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.jar to ALU
AMPLIFIED to Bed-side-foot
Bed-side-head to Blocks/grc
Blocks/he to Bukkit/TrainCarts
Bukkit/TrainCarts/ActionBlocks to Classic 0.0.15a 03
Classic 0.0.16a to Console Edition version history/disclaimer
Console Editions to DUD
D Flip-Flop to Dispenser/BS
Dispenser/DV to Entity/id
Entity/id/draft to Geography
Get Satisfaction to Green Roundel Banner
Green Saltire Banner to Instant Health
Instant Health II to Jungle Fence
Jungle Fence Gate to Light Gray Base Dexter Canton Banner
Light Gray Base Fess Banner to Map Item Format/header
Map Item Format/header/doc to Minecraft Wiki/no
Minecraft Wiki/no/style to Mods/IndustrialCraft/Crafting Recipes/Jetpack
Mods/IndustrialCraft/Crafting Recipes/Single-Use Battery to Mods/Runecraft/Secret Doors
Mods/Runecraft/Teleporters to Mods/The Aether/Moas
Mods/The Aether/Mossy Holystone to Nether Reactor Core/BE
Nether Reactor Core/DV to Pig/dk
Pig/eo to Pot Planter
Potato to Purple Per Pale Inverted Banner
Purple Roundel Banner to Redstone circuits/Logic
Redstone circuits/Other to Skeleton
Skeleton-mounted Spider to Splash potion of swiftness II
Splash potion of water breathing to Sword/fin
Sword/he to Tutorials/
Tutorials/AFK Machine to Tutorials/Piston circuits/Piston XOR
Tutorials/Piston circuits/Power 1 to Watermelon
We Need to Go Deeper to Yellow Chief Sinister Canton Banner
Yellow Creeper Charge Banner to §