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.jar to 15w43b
15w43c to Banner/video
Banners to Block of Lapis Lazuli
Block of Nether Quartz to Brown Pale Dexter Banner
Brown Pale Sinister Banner to Chunk/ua
Chunk/video to Color Codes
Color codes to Cyan Bordure Banner
Cyan Bordure Indented Banner to Disco Mountain
Disco Mountains to Enderman/cz
Enderman/fin to Future Updates
Future Versions to Gray dyed firework star
Gray stained clay to Infdev (June 16, 2010)
Infdev (June 17, 2010) to Jack o'lanterns
Jack o Lantern to Lever/ua
Lever/video to Magenta Creeper Charge Banner
Magenta Cross Banner to Minecarts with spawners
Minecon to Mods/Clay Soldiers
Mods/ComputerCraft to Mods/Runecraft/Admin/Redemption
Mods/Runecraft/Admin/Redemption/Pattern to Mods/The Aether/Blue Cape
Mods/The Aether/Blue Leaves to Mushroom Island Shore
Mushroom Soup to Orange Per Pale Inverted Banner
Orange Roundel Banner to Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.1 build 5
Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.1 build 6 to Programs and editors/Resource pack creators
Programs and editors/Server wrappers to Red Stuff
Red Tinted Glass to Sea
Sea Lantern to Solid block
Solid block/video to Stone Brick Slabs
Stone Brick Stairs to Thick Splash Potion
Thick potion to Tutorials/Finish adventure
Tutorials/Finish adventure line to Tutorials/Water gate
Tutorials/Water gate/video to Wither Skeleton Skulls
Wither Skeletons to §