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The following are skins uploaded by the Minecraft Wiki users. If a skin does not have a screenshot of it in use over the character, please contribute that. If you wish to post a skin:


Name Front Back Image
8-Bit Link by Hawkin Minecraftlink1.png Minecraftlink2.png 8bitLink.png
A Bloddy Joke by TSCTH ABloddyJoke-Front.png ABloddyJoke-Back.png ABloddyJoke.png
ThePesky Minecraft Skin by ThePesky Pesky.JPG ThePesk Back.JPG ThePesky.png
A Georgia Football Player by Panakronik Georgia-Football-Front1.png Georgia-Football-Back1.png A Georgia Football.png
Alien X by DarkDoomOrb Alien X.png
Archeologist by FilipT Archeology-Front.png Archeology-Back.png Archeology.png
Armor Steve by NinjaNerd ArmorSteveFront.PNG ArmorSteveBack.PNG ArmorSteve.png
Bedrock by Roadcrosser Adminite-Front.png Adminite-Back.png Adminite.png
Bellhop by Roadcrosser RCbellhopskin-Front.png RCbellhopskin-Back.png RCbellhopskin.png
Ben 10 by DarkDoomOrb Ben 10.png
Birdman by Birdman Birdman front.png Birdman back.png Birdman.png
Black Gas Mask Suit by SFK363 Gasmasksuitingame.png Gasmasksuit.png
Blue Camo by Jchinely Blue Camo-Front.png Blue Camo-Back.png Blue Camo.png
Bomberman by Superjinjo Bomberman front.png Bomberman back.png Bomberman.png
Borg by Vigilantius Borg-Front.png Borg-Back.png Borg.png
C418 by EMIBH C418-Front.png C418-Back.png C418.png
Cactus Man by banonogon Cactus screenshot conglomerate.png Cactus man.png
Captain Britain by Solarismach5 Captain Britain-Front.png Captain Britain-Back.png Captain Britain.png
Captain Falcon by Cthulhu Zuul Captfalcon-Front.png Captfalcon-Back.png Captfalcon.png
Cell by Vigilantius Cell-Front.png Cell-Back.png Cell.png
Charlie Akuseru by CarlosIXA Charlie-Akuseru-Front.png Charlie-Akuseru-Back.png Charlie-Akuseru.png
Herobrine by michal39 File:Herobrine - Preview.png Herobrine-skin.png
Chromastone by DarkDoomOrb Chromastone.png
Chuck Norris by SFK363 Chuck Norris ingame.png Chuck Norris.png
Colonel Sanders by Cthulhu Zuul Colonelsanders-Front.png Colonelsanders-Back.png Colonelsanders.png
Craftonaut by Jaeil Craftonaut3-Front.png Craftonaut3-Back.png Craftonaut3.png
Creeper by 501st_commander Creeper skin-Front.png Creeper skin-Back.png Creeper skin.png
Creeper Mask by Yashpu Skin2-Front.png Skin2-Back.png Skin2.png
Creeper Suit by Pikman01 Creeper Suit Skin.png
Cthulu by Strawberry SKcthuluStrawberry-Front.png SKcthuluStrawberry-Back.png SKcthuluStrawberry.png
Cyclonius by badboy80 Cyclonius.png
Deerman by Ryaskgoldengryph Deerman1.png Deerman2.png Deerman.png
Deer(Nunu) by Nunuru Deer(nunu)-Front.png Deer(nunu)-Back.png Deer(nunu).png
Enderman replica skin by SFK363 Enderman replica ingame.png Enderman replica.png
Ezio by HMANCRAFTER Ezio from Assassin's Creed II I will post some images of the skin soon. Ezio.png
Finn (Adventure Time) by Xane123 ATFinn front.png ATFinn back.png ATFinn skin.png
Flash (Barry Allen) by MorganWK Flashfront.PNG Flashback.PNG Flash.png
Flik by Pikman01 Flik Skin-Front.png Flik Skin-Back.png Flik Skin.png
Formal Creeper by celodestroyer Formal creeper front.png Formal creeper back.png Formal creeper.png
Fourth Doctor by ze Fourth doctor.png
Gardevoir by Guybrush20X6 GardevoirScreenshoot.png Gardevoir.png
Geek by Skienite Geek front.png Geek back.png Geek.png
German Football player by W4mb0 German footballplayer-Front.png German footballplayer-Back.png German footballplayer.png
Goop by DarkDoomOrb Goop.png
Guy by Che Cosa Front.png Back.png Guy.png
Guybrush Threepwood by Prizna GBFront.jpg GBBack.jpg Guybrush Threepwood.png
Han Solo by Louski Hansolo-Front.png Hansolo-Back.png Hansolo.png
Happy Mask by Strawberry SKHappymaskStrawberry-Front.png SKHappymaskStrawberry-Back.png SKHappymaskStrawberry.png
Harry Potter by Amdrin Potter-Front.png Potter-Back.png Potter.png
Homer Simpson by W4mb0 HomerSimpson-Front.png HomerSimpson-Back.png HomerSimpson.png
Homestar Runner by Ben Again Homestar Run.png Sorry for no back picture. Nothing much on the back anyway. Invisible arms were intended. Homestar.png
Hoodie Kid by DarkDoomOrb Hoodie Kid.png
Hybrid by Sploder99999 Hybrid-Front.png Hybrid-Back.png Hybrid.png
Inverted Brightness by Jack Jade Inverted-front.jpg Inverted.png
Isaiah Mustafa aka the Old Spice Guy by Joe Larson Isaiah mustafa-Front.png Isaiah mustafa-Back.png Isaiah mustafa.png
Jawa by Strawberry SKJawaStrawberry-Front.png SKJawaStrawberry-Back.png SKJawaStrawberry.png
Jens Bergenstein by EMIBH JensBergenstein-Front.png JensBergenstein-Back.png JensBergenstein.png
John Entwistle by fireglo450 Entwhistle front.png Entwhistle back.png John Entwhistle.png
The Juggernaut by VenomRaptor Juggger1.png Jugger2.png Juggerchar1.png
Thief by Michal39 Thief.JPG Thief.png
Junkboy by EMIBH Junkboy-Front.png Junkboy-Back.png Junkboy-Skin.png
The Kid by Lexyvil The Kid-Front.png The Kid-Back.png The Kid.png
King Harkinian with out his Pants! by ACFan120 Kingy.png Le king.png
Ladd Spencer from Bionic Commando by l0b0 LaddSpencer-Front.png LaddSpencer-Back.png LaddSpencer.png
Lady by Lexyvil Lady-Front.png Lady-Back.png Lady.png
Legion by VOR-D09 Legion.png
Luigi by Waddledee5505 New Bitmap Image (2).png Luigi.png
Markus Persson by EMIBH MarkusPersson-Front.png MarkusPersson-Back.png MarkusPersson.png
Mario by Waddledee5505 New Bitmap Image.png Mario.png
Marshmellow Man by Titanic 07 iLABx.png 10GsU.png
Max King (AOTD Field Marshal) by SirMaxKing Max.Front.png Max.Back.png Max.Skin.png
Mecraft6 by Drakray Mecraft6-Front.png Mecraft6-Back.png Mecraft6.png
Megaman by Thehammeredone BlueBomber-Front.png BlueBomber-Back.png BlueBomber.PNG
Megaman, no helmet by Thehammeredone BlueBomberNoHelmet-Front.png BlueBomberNoHelmet-Back.png BlueBomberNoHelmet.png
Mormon by Qwakr Mormon-Front.png Mormon-Back.png Mormon.png
Nappa by Pepsi1001 Nappa-Front.png Nappa-Back.png Nappa.png
Naruto by Pepsi1001 Naruto-Front.png Naruto-Back.png Naruto.png
Nessy the Sea Monster by MottstheDreamer Nessy-front.png Nessy-back.png Nessy.png
Nether Portal Skin by SmashPortal NetherPortalSkin.png no image available Nether Portal Skin.png
Ninja by Strawberry SKNinjasStrawberry-Front.png SKNinjasStrawberry-Back.png SKNinjasStrawberry.png
Notch by Quatroking Notch-skin.png Notch-skin-back.png Notch.png
Orange shirt man by Strawberry SKOrangeshirtStrawberry-Front.png SKOrangeshirtStrawberry-Back.png SKOrangeshirtStrawberry.png
Orc by jewbank. MCOrk-Front.png MCOrk-Back.png MCOrk.jpg
Orc (WCIII) by ryanabes. OrcSkin.png Orc.png
Panda by PokeartKid PandaSkin.png PandaSkinBack.png PandaSkinFile.png
Pig Mask by Yashpu Skin3-Front.png Skin3-Back.png Skin3.png
Purple Steve by Oklarian PurpleSteve Front.png PurpleSteve Back.png PurpleSteve.png
Ribbon the Fairy by Fatfat Ribbon the Fairy (Front).png Ribbon the Fairy (Back).png Ribbon the Fairy (Skin).png
Roadcrosser by Roadcrosser RC-Front.png RC-Back.png RC.png
Roger Daltrey by fireglo450 Roger Front.png Roger Back.png Roger Daltrey.png
Roll (Megaman 8) by Guybrush20X6 RollFront.png RollBack.png Roll.png
Rorschach by PaleDust Rorschach.png
Sephiroth by RandomGui SephirothSkinMinecraft.png
SFK363's Minecraft skin by SFK363 SFK363 front.png SFK363 back.png SFK363's Minecraft skin.png
The Shadow by Birdman The Shadow.png
Shinji Ikari by AngryC4t Minecaft skin (Shinji)-Front.png Minecaft skin (Shinji)-Back.png Minecaft skin (Shinji).png
Shipwrecked Sailor by Traveller Sailor Blue-front.png Salior Blue-back.png Sailor Blue.png
Son Goku by SpyLevels Gokuchn-Front.png Gokuchn-Back.png Gokuchn.png
Sonic The Hedgehog by DarkDoomOrb Sonic the Hedgehog.png
Son of Man by Yashpu Skin4-Front.png Skin4-Back.png Skin4.png
Spiderman by Raguilar Spiderman-Front.png Spiderman-Back.png Spiderman.png
Spleef Blue team (1) by Zuriki SKBlueteamZuriki-Front.png SKBlueteamZuriki-Back.png SKBlueteamZuriki.png
Spleef Red team (1) by Zuriki SKRedteamZuriki-Front.png SKRedteamZuriki-Back.png SKRedteamZuriki.png
Squid by Gavin_Ender Squidfront.png Squidback.png Squidie.png
Star Trek Borg by Roadcrosser RCstartrekborg-Front.png RCstartrekborg-Back.png RCstartrekborg.png
Star Trek Blue Uniform by Roadcrosser RCstartrekblue-Front.png RCstartrekblue-Back.png RCstartrekblue.png
Star Trek Gold Uniform by Roadcrosser RCrstartrekgold-Front.png RCrstartrekgold-Back.png RCrstartrekgold.png
Star Trek Green Uniform by Roadcrosser RCstartrekgreen-Front.png RCstartrekgreen-Back.png RCstartrekgreen.png
Star Trek Red Uniform by Roadcrosser RCstartrekred-Front.png RCstartrekred-Back.png RCstartrekred.png
Strawbthuluhu by Strawberry SKstrawbthuluhuStrawberry-Front.png SKstrawbthuluhuStrawberry-Back.png SKstrawbthuluhuStrawberry.png
Super Canadian by DarkDoomOrb Super Canadian.png
Superman by Strawberry SKSubparmanStrawberry-Front.png SKSubparmanStrawberry-Back.png SKSubparmanStrawberry.png
Terminator by Strawberry SKTerminatorStrawberry-Front.png SKTerminatorStrawberry-Back.png SKTerminatorStrawberry.png
Terrible Pokémon Trainer by Cthulhu Zuul Pokemontrainer-Front.png Pokemontrainer-Back.png Pokemontrainer.png
TF2 Blue Engineer by Hawkin Minecraftengie1.png Minecraftengie2.png Tf2engieblue.png
TF2 Red Engineer by Hawkin Minecraftengiered1.png Minecraftengiered2.png Tf2engiered.png
TF2 Red Spy by Benamas SPY-Front.png SPY-Back.png SPY.png
TF2 Red Sniper by Billy2003 Sniper F.png Sniper B.png TF2 Sniper.png
TinTin by Minecrafter1580 Tintin2.png Tintin3.png Tintin.png
Toph by AlexVMiner Toph-Front.png Toph-Back.png Toph.png
Tree Man by jtlcr777 TreeManSkin-front.png TreeManSkin-back.png TreeManSkin.png
Trimzee by Zenloliful TrimzeeFront.jpg TrimzeeBack.jpg Trimzee.png
Tuxedo by Strawberry SKTuxedoStrawberry-Front.png SKTuxedoStrawberry-Back.png SKTuxedoStrawberry.png
Ukrainian by Forad Ukhonf.png Ukhonb.png Ukraine helm on.png
Ukrainian helm off by Forad Ukhofff.png Ukhoffb.png Ukraine helm off.png
Vault Boy by Mystech Vault Boy-Front.png Vault Boy-Back.png Vault Boy.png
Villager by Grum and Uploaded by FusionSwarly VillagerFront.png VillagerBack.png VillagerTemplate.png
Villager Pigman by FusionSwarly PigmanVillagerFront.png PigmanVillagerBack.png Pigmanchar.png
Warcraft Acolyte by Schorl Warcraft Acolyte-Front.png Warcraft Acolyte-Back.png Warcraft Acolyte.png
White Guy by porygon7 White guy front.png White guy back.png Whiteguy.png
Ent/Wood Golem by Gavin_Ender Entfront.png Entback.png Woodgolem.png
Yoshi Miner by Yoshidude56 Yoshidude56Miner.jpg Yoshidude56Miner.jpg YoshiAdventureKid.png|-
Youmu Konpaku by Cerxi Youmu-Front.png Youmu-Back.png Youmu.png
Zombie (1) by Icenisse Zombie-Front.png Zombie-Back.png Zombie skin.png
Zombie (2) by Lutcikaur Zombie Skin-Front.png Zombie Skin-Back.png Zombie Skin.png
Red by PresentBoat997 Redfront.png Redback.png Red.png
Spongebob by TheNoahGuy1 Sbmc.png Spongebob skin.png
Flat Steve by Minecreeper314159 none ATM none ATM Flatsteve.png
Meeples10 signature.png by Meeples10 no image available no image available Meeples10 (skin).png
1.7 joaoh1 by joaoh1 no image available no image available 1.7 joaoh1.png
Superman [Injustice] [Contest] by


Superman-of-the-Sinestro-Corps-Minecraft-1.png Superman-of-the-Sinestro-Corps-Minecraft-2.png Supermanisanawesomesuperhero8091354.png
The 10th Doctor by KingGeorge3rd 10th Doctor.png 10thdoctor4.png
Zombie Turkey by MrZumbee29 [[Image:]] [[Image:]] Zombieturky(2) - Copy.png