however, and is provided free of charge. Edit each PNG file as desired, and save the PNGs as 32 bits, to preserve transparency. Then, create a zip file of the files modified, preserving all folder hierarchy. The root folder of the zip must have the files and folders listed below, or else they will not be changed. If you find that nothing changes when you select your texture pack, make sure that the files are in the root of the zip and not one folder in.

What each image in the terrain.png represents.

List of Modifiable Files[edit | edit source]

File Description Notes
terrain.png All blocks The water and lava textures can only be changed with the HD Texture pack patch.
particles.png All Particles The redstone particles' color cannot be changed.
pack.png Thumbnail of pack in pack selection list.
pack.txt Optional description of pack in pack selection list.
title\ Client intro title and splash screen.
environment\ Snow, rain and clouds.
font\ In-game font.
terrain\ Sun and Moon.
item\ In-game models for items such as signs, carts, boats, and arrows. The doors file is not used.
gui\ Item hotbar, inventory screens, item thumbnails, mincraft logo and menu background.
art\ All paintings in game.
mob\ All mobs in game.
armor\ All Armor in game.
achievement\ The Achievements screen GUI.
misc\ Biome grass/foliage color, overlay for Pumpkin helmets, the Clock dial and the Map Background.

List of Texture Packs[edit | edit source]

Native Resolution (16px)[edit | edit source]

These texture packs do not require the use of a 3rd party HD patcher, although one is recommended if it adds new water and lava.

Name Description Author Version Link Latest Compatible Release Size

Aleph Setei - Alien World


A fun and bizarre alien world texture pack! NewEvolution v1.12 Website B1.7.3 754 KB


A texture pack that keeps close with the default textures but also adding some interesting and unique changes such as new tools, armor, blocks, etc. Andeh6 v1.8 Forum B1.7.3 600 KB
Alyxandor's Zelda Texture Pack


Legend of Zelda themed texture pack. Alyxandor 0.18 Website B1.6.6 2.2 MB
Arabesque Pack


A clean and very detailed middle east inspired pack. AbouBenAdhem v1.8 Website B1.7.3 2.34 MB
Bias' StubbyStack


This is a stubby, fluffy, and poofy alternative to the original Minecraft textures. The_Bias_P11 1.7.3 Website B1.7.3 760 KB


BlockCraft is a simple texture pack for Minecraft 1.7 which acts as a design replacement for beginners. MarcoPixel v1.5 Website

Forum (English)
Forum (German)

B1.7.3 319 KB


BoxCraft is a smooth and slick texturepack, to have a nice and warm feeling when playing Minecraft. MillCzarr V2 Forum B1.7.3 201 KB


CraftyCraft is change to the Minecraft texture. It adds a more cartoon-like look to Minecraft. carl177 V2 Website B1.7.3 2.1 MB


A delicious 16×16 texture pack. Second place winner of the Webhallen 16×16 Texture Contest! Nighthaunt & TheMarsh N/A Forum B1.7.3 461 KB


A simple 16×16 texture pack made to fit both modern and medieval RPG-style textures! Clocsin N/A Forum


B1.7.3 588 KB
Cartooncraft Sadepack


A cartoony childish pack with a whole load of textures remade. Sade1212 N/A Forum B1.7.3 747 KB
CombatCraft 16x


A texture pack focused on making Minecraft look much smoother and interesting than the vanilla textures, and although incomplete at the moment, future versions will have 16 bit blocks and items and 32 bit GUIs and interfaces. Idiotioc V0.8a Forum B1.5_01 545 KB
Coterie Craft


Once based off the Quandary Pack, now a unique package with the goal of becoming the new default. Cpt. Corn V1.6 Forum B1.7.3 843 KB
Deadlands Texturepack


A texture pack that will make minecraft a little darker than before. 32x and 64x adaptions may come! Teh_Armorfinish/Armorfinish v0.7.6(WIP) Forum Trailer Website B1.7.3 0.0 MB


A 16x16 pack full of oldschool delight. Eld v3.6 Website


B1.7.3 458 KB
Forgotten Lands


Biome-oriented: you can find autumn forests and even grow a frozen park in tundra. Redesigned terrain, mobs, items, interface. XRB powered 1.0 Website


B1.7.3 864 KB


A 16x16 texture pack with a cartoon feel. Frenden v9.14 Forum B1.7.3 477 KB


A compilation of pure inspiration, bringing a new flavor to Minecraft, with a dark feel to the world around you. Bonemouse v2 Forum B1.7.3 1.22 MB
1.6 Cobblestone

Cobblestone-Pre Beta 1.7.png

This Makes Cobblestone look like it was back in 1.6. DrakusFett N/A Forum B1.7.3 5.62 MB


“Minecraft is a game about crafting the world around you. What better way to craft the world than to craft the very stuff the world is made of?” This pack transforms the game into a fairy tale. Andrejolicoeur 3.6 Forum B1.7.3 906 KB
Kakariko Village Texture Pack


“The Kakariko Village Texture Pack is Legend of Zelda themed. Now with support for The Aether mod. Also available for Minebuilder on mobile devices.” NTuneR 4.0.0 Website B1.7.3 3.34MB
Krazy's contemporary construction


This texture pack attempts to create a set of textures that are a more subtle replacement of the original textures, while providing new and good looking textures for building a large variety of structures. The pack aims to satisfy a more contemporary look for the game. KrazyTheFox N/A Forum B1.7.3 595 KB
LAR Games Texture Pack


“The LAR Games texture pack is centered around improving the look of Minecraft without taking away from the overall experience. The entire texture pack is 100% original. This is not an edit of the vanilla Minecraft textures.” LAR Games v1.2 Forum B1.7.3 205 KB
Legolord331's Redwood Texture Pack


A pack that makes the armor look more like armor of that type, glass usable, resources easier, and a few minor tweaks to the doors, workbench, Chests, and furnaces. Legolord331 V 6.7_02 Forum & Download B1.7.3 590 KB


A smooth and desaturated pack. Features fully custom armor, easy-to-spot ores, more contrast for biome specific grass, and a few mob skins. N/A 1.7 Website B1.7.3 639 KB


A smooth, simple and effective texture pack with unique and vivid colours, brightly coloured ores and a great amount of colour. sisisimoore 1.7 [Forum & Download B1.7.3 227KB


MapleCraft is for those of you who love both MapleStory as well as Minecraft and want the best of both worlds. More info at MapleTimes(dot)tk N/A v0.5 Download B1.7.3 1.2 MB
Mine CO. Adventures


The Mine CO. Adventures pack Is a 16x (looks 32x quality) resolution texture set themed on a Idea about Two waring Companies Mine Co. and The dubious Creeper Corp. features Custom terrain, biome, water, lava, GUI, armor, paintings, mobs and everything! Sonicrumpets v 1.3.1 Forum


B1.7.3 596.7KB
Minecraft Simple Coloured


A very simple texture pack created by HAP3E. HAP3E V2 Description B1.7.3 64 KB
Moontrain's Lucid Pack


The Lucid Pack is a work-in-progress total Minecraft conversion intended to tame the rough & unpolished default graphics and create a cleaner & brighter atmosphere. Moontrain v0.1.6 Forum B1.4_01 625 KB
Nethellus' Ancient Egypt Texture Pack


“A very accurate Ancient Egyptian Texture Pack. Many textures are an amazingly close resemblance to Ancient Egypt. This pack is still incomplete, and many new textures will still be added.” Nethellus V0.30 Forum B1.7.3 422 KB


This pack uses the default textures from Alpha 1.1.2 and before, and makes you remember the good old Minecraft days. 2XMM2 N/A Forum B1.7.3 75.36 KB


A viking themed 16x16/32x32 hybrid texture pack. Most is 16x16 but Mobs and armour are 32x32. Has a more realistic and darker look. LordTrilobite V 1.4 Forum B1.7.3 525.51 KB
Painterly Pack


“Painterly pack is a complete, native-resolution graphics package for Minecraft which attempts to improve the graphics of the game drastically, while still keeping the native texture resolution, and overall spirit and humor of the game, intact.” ? Official site. Allows customization of Texture Pack to over 2000 different textures. Rhodox last updated June 30, 2011 Website B1.7.3 3.6 MB


Designed to play Minecraft as if we are in a Comic book. Made by Sphax. It's "vector based" and is available in all common resolutions from 16x to 512x. Sphax 0.6.5 Forum B1.7.3 1.1 MB
Pixeludi Pack


Winner of the official texture pack competition held by Webhallen and announced by Notch. Mruqe "PISTON ON!" version Website B1.7.3 438 KB
Quandary Texture Pack


"Quandary uses the original textures Notch created as a base and adds slightly more fidelity to the terrain, improving the visibility of world blocks." -Official site ExtraNoise 4.1 Website B1.7.3 3.80 MB


"Q-Pack is filled amazing smooth textures and great detail to not only the world but the mobs too. It also works great on slower computers. Q-Pack was originally created by Qbicfeet, but he passed on the name to one of his fans YINNY who now continues to update the pack." Qbicfeet and YINNY v3.0 Forum Website B1.7.3 227.78 KB


An overhaul of Minecraft textures that keeps the feel of the game, yet greatly improves it visually. NamTaey v2.1_1 Forum B1.7.3 440.62 KB


A simple Minecraft texture pack that is awesome for building and impossible to confuse the textures. Supports both Beta and Classic. A great texture pack for those with slow computers. RandomMac5 v9.0 Forum B1.7.3 250.1 KB

File:SimplicityPack Textures.png

A simplified version of the default minecraft textures that aims to improve performance for slow computers. MrCRAZYbox v1.2 Forum B1.7.3 362.39 KB
StugAce's Romecraft!


This texture pack attempts adds a new theme to Minecraft, a Ancient Rome theme to Minecraft. StugAce 5.5 Forum B1.7.3 909 KB
The Voxel Box Offical - Pangaea Creative Texture Pack


The VoxelBox's Creative texture pack is a complete Minecraft makeover full of extra blocks and containing several re-purposed blocks, most notably the ore textures. This gives creative builders access to new and different materials! An exciting collection of new and practical items for tools, and role play are included to replace the defaults. DataValue Chart The Voxel Box 6.5.2011a Wiki B1.7.3 5.1 MB
The Voxel Box Offical - Space Texture Pack


The VoxelBox's Space texture pack is a complete Minecraft makeover full of new blocks for use in a space theme. This gives creative builders access to new and different materials! An exciting collection of new and practical items for tools, and role play are included to replace the defaults. DataValue Chart The Voxel Box 6.5.2011a Wiki B1.7.3 4.9 MB
Wayukian Pack


A smooth, clean, and nice 16×16 texture pack. Wayuki v3.0 Forum B1.7.3 359 KB
Winstons X-Ray Pack


An easy way to find caves, dungeons, and lava. Easy Mob and Tree detection. Feel safer digging down! WinstonsDomain v2.5 Website B1.7.3 403.14 KB


"A modification of Frenden's Cartoon Pack, this pack is based on the visual style of Animal Crossing and the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker." Xaivern v4 Forum B1.7.3 1.9 MB
XSSheep's Sheep pack


A pack that changes the look of minecraft in 3 different flavors Default, RPG, and Vivid. XSSheep v1.5 Forum B1.7.3 1.6 MB

High Resolution (32px or more)[edit | edit source]

These texture packs require a client mod. Therefore, they are not supported by Mojang, the Minecraft Wiki, the Minecraft IRC Channel or the Minecraft Forums.
Name Description Author Version Link Latest Compatible Release Size Resolution

AaGeOn’s BumpMaft R


“First of all let me say: I Love Minecraft and as a Digital Art designer it’s a game where the mind can be challenged. So I started thinking of creating my own 128×128 HD Texture Pack by creating pre-rendered textures using. Bump Mapping and Normal Mapping: Therefore: Bumpmaft.” AaGeOn gallia belgica Forum B1.7.3 18.47 MB 128×128


Loosely based on the video game Albion (hence the name). This texture pack is not so much of a themed texture pack but more of an interesting and nice looking Hi-def alternative to other 16×16 texture packs. Dante80 2.18 Forum B1.7.3 9.43 MB 64×64
Adriorn's Básico


A nice clean and smooth Texture pack. Adriorn N/A Forum B1.7.3 128×128:14.4 MB 64×64:6.61 MB 128×128, 64×64

File:Texturepack banner.jpg

High resolution texture pack in the style of Gearbox Software's Borderlands. Dr. Kalashnikov 1.7.2 Forum Blog B1.7.3 128×128:17.35 MB 64×64:5.70 MB 32×32:1.91 MB 128×128, 64×64, 32×32
Brown & Bloom


Originally made by DVan. The Brown and Bloom texture-pack is a smooth and realistic texture pack. You'll also get an amazing experience of changing seasons. It's changes from spring to summer and then fall! DVan and TigerXLine v2.3 Forum B1.7.3 342.59 KB 32×32
?DokiDoki? Texture Pack


A HD texture pack with a cartoon feel, with loose references to Japanese pop culture. Proloe 4.0 Forum B1.7.3 25.3 MB 64×64


The Official Doku Texture pack. Back after a long break, Doku has created an old school rpg theme which comes in 3 flavors : Dark, High, and Light. Doku 2.3 Forum B1.7.3 3.1 MB 32×32
Dusty Textures


A 32×32 texture pack that, instead of going for realistic “high def.” images, uses a more simplistic style, reminiscent of SNES graphics. Dustyshouri 1.7.01-a Forum B1.7.3 1.00 MB 32×32
Faithful 32×32


A double resolution texture pack that stays faithful to the original Minecraft textures. Vattic N/A Forum B1.7.3 783 KB 32×32
Flow's HD Texture Pack


Nice, smooth and stylish HD pack. Fettgondel 1.1 Forum B1.7.3 12.7 MB 128×128


A successor to Doku's original pack, this pack boasts lush colour, total reskins and custom mod compatibility. GameslayerX2 N/A Forum B1.7.3 701 KB 32×32
Glimmar's Steampunk


The right texture pack to build epic sized constructions in the style of Victorian Science Fiction. Glimmar 2.6 Forum B1.7.3 4.28 MB 32×32
High Detailed Photo-Realistic Texture Pack


This high detailed texture pack aims to push minecraft textures to the limit making the game not only look nice but as a high detailed version of the original textures of Minecraft. By KDStudios KDStudios v2.04 Forum B1.7.3 25.54 MB 256×256, 128×128, 64×64
JohnSmith Texture Pack


A texture pack made by JohnSmith, and it comes with a customizer. JohnSmith 7.3 Forum B1.7.3 1.65 MB 32×32
Last Days


“A full scale, game changing, texture and sound overhaul which takes full advantage of the existing mechanics of minecraft and brings them into a post apocalyptic setting.” Doku, History, and Croco15 N/A Forum B1.7.3 2.37 MB 32×32
LB Photo realism


A high detailed photo-realistic texture pack. This high detailed texture pack is made to let minecraft look as realistic as possible. Compatible with bumpmapping (not yet) and Wild Grass. Scuttles 6.1.0 Forum B1.7.3 41.1 MB 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 32x32, 16x16
Minecraft 4Kids


Experience Minecraft in a kid friendly environment. Alree N/A Forum

128x Fan Update

B1.7.3 128×128:14.56 MB 64×64:4.97 MB 128×128, 64×64
Minecraft Enhanced

Minecraft Enhanced.jpg

A high-resolution texture pack which has no theme. There is also a mod which fits well with this texture pack. Cferrill1 1.7.2 Forum B1.7.3 256×256: 35.28 MB 128×128: 22.58 MB 256×256, 128×128
Misa’s 64×64 Realistic


A 64×64 realistic texture pack made by Misa. Misa 2.2.1 Forum B1.7.3 18.47 MB 64×64
Mixcraft HD Semi - Realistic Texture Pack


Formerly a compilation pack, now an almost completely original pack. Contains two versions 16x16 and 32x32. Koolwitak 35 Forum B1.7.3 6.2 MB 32×32
Ovo's Rustic Pack


A Hand painted texture pack that is close to the original textures so that what you see is similar to what others see with the base textures. Ovocean v1.2 Forum B1.7.3 6.2 MB 32×32


Designed to play Minecraft as if we are in a Comic book. It's "vector based" and is available in all common resolutions from 16x to 512x. Sphax 0.6.5 Forum B1.7.3 8.4 MB 128×128


A gorgeous and smooth 64×64 texture pack made by soar49. Soar49 1.0.3 Forum B1.7.3 1.18 MB 64×64
Team Fortress 2 Texture Pack


This pack turns Minecraft into Team Fortress 2. Contains two versions: Red and Blue. TheJuraj and HuntahV N/A Forum B1.7.3 1.18 MB 64×64
The Ghost2 HD Pack


Custom terrain and menus; Includes full support for GLSL Shaders. Work in progress. Ghost2 4.5 Forum B1.6.6 15.7 MB 128×128
The Tibian Pack!


A texture pack inspired by the MMORPG Tibia, can be used as an RPG pack. Karliiee 1.2 Forum B1.7.3 1.59 MB 32×32


Tronic is a texture pack for Minecraft that aims for a virtual or (elec)tronic feel. The biggest inspirations are probably the Metal Gear Solid VR Missions and every textureless test render ever made. Evil Mouse Studios 11 Website B1.7.3 387 KB 32×32


A 32×32 HD pack made by TheMadWolf. TheMadWolf 2.7 Forum B1.7.3 319 KB 32×32

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the Alpha 1.2.2 update, users would need to manually change the texture packs by overwriting their minecraft.jar files or a patcher.
  • The selected texture pack is saved to the options.txt file in the .minecraft folder, so you can also manually change the "skin:" value to the name of the .zip

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. http://twitter.com/jeb_/status/85807514939179008