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Status effect after eating rotten flesh.

Status effects are various conditions that affect an entity, which can be either helpful or harmful. Status effects can be inflicted in various ways throughout the game, most commonly from use of food, potions and beacons.

The /effect command allows players to inflict effects upon themselves and other players and entities.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Any entities inflicted by a status effect will be affected in various ways for an amount of time. During the effect, swirly particles emanate from the position of the inflicted entity. Players can open their inventory to see any current status effects afflicted upon them, as well as its strength and duration. The level of the effect determines its power. The higher the levels, the stronger the effect is.

The maximum level an effect can have is level 255. Like any other normal potion effect, the effect completely wears off at the end of its duration. Unlike normal potion effects, potions with levels above 127 do not cause particle effects.

Any number of different status effects can be simultaneously active on a player, even in the case of opposing effects, such as Strength and Weakness. However, it is not possible to apply the same effect multiple times, even if the effects are of different levels (e.g. Strength and Strength II cannot both be active at the same time). In the event of applying an effect already active on the player, the new version of the effect overwrites the old effect, giving a new level and full duration, if the new effect is of equal or greater level.

Note that even with commands, effects cannot be made to last forever. If an effect is set to an excessively large amount of time, such as 182 hours [655200 seconds], it will display as "**:**", but will still continue ticking down and eventually expire.

All of these status effects can be removed by drinking milk or using /effect command with the time of the effect set to 0. For Singleplayer users with cheats enabled and operators in Multiplayer servers, command /effect <playername> clear can be applied to achieve the same goal.

List of effects[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 23 effects (25 as of snapshot 15w31a). For technical data, see data values.

ID Name Effect Strength Non-potion/Command causes Potion
See brewing for information on creation
Particle color Notes Method for similar effects

  • Expands FOV
  • Increases walking speed by 20%
Speed increases by 20% × level Grid Potion of Swiftness.png
Potion of Swiftness

Sky blue
At exceedingly high levels (~level +100), the player walks faster than chunks can load. If a “corrupt” potion is used, speed is decreased. Sprinting

  • Contracts FOV
  • Decreases walking speed by 15%
Speed decreases by 15% × level Spiders, Cave Spiders, Silverfish, and Endermites get the effect when attacked with a weapon enchanted with Bane of Arthropods Grid Potion of Slowness.png
Potion of Slowness

At levels 7 - 127, the player will be unable to move unless they jump while moving or use an ender pearl. At levels 128 or higher, the player will move extremely fast. If a "corrupt" potion is used, speed is increased. Walking on soul sand
  • Swimming
  • Witch attacks
  • Riding a Boat on land
  • Sneaking
  • Eating
  • Drinking milk or a potion
  • Aiming a Bow

Blocks break faster by 20% (arm swings faster) Digging speed increases by 20% × level Beacon Referenced by “Potion of Haste” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

At levels 3 or higher, when the player mines something, the player's arm will not move. If a “corrupt” potion is used, blocks are mined slower and the player's arm moves more slowly.

Mining Fatigue
Blocks break slower: speed is 30% of normal, time needed is multiplied by 3 13. Speed is 9%/0.27%/0.081% of normal at level II/III/IV (time needed is multiplied by 11 19 / 370 1027 / 1234 4681). No extra effect at levels 5-127. Referenced by “Potion of Dullness” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Dark khaki
The effect does not affect block breaking in Creative mode, or blocks that are broken instantly. It has no effect on attack speed even though the hands move slower. Levels 128 to 254 won't move the hand at all. Sneaking
  • Being underwater

Increases damage dealt with melee attacks by 130%. Increases damage by (130 × level)% (Strength II is +260%, Strength III is +390%, etc.)
  • Beacon
  • While a zombie villager is being cured, it will have the Strength I effect in Normal difficulty (or Strength II in Hard difficulty)
Grid Potion of Strength.png
Potion of Strength

Dark red

Any passive mob (except villagers and horses) can be killed when Strength is on level 5. If a “corrupt” potion is used, melee attack damage dealt is decreased.

If level is too high, player deals no damage.

Critical hits on mobs
Instant Health
Heals 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) to players. Undead mobs are dealt 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) damage. Healing is 2 (Heart.svg) × 2level None Grid Potion of Healing.png
Potion of Healing

Undead mobs (including wither) are harmed instead. If the effect is forced to last longer than 1 tick, it will heal entities every tick.
Instant Damage
Damages 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) to players. Undead mobs are healed by 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg). Damage is 3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg) × 2level None Grid Potion of Harming.png
Potion of Harming

Undead mobs (including Wither) are healed instead. Death is reported as “<player> was killed by magic”. If the effect is forced to last longer than 1 tick, it will damage entities every tick.

Jump Boost
  • Allows the player to jump higher by approximately ½ block.
  • Reduces fall damage by 1 (Half Heart.svg).
Increases jump height by about [level]/8+.46 per level. (Jump height is ([level]+4.2)^2/16, ignoring drag). Reduces fall damage by 1 (Half Heart.svg) each level. Beacon Grid Potion of Leaping.png
Potion of Leaping

Bright green
If the level is 33, jumping will cause death upon landing. If the level is 128 - 250, the player will be unable to jump at all.
If the level is 251-253, you will barely jump.
If the level is 255, fall damage is disabled, though in 1.8.3 and up, the player will be shot up in the air when taking damage; fire is the best example. If a “corrupt” potion is used, jump height is decreased; at most levels, the player is unable to jump.

Wobbles and warps the screen No effect
  • Pufferfish
  • After a zombie villager is cured, the villager gets Nausea for 10 seconds
Referenced by “Potion of Nausea” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

When the Nausea effect is canceled, the Nether portal animation would flash onto the screen.

Effect ends 2 seconds before it wears off.

Standing in a Nether portal

Regenerate 1 (Half Heart.svg) over time every 50 ticks/2.5 seconds Regenerate 1 (Half Heart.svg) every 25/12/6/3/1 ticks (Heart.svg × 0.4/0.8/1.66/3.33/10 per second) at level 2/3/4/5/6. No extra effect at levels 7 and up. Grid Potion of Regeneration.png
Potion of Regeneration

Does not affect undead mobs. Level 6 and up increases the effect drastically. Levels 96 and up may give less health than level 6.

Reduces all incoming damage by 20% Reduces damage by 20% with each additional level
  • Enchanted golden apple
  • Beacon
Referenced by “Potion of Resistance” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Level 5+ gives the player full immunity to all damage, with the exception of the void and the /kill command. If a "corrupt" potion is used, damage taken is increased.

Fire Resistance
Immunity to fire, lava and direct impact of blaze fireballs No effect Enchanted golden apple Grid Potion of Fire Resistance.png
Potion of Fire Resistance

Most Nether mobs (excludes chickens and skeletons) naturally are resistant to fire and lava without potion effects. However, nether mobs can still be damaged by the direct impact from a blaze fireball, while Fire Resistance makes the player and mobs immune to that.

Water Breathing
  • Prevents the oxygen bar from decreasing
  • Slightly increases visibility while underwater
No effect None Grid Potion of Water Breathing.png
Potion of Water Breathing


  • Causes the entity model to disappear
  • Mobs will not attack/sense the player until the player is much closer than normal.[note 1]
No effect None Grid Potion of Invisibility.png
Potion of Invisibility

Light gray
Armor, held items, certain features of entities (sheep wool, spider eyes, etc.) and any particles emitted by mobs do not disappear with the entity. Sneaking reduces the detection range to 80% of usual, and stacks with Invisibility.

  • Creates thick black fog around the player
  • Prevents sprinting and critical hits
No effect Referenced by “Potion of Blindness” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Dark gray
The Sun and Moon can be seen as normal. Also, liquids do not fade into the fog perfectly. If combined with Night Vision, the screen will be covered by fog.

Night Vision
  • Increases brightness to 15 (full) everywhere
  • Increases ability to see underwater
No effect None Grid Potion of Night Vision.png
Potion of Night Vision

Medium blue
Screen flashes for 10 seconds before the effect wears off. If used in the end everything will appear pink. If combined with Blindness, the screen will be covered by fog. If used in the Void, you will see nothing other than black.

  • Causes food meter to deplete by 0.025 food exhaustion per tick (Hunger.svg per 16 seconds if target has no saturation)
  • Hunger bar turns yellow-green (Poisoned Hunger.svg)
Food exhaustion is 0.025 × level per tick Referenced by “Potion of Hunger” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Dull green
If used with the /effect command on level 127 on any difficulty besides peaceful, It will completely drain your hunger bar in less than 5 seconds. If a “corrupt” potion is used, the Food Bar does not go down.

  • Decreases damage dealt with melee attacks by 0.5 (Heart.svg × ¼)
  • Zombie villagers can be cured of zombification using a golden apple if they have the weakness potion effect on them.
Decreases damage by 0.5 × level None Grid Potion of Weakness.png
Potion of Weakness

If a "corrupt" potion is used, melee attack damage dealt is increased.

  • Does 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage every 25 ticks/1.25 seconds, but won't reduce health below 1 (Half Heart.svg).
  • Hearts turn yellow-green (Poisoned Heart.svg)
Does 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage every 12/6/3/1 ticks (Heart.svg × 0.8/1.66/3.33/10 per second) at level 2/3/4/5. No extra effect at levels 6 and up. Grid Potion of Poison.png
Potion of Poison

Does not affect undead mobs or spiders. Damage is suppressed while the player or mob is already at Half Heart.svg health, but can resume if healing occurs before the effect expires.

  • Does 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage every 40 ticks/2 seconds (unlike poison, the effect can kill players and other entities)
  • Hearts turn black (Withered Heart.svg)
Does 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage every 12/6/3/1 ticks (Heart.svg × 0.8/1.66/3.33/10 per second) at level 2/3/4/5. No extra effect at levels 6 and up. Referenced by "Potion of Decay" by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Death is reported as “<player> withered away”.

Health Boost
Adds 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) base health; extra health vanish when the effect ends Adds 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) × level base health Referenced by “Potion of Health Boost” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Actual health may be above the base value after the effect ends and will not be capped, unless the entity is healed. Extra hearts of the mounted mob from the effect can be seen while riding a mounted mob. This effect can also be given with a strength of 0 to give 4 base health (Empty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svg). If a "corrupt" potion is used, hearts are removed.

Adds 4 (Absorption Heart.svgAbsorption Heart.svg) absorption health that cannot be replenished by natural regeneration or other effects. Absorption health vanish when the effect ends Adds 4 (Absorption Heart.svgAbsorption Heart.svg) × level absorption health
  • Golden apple
  • Enchanted Golden Apple
Referenced by “Potion of Absorption” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Extra hearts of the mounted mob from the effect can be seen while riding a mounted mob.

If a "corrupt" potion is used, hearts are given when the potion's effect ends.

Causes food meter to be replenished by 1 (Half Hunger.svg) per tick. Replenishes 1 (Half Hunger.svg) × level per tick. Referenced by “Potion of Saturation” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

At level 20 it fills the hunger bar in a tick. If a "corrupt" potion is used, hunger bar is decreased; at most levels, player will take starvation damage.

Causes entities to glow with an outline that can be seen through opaque blocks. No effect Being hit with a Spectral Arrow. Referenced by “Potion of Glowing” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Lime green
Parts of the outline are tinted purple if the entity is wearing enchanted gear. Enchanted helmets have no effect, enchanted leggings and boots both affect the outline of the whole leg.

Causes the player to involuntarily rise upwards until the effect runs out. The player rises faster. Being hit with a Shulker's projectile. Referenced by “Potion of Levitation” by game, but potion not currently present unless using custom potion features

Does not affect swimming.

If a "corrupt" potion is used, the player falls faster; jumping becomes impossible. Fall damage does not increase, but taking fall damage causes the entity to bounce back, taking fall damage each time.

At level 127 you will fly up the fastest. But at 128 you will have extreme gravity going down. At 255 you will not be able to move up or down.

  1. A player with no armor will be detected at 7% of the usual detection distance. Any one piece of armor increases this to 17.5% of the usual distance, and each additional piece increases this by another 17.5 percentage points. After detecting the player, a mob will continue to follow as it does when the player is not invisible.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Achievement In-game description Prerequisites Actual requirements (if different) Version restriction Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Grid Lava.png
Stayin' Frosty Swim in lava while having the Fire Resistance effect. None Xbox & PS4 20G Bronze

Video[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

1.8 Status effects were introduced.[1] No potions were added yet, so the only things that caused them were golden apples, raw chicken, rotten flesh and cave spiders.
Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre2 Actual potions were added and some effects got an alchemical ingredient that correspond to them. Milk was also given the ability to cure and clear all status effects.
1.3.1 12w21a An enchanted golden apple made from blocks of gold was added, and induced, among others, the formerly unused resistance status effect.
12w26a Monster spawners could be customized using third-party world editors and set to spawn mobs with status effects.
1.4.2 12w32a Night vision now functions, and a potion and splash potion of Night Vision was implemented and added to Creative mode.
Beacons were also added (to Creative only) and could be used to give status effects to players around it, and several potion effects without a potion could be induced.
Villager zombies under the effects of a potion of weakness can be given a golden apple to cure it.
12w34a Invisibility now functions, and turns mobs invisible. Players under its effect cannot be detected by other players. A potion and splash potion of invisibility was implemented and added to Creative mode.
The wither effect was added, and it is inflicted by the wither's wither skulls.
12w39a Using external programs, potions can be changed to give different or multiple effects for any length.
1.5 13w09b Using /effect you can now apply potion effects to players, albeit with a level limit of 4
13w09c /effect now has a level limit of 255.
1.6.1 13w23a Regeneration and instant health were slightly nerfed, having regeneration heal twice as slow and instant health be 33% less potent.
13w23b Added health boost effect. It is activated after eating the 1st tier of the golden apple. The enchanted tier does not give the effect at all.
Regeneration was increased from level 1 to 2 on the normal golden apple, and increased from level 4 to 5 on the enchanted golden apple.
13w24a Spiders have a rare chance to spawn with status effects on hard difficulty.
13w24b Added absorption effect.
Health boost no longer is activated after eating a golden apple. The absorption effect is now triggered after eating either tier of the golden apple, and lasts for 2 minutes.
1.6.1-pre Added saturation effect.
1.6.2 Extra health from absorption effect no longer reappears every 30 seconds.
1.7.2 13w36a Water breathing potions added.
1.8 14w06a Added the ability to disable effect particles.
14w25a Mining fatigue mechanics adjusted, no longer a 20 percentage point reduction per level.
14w27a Potion of leaping was added.
Jump boost now have bright green particles.
14w28a Effects now accept named IDs as well as numerical IDs.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.11.0 build 1 Added status effects.
Currently, since potions have not been implemented, the only effects available are poison from cave spiders, rotten flesh and pufferfish, hunger from raw chicken, and nausea from pufferfish.
build 4 Drinking milk will now remove all status effects.
build 12 Armor no longer decreases damage from status effects.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Issues relating to "Status effect" are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After drinking a bucket of milk while under the Nausea effect, the screen will flash purple for a tick as if you were standing in a Nether Portal. This is because the game uses the same effect for Nausea as it does for the nether portal.
  • If you put Speed and Slowness together, you'll be able to sprint.
  • If you put Blindness and Night Vision together, the screen will turn black and only the sun and moon will be visible.
  • The maximum health the player can achieve using Health Boost and Absorption is 2068.
  • If you get max health using the method above, and put regeneration level of 255, while healing to 2068 hearts, your view will jolt, even in creative mode, like getting hurt. You are not getting hurt though.
  • If you have at least resistance 5, then you are practically invincible. (Apart from the /kill command and the void)
  • Endermen inflicted with invisibility can still be seen due to the fact that the eyes still glow and a slight outline can be seen from a distance. Similarly, spider eyes will glow.
  • Strength level 127 is strong enough to slay an Ender Dragon with one hit from a player's fist.
  • The Wither effect is the only negative effect that can negatively affect both living and undead mobs.
  • If you have regeneration 255, the void cannot kill you.
  • The Jump Boost status effect does not make slimes, magma cubes or guardians jump higher.
  • Speed allows Slimes to jump farther. High levels of speed can take slimes out of view with just one jump.

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