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This template uses Module:Grid, a script written in Lua.
Please see wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

The grid template is a singular grid cell, which has the ability to display any image (usually a block or item) that is uploaded as Grid <Name>.png, within it.


All inputs are optional:

|[Title]Mod:Name,Amount[Description]; [Title2]Mod2:Name2,Amount2[Description2]
|mod=Default mod (useful for animations and layout templates)
|default=Image always shown under the main image
|align=Vertical Alignment
|link=Link override
|title=Text show on mouseover
|class=Adds additional classes to the .grid class
|style=Adds styling to the .grid
|imgclass=Adds additional classes to the .item
|numstyle=Adds styling to the number


The first parameter is a special parameter consisting of various "parts" grouped together in frames (delimited by ;) which will be display one after another if JavaScript is enabled. Every part is optional, but without "name", won't do anything.

Simple example

To display this image File:Grid Raw Porkchop.png with an amount of 20 you would put: {{Grid|Raw Porkchop,20}}


Raw Porkchop20

An amount of 2–999 is supported, anything else will not be displayed.

If no image is specified, the background will be added on its own, this could be used to do layouts like so:










However this is really inefficient and produces ugly code, so don't do this. Use Template:BlockGrid or Template:Schematic instead.


return {
        -- Lists --
        ['Any Banner'] = 'White Banner; Orange Banner; Magenta Banner; Light Blue Banner; Yellow Banner; Lime Banner; Pink Banner; Gray Banner; Light Gray Banner; Cyan Banner; Purple Banner; Blue Banner; Brown Banner; Green Banner; Red Banner; Black Banner',
        ['Any Carpet'] = 'White Carpet; Orange Carpet; Magenta Carpet; Light Blue Carpet; Yellow Carpet; Lime Carpet; Pink Carpet; Gray Carpet; Light Gray Carpet; Cyan Carpet; Purple Carpet; Blue Carpet; Brown Carpet; Green Carpet; Red Carpet; Black Carpet',
        ['Any Dye'] = 'Bone Meal; Orange Dye; Magenta Dye; Light Blue Dye; Dandelion Yellow; Lime Dye; Pink Dye; Gray Dye; Light Gray Dye; Cyan Dye; Purple Dye; Lapis Lazuli; Cocoa Beans; Cactus Green; Rose Red; Ink Sac',
                ['Any Colored Dye'] = 'Orange Dye; Magenta Dye; Light Blue Dye; Dandelion Yellow; Lime Dye; Pink Dye; Gray Dye; Light Gray Dye; Cyan Dye; Purple Dye; Lapis Lazuli; Cocoa Beans; Cactus Green; Rose Red; Ink Sac',
        ['Any Fence Gate'] = 'Oak Fence Gate; Spruce Fence Gate; Birch Fence Gate; Jungle Fence Gate; Acacia Fence Gate; Dark Oak Fence Gate',
        ['Any Firework Star'] = 'White Firework Star; Orange Firework Star; Magenta Firework Star; Light Blue Firework Star; Yellow Firework Star; Lime Firework Star; Pink Firework Star; Gray Firework Star; Light Gray Firework Star; Cyan Firework Star; Purple Firework Star; Blue Firework Star; Brown Firework Star; Green Firework Star; Red Firework Star; Black Firework Star',
        ['Any fuel'] = 'Coal; Charcoal; Oak Wood; Oak Wood Planks',
        ['Any Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Red Mushroom; [Mushroom]Brown Mushroom',
        ['Any Quartz Block'] = 'Block of Quartz; Chiseled Quartz Block; Pillar Quartz Block',
        ['Any Red Sandstone'] = 'Red Sandstone; Chiseled Red Sandstone; Smooth Red Sandstone',
        ['Any Sandstone'] = 'Sandstone; Chiseled Sandstone; Smooth Sandstone',
        ['Any Stained Clay'] = 'White Stained Clay; Orange Stained Clay; Magenta Stained Clay; Light Blue Stained Clay; Yellow Stained Clay; Lime Stained Clay; Pink Stained Clay; Gray Stained Clay; Light Gray Stained Clay; Cyan Stained Clay; Purple Stained Clay; Blue Stained Clay; Brown Stained Clay; Green Stained Clay; Red Stained Clay; Black Stained Clay',
        ['Any Stained Glass'] = 'White Stained Glass; Orange Stained Glass; Magenta Stained Glass; Light Blue Stained Glass; Yellow Stained Glass; Lime Stained Glass; Pink Stained Glass; Gray Stained Glass; Light Gray Stained Glass; Cyan Stained Glass; Purple Stained Glass; Blue Stained Glass; Brown Stained Glass; Green Stained Glass; Red Stained Glass; Black Stained Glass',
        ['Any Stained Glass Pane'] = 'White Stained Glass Pane; Orange Stained Glass Pane; Magenta Stained Glass Pane; Light Blue Stained Glass Pane; Yellow Stained Glass Pane; Lime Stained Glass Pane; Pink Stained Glass Pane; Gray Stained Glass Pane; Light Gray Stained Glass Pane; Cyan Stained Glass Pane; Purple Stained Glass Pane; Blue Stained Glass Pane; Brown Stained Glass Pane; Green Stained Glass Pane; Red Stained Glass Pane; Black Stained Glass Pane',
        ['Any Stone Bricks'] = 'Stone Bricks; Mossy Stone Bricks; Cracked Stone Bricks; Chiseled Stone Bricks',
        ['Any Stone Slab'] = 'Stone Slab; Sandstone Slab; Cobblestone Slab; Bricks Slab; Stone Bricks Slab; Nether Brick Slab; Quartz Slab',
        ['Any Wood'] = 'Oak Wood; Spruce Wood; Birch Wood; Jungle Wood; Acacia Wood; Dark Oak Wood',
        ['Any wood Door'] = 'Oak Door; Spruce Door; Birch Door; Jungle Door; Acacia Door; Dark Oak Door',
        ['Any wood Fence'] = 'Oak Fence; Spruce Fence; Birch Fence; Jungle Fence; Acacia Fence; Dark Oak Fence',
        ['Any Wood Planks'] = 'Oak Wood Planks; Spruce Wood Planks; Birch Wood Planks; Jungle Wood Planks; Acacia Wood Planks; Dark Oak Wood Planks',
        ['Any Wood Slab'] = 'Oak Wood Slab; Spruce Wood Slab; Birch Wood Slab; Jungle Wood Slab; Acacia Wood Slab; Dark Oak Wood Slab',
        ['Any Wood Stairs'] = 'Oak Wood Stairs; Spruce Wood Stairs; Birch Wood Stairs; Jungle Wood Stairs; Acacia Wood Stairs; Dark Oak Wood Stairs',
        ['Any Wool'] = 'White Wool; Orange Wool; Magenta Wool; Light Blue Wool; Yellow Wool; Lime Wool; Pink Wool; Gray Wool; Light Gray Wool; Cyan Wool; Purple Wool; Blue Wool; Brown Wool; Green Wool; Red Wool; Black Wool',
                ['Any Dyed Wool'] = 'Orange Wool; Magenta Wool; Light Blue Wool; Yellow Wool; Lime Wool; Pink Wool; Gray Wool; Light Gray Wool; Cyan Wool; Purple Wool; Blue Wool; Brown Wool; Green Wool; Red Wool; Black Wool',

        -- Display names --
        ['13 Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]13 Disc[&7C418 - 13]',
                ['cat Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]cat Disc[&7C418 - cat]',
                ['blocks Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]blocks Disc[&7C418 - blocks]',
                ['chirp Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]chirp Disc[&7C418 - chirp]',
                ['far Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]far Disc[&7C418 - far]',
                ['mall Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]mall Disc[&7C418 - mall]',
                ['mellohi Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]mellohi Disc[&7C418 - mellohi]',
                ['stal Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]stal Disc[&7C418 - stal]',
                ['strad Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]strad Disc[&7C418 - strad]',
                ['ward Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]ward Disc[&7C418 - ward]',
                ['11 Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]11 Disc[&7C418 - 11]',
                ['wait Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]wait Disc[&7C418 - wait]',
        ['Brown Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Brown Mushroom',
        ['Brown Mushroom (block)'] = '[Mushroom]Brown Mushroom (block)',
        ['Clay (block)'] = '[Clay]Clay (block)',
        ['Enchanted Golden Apple'] = '[&d]Golden Apple',
        ['End Portal (block)'] = '[End Portal]End Portal (block)',
        ['Golden Apple'] = '[&b]Golden Apple',
        ['Melon (block)'] = '[Melon]Melon (block)',
        ['Nether Brick (item)'] = '[Nether Brick]Nether Brick (item)',
        ['Red Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Red Mushroom',
        ['Red Mushroom (block)'] = '[Mushroom]Red Mushroom (block)',
        ['Snow (layer)'] = '[Snow]Snow (layer)',
        ['Stone Button'] = '[Button]Stone Button',
        ['Wooden Button'] = '[Button]Wooden Button',

        -- Damaged armor, tools and weapons --
        ['Damaged Bow'] = '[Bow]Damaged Bow',
        ['Damaged Carrot on a Stick'] = '[Carrot on a Stick]Damaged Carrot on a Stick',
        ['Damaged Chain Boots'] = '[Chain Boots]Damaged Chain Boots',
        ['Damaged Chain Chestplate'] = '[Chain Chestplate]Damaged Chain Chestplate',
        ['Damaged Chain Helmet'] = '[Chain Helmet]Damaged Chain Helmet',
        ['Damaged Chain Leggings'] = '[Chain Leggings]Damaged Chain Leggings',
        ['Damaged Diamond Axe'] = '[Diamond Axe]Damaged Diamond Axe',
        ['Damaged Diamond Boots'] = '[Diamond Boots]Damaged Diamond Boots',
        ['Damaged Diamond Chestplate'] = '[Diamond Chestplate]Damaged Diamond Chestplate',
        ['Damaged Diamond Helmet'] = '[Diamond Helmet]Damaged Diamond Helmet',
        ['Damaged Diamond Hoe'] = '[Diamond Hoe]Damaged Diamond Hoe',
        ['Damaged Diamond Leggings'] = '[Diamond Leggings]Damaged Diamond Leggings',
        ['Damaged Diamond Pickaxe'] = '[Diamond Pickaxe]Damaged Diamond Pickaxe',
        ['Damaged Diamond Shovel'] = '[Diamond Shovel]Damaged Diamond Shovel',
        ['Damaged Diamond Sword'] = '[Diamond Sword]Damaged Diamond Sword',
        ['Damaged Fishing Rod'] = '[Fishing Rod]Damaged Fishing Rod',
        ['Damaged Flint and Steel'] = '[Flint and Steel]Damaged Flint and Steel',
        ['Damaged Golden Axe'] = '[Golden Axe]Damaged Golden Axe',
        ['Damaged Golden Boots'] = '[Golden Boots]Damaged Golden Boots',
        ['Damaged Golden Chestplate'] = '[Golden Chestplate]Damaged Golden Chestplate',
        ['Damaged Golden Helmet'] = '[Golden Helmet]Damaged Golden Helmet',
        ['Damaged Golden Hoe'] = '[Golden Hoe]Damaged Golden Hoe',
        ['Damaged Golden Leggings'] = '[Golden Leggings]Damaged Golden Leggings',
        ['Damaged Golden Pickaxe'] = '[Golden Pickaxe]Damaged Golden Pickaxe',
        ['Damaged Golden Shovel'] = '[Golden Shovel]Damaged Golden Shovel',
        ['Damaged Golden Sword'] = '[Golden Sword]Damaged Golden Sword',
        ['Damaged Iron Axe'] = '[Iron Axe]Damaged Iron Axe',
        ['Damaged Iron Boots'] = '[Iron Boots]Damaged Iron Boots',
        ['Damaged Iron Chestplate'] = '[Iron Chestplate]Damaged Iron Chestplate',
        ['Damaged Iron Helmet'] = '[Iron Helmet]Damaged Iron Helmet',
        ['Damaged Iron Hoe'] = '[Iron Hoe]Damaged Iron Hoe',
        ['Damaged Iron Leggings'] = '[Iron Leggings]Damaged Iron Leggings',
        ['Damaged Iron Pickaxe'] = '[Iron Pickaxe]Damaged Iron Pickaxe',
        ['Damaged Iron Shovel'] = '[Iron Shovel]Damaged Iron Shovel',
        ['Damaged Iron Sword'] = '[Iron Sword]Damaged Iron Sword',
        ['Damaged Leather Boots'] = '[Leather Boots]Damaged Leather Boots',
        ['Damaged Leather Tunic'] = '[Leather Tunic]Damaged Leather Tunic',
        ['Damaged Leather Cap'] = '[Leather Cap]Damaged Leather Cap',
        ['Damaged Leather Pants'] = '[Leather Pants]Damaged Leather Pants',
        ['Damaged Shears'] = '[Shears]Damaged Shears',
        ['Damaged Stone Axe'] = '[Stone Axe]Damaged Stone Axe',
        ['Damaged Stone Hoe'] = '[Stone Hoe]Damaged Stone Hoe',
        ['Damaged Stone Pickaxe'] = '[Stone Pickaxe]Damaged Stone Pickaxe',
        ['Damaged Stone Shovel'] = '[Stone Shovel]Damaged Stone Shovel',
        ['Damaged Stone Sword'] = '[Stone Sword]Damaged Stone Sword',
        ['Damaged Wooden Axe'] = '[Wooden Axe]Damaged Wooden Axe',
        ['Damaged Wooden Hoe'] = '[Wooden Hoe]Damaged Wooden Hoe',
        ['Damaged Wooden Pickaxe'] = '[Wooden Pickaxe]Damaged Wooden Pickaxe',
        ['Damaged Wooden Shovel'] = '[Wooden Shovel]Damaged Wooden Shovel',
        ['Damaged Wooden Sword'] = '[Wooden Sword]Damaged Wooden Sword',

The above aliases can be used to shorten common items, such as all wood blocks or adding parts to certain names by default.

{{Grid|Any Wood;Golden Apple}}


Oak WoodSpruce WoodBirch WoodJungle WoodAcacia WoodDark Oak WoodGolden Apple

When using the alias, parts can be added which will override any parts in the alias.

{{Grid|Any Wood,4;[&oShiny Apple]Enchanted Golden Apple}}


Oak Wood4Spruce Wood4Birch Wood4Jungle Wood4Acacia Wood4Dark Oak Wood4Shiny Apple

Mods can specify an additional aliases table using the modaliases parameter.

Titles and description

The title parameter can be used to set a title for all frames.

{{Grid|Raw Porkchop; Cooked Porkchop|title=Smelly Pork}}


Smelly PorkchopSmelly Porkchop

To remove the title, set it to "none": {{Grid|Raw Porkchop; Cooked Porkchop|title=none}}


Raw PorkchopCooked Porkchop

However, the first bracketed text can be used to specify a title for each frame individually, and also supports standard formatting codes using & instead of §. If the title only contains formatting codes and no actual text, the formatting will be added to the normal title.

{{Grid|[&e]Enchanted Book}}


Enchanted Book

The last bracketed text can be used to specify a description, this also supports standard formatting codes, and can also have multiple lines by using forward slashes (/).

{{Grid|[&b&oExcalibur]Iron Sword[&7Smite V/Fire Aspect I//&9+6 Attack Damage]}}




Align uses the vertical-align CSS property. For example to align to the middle: Smells like {{Grid|Raw Porkchop|align=middle}} in here!


Smells like Raw Porkchop in here!


Default is always shown and is placed under the image. {{Grid|default=layout Brewing Empty}}{{Grid|Splash Mundane Potion|default=layout Brewing Empty}}


Splash Mundane Potion


To change the link for all frames from the image name put: {{Grid|Charcoal|link=Coal#Charcoal}}



To remove the link, set link to none: {{Grid|Charcoal|link=none}}



Note that this retains the title.


A mod image is specified with the Mod: section of the name (or by setting a default mod using the mod parameter). The image link will then link to the mod sub-page allowing correct linking of mod images. The uploaded image name should by uploaded as Grid <Name> (<Mod>).png and should be added to the Grid mods category, which prevents them from being confused with official Minecraft items.
For example, to display this mod image File:Grid Bronze Sword (IndustrialCraft).png: {{Grid|IndustrialCraft:Bronze Sword}} (or {{Grid|mod=IndustrialCraft|Bronze Sword}})


Bronze Sword

Grids can be animated with a theoretically unlimited amount of frames, between mod items and vanilla items. Frames are separated by semi-colons (;).

IndustrialCraft:Bronze Sword,6;
Grass Block,5;
Gold Helmet,12;
IndustrialCraft:Bronze Helmet,2;

DirtTNT64Bronze Sword6
Grass Block5SandGold Helmet12Bronze Helmet2Copper50Redstone

As you can see, the mod had to be specified for each mod frame, this is where the default mod parameter is useful. {{Grid|mod=IndustrialCraft|Bronze Sword,6; ; Bronze Helmet,12; Copper,50; Copper Dust}}


Bronze Sword6
Bronze Helmet12Copper50Copper Dust

To use a vanilla minecraft item when a default mod is set, use "vanilla" (shortcut "v") or "minecraft" (shortcut "mc") as the mod (case insensitive).

Bronze Sword,6;
V:Grass Block,5;
Minecraft:Gold Helmet,12;
Bronze Helmet,2;
mc:Redstone Dust

DirtTNT64Bronze Sword6
Grass Block5SandGold Helmet12Bronze Helmet2Copper50Redstone Dust

Available images

Other templates

These templates implement this template into a GUI screen which mimics how it would look in Minecraft. Thus, they have mostly the same features as this template.

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