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.jar to Acacia Wood Slab
Acacia Wood Stairs to Beta/no
Beta/tr to Blue Per Bend Sinister Banner
Blue Per Bend Sinister Inverted Banner to Cactus Green/cz
Cactus Green/he to Clay (Block)/se
Clay (Block)/ua to Crafting/Wool/vi
Crafting/ar to Dark oak wood stairs
Dark prismarine to Durabilty
Dust to Fire resistance
Fireball to Gold chestplate
Gold helmet to Hopper/BE
Hopper/BS to Issues/Weekly 12w16a
Issues/Weekly 12w17a to Lapis Lazuli ore
Lapis Ore to Lua Scripting
Luck of the Sea to Minecart with Command Block
Minecart with Dispenser to Mods/ChemicCraft
Mods/ChemicCraft/Neutrite Wire to Mods/Runecraft new/Building/Mineshaft
Mods/Runecraft new/Building/Mineshaft/Pattern to Mods/The Aether/Zephyr
Mods/The Jerry Mod to Oak stair
Oak stairs to Plateau M
PlayStation 3 Edition to Programs and editors/Helpers/Blue Husky's Minecraft Inventory
Programs and editors/Inventory editors to Red flower
Red mushroom to Seed (Level Generation)
Seed (Level Generation)/cz to Spawn Enderman
Spawn Endermite to String/DV
String/ID to Torch/dk
Torch/fin to Tutorials/Mechanisms
Tutorials/Mechanisms/video to Version history/Develop
Version history/Development releases to Wool-light-blue
Wool/BS to ยง