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Notch sneaking, a function added in the final Seecret Update.

The Seecret Updates, usually referred to as the Seecret Friday Updates, were ten updates made by Notch without announcement in the Alpha and Infdev stages of Minecraft. These updates ran from Friday, June 18, 2010 to Saturday, September 18, 2010. There were nine Friday Updates and one Saturday Update. The last Seecret Update, the first and only Seecret Saturday Update, was followed up by the major Halloween Update after two very minor updates.


Update Date Version Features
Friday 1[1] June 18, 2010 Infdev Minecart and rails
Friday 2[2] June 25, 2010 Infdev Dungeons, mob spawners and saddles
Friday 3[3] July 2, 2010 Alpha 1.0.1 Redstone ore, redstone, redstone torches, levers, buttons, wooden and stone pressure plates
Friday 4[4] July 9, 2010 Alpha 1.0.4 Winter Mode (Snowfall, snow and ice)
Friday 5[5] July 16, 2010 Alpha 1.0.6 Boats, cacti, large trees
Friday 6[6] July 23, 2010 Alpha 1.0.11 Sugar cane, paper, books, bookshelves, clay, clay blocks, brick, slimes, slimeballs, Milk
Friday 7[7] July 30, 2010 Alpha 1.0.14 Chickens, eggs, jukeboxes, music discs, minecarts with furnace and with chest
Friday 8[8] August 20, 2010 Alpha 1.0.17 Fences, spider jockeys and SMP updates
Friday 9[9] September 10, 2010 Alpha 1.1.0 Compass and server-side inventory
Saturday[10][11] September 18, 2010 Alpha 1.1.1 Sneaking, new paintings and fishing rod


  • There is still a splash text which reads “Seecret Friday Update!”, despite these updates no longer being added to the game.
  • The word “Seecret”, with that double ‘e’, is correct. This is what Notch decided to call these updates.