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[edit]Spider Eye
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Spider Eye








Yes (64)

First appearance

1.0.0 (Beta 1.9-pre2)

Data value

dec: 375 hex: 177 bin: 101110111



A Spider Eye is a poisonous food and brewing item. It is dropped by Spiders, Cave Spiders, and Witches. Spider eyes are mainly used to craft fermented spider eyes and brew mundane and poison potions. It can be eaten, but will poison the player for four seconds.


A spider or cave spider may drop a spider eye when killed by the player, not upon death from environmental damage. A witch may drop up to 6 spider eyes upon death of any nature.


When eaten, a spider eye restores 2 (Hunger.svg) hunger points and 3.2 saturation points, giving a nourishment value of 1.6. It also applies a poison effect lasting 4 seconds to the player, causing 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) damage.

Even though spider eyes cause poison, if a player is already near its minimum health and needs only a few hunger points to start healing, it can be more handy to use the spider eye rather than actual food. Otherwise, the damage done will cost 12 hunger/saturation points to heal, dwarfing the 5.2 given by eating it.

As a crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe

Fermented Spider Eye

Brown Mushroom +
Sugar +
Spider Eye

Grid layout Arrow (small).png Fermented Spider Eye
Mushroom Sugar

Spider Eye
Grid layout Shapeless.png

As a Brewing ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Brewing recipe

Mundane Potion

Spider Eye +
Water Bottle

Grid layout Brewing Bubbles.gif Spider Eye Grid layout Brewing Arrow.png

Mundane Potion
Grid layout Brewing Paths.png

Potion of Poison

Spider Eye +
Awkward Potion

Grid layout Brewing Bubbles.gif Spider Eye Grid layout Brewing Arrow.png

Potion of Poison
Grid layout Brewing Paths.png



Official release
1.0.0 Beta 1.9-pre2 Added spider eye.
Beta 1.9-pre3 Added spider eye brewing recipes.
1.4.2 12w38b Spider eyes can now be dropped by a witch.
Console Edition
TU7 Added spider eyes.


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  • In the Console Edition, the player can eat a normal spider's eye, but due to a glitch of some kind, does not show the option to eat it