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Solid Block









Blast resistance





This block can be broken with any tool, but a pickaxe is the quickest







First appearance

Pocket Edition Alpha 0.6.0



Data value

dec: 245 hex: F5 bin: 11110101

The Stonecutter is a crafting block which, when opened, allows for the crafting of Stone and stone-related items such as Block of Quartz, Sandstone, Stone Bricks and all variations of stairs, slabs and brick items available in Pocket Edition. It was created to lessen the number of blocks included in the Crafting Table menu and the inventory crafting menu. As a result, the Crafting Table (in the Pocket Edition) is not able to make the blocks the Stonecutter can. Anything made out of Cobblestone (with the exception of the Furnace, Tools and the Stonecutter itself) is made using the Stonecutter.


[edit] Characteristics

The Stonecutter is used to craft every stone-based block in Pocket Edition except a select few. The only stone blocks unavailable through the Stonecutter are Mossy Cobblestone (which is only found in the creative menu and monster rooms), Cobblestone, Stone, the Stonecutter and the Furnace. The Stonecutter is used in the same way as the Crafting Table in Pocket Edition, displaying the ingredients and description of the selected item to the side and, when tapped again, crafting the item. To date, there are twenty blocks available within the Stonecutter. Currently, the blocks are not separated into subcategories. Like chests and crafting tables in Pocket Edition, the Stonecutter cannot be interacted with in creative mode. The Stonecutter does not have any opening or closing animation, nor any sound effects. It has been said, however, that it will receive these things in a future update. The Stonecutter only takes up one block, and can be placed adjacent to any other block from any side. There is no actual confirmation of the workings of the Stonecutter to be edited. The Stonecutter was added to reduce clutter in the crafting table screen and is likely to be discontinued or removed as Pocket Edition evolves and possibly drops the MATTIS crafting system.

[edit] Appearance

The Stonecutter, bearing a similar appearance to the Furnace, is a stone structure with a cutting blade on the top, and a spare blade and hammer/handle on the side. Prior to 0.6.2, it had a slightly different texture. Upon being placed beside, above, or under anything, its texture is rotated similar to the way a dispenser or dropper does in the computer version.

[edit] Crafting

Crafting a Stonecutter requires four blocks of cobblestone.

Ingredients Crafting recipe


Grid layout Arrow (small).png Stonecutter
Cobblestone Cobblestone
Cobblestone Cobblestone

[edit] History

Pocket Edition Alpha
0.6.0 Added the Stonecutter block.
0.9.0 build 1 Reorganised layout of the stonecutter interface.

[edit] Trivia

  • The texture for the Stonecutter appears to use the Furnace texture as a base, with a few modifications, such as a lever and two cutting blades.
  • Though the Stonecutter can technically be crafted without a crafting table, the use of a pickaxe to first collect cobblestone is still a necessity, which means a crafting table is indirectly needed, unless one obtains cobblestone via a creeper explosion.
  • Like all other stone blocks in Pocket Edition, when hit by flint and steel it only combusts momentarily before extinguishing.
  • The Stonecutter cannot be placed above another; the only way to do this is to put one Stonecutter over another block, break the other block, and then place another Stonecutter under the first. Whether this trait is intended or a bug has not been confirmed.
  • Despite diamonds and emeralds being types of rocks, they do not require any use of the stonecutter to turn into soild blocks or chip into gems.